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A perfect night at the cove

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I’m kinda late, but hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! So thankful to call this beautiful place my home!

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13 flights in the last 2 weeks... so good to be back home in San Diego. No more flying for me for the rest of the year 😴

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Last week, I flew to Honolulu on @southwestair thanks to their new service to Hawaii. During my week on the island, I was fortunate enough to swim with turtles, sail along the water with dolphins, hike to waterfalls, and explore different parts of the island. Find your next adventure. #southweststorytellers

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Every morning on Oahu we’d walk down to Waikiki Beach to watch the sunrise. For sunset, we’d go up to the rooftop pool at the @shorelinehotel and enjoy city and ocean views with no crowds. #naturemeetsneon

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Finally scratched Oahu off the bucket list last week and had the pleasure of staying at the newly renovated @shorelinehotel Swipe through to see some of my favorite parts of the hotel: Photo 1) The beautiful Waikiki beach is just a few minute walk away from the Shoreline Hotel and next to so many shops and restaurants Photo 2) I absolutely love the Island artwork above the beds Photo 3) The hotel has a rooftop pool with views of the ocean and a tropical mural that makes for great photos Photo 4) Lastly, the #naturemeetsneon lobby with its fun and bright decor #shorelinevibes

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Went back to one of my favorite caves last week. This was taken with my iPhone. Expect to start seeing more photos on here with my phone.

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La Jolla is always my go-to place for capturing sunsets in San Diego. Whether I want palm trees, cliffs, the ocean, tide pools, caves, beautiful viewpoints, La Jolla has it all.

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Here’s one way I like to spend my mornings in Bali: Scootering around the cliffs of Uluwatu 🛴 and appreciating the beautiful ocean views

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That time of year again in San Diego when the beaches become less crowded, parking is easy to find, the sunsets are beautiful and the weather is perfect☀️

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Came back here for my second year in a row and it still remains the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to.

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Uluwatu is the place to be when catching a sunset in Bali. Nothing better than standing up on these massive limestone cliffs and watching the sun fall below the horizon while the waves in the distance crash along the shore. *This specific viewpoint has become very popular so of course we had to wait in a line to take this photo😂

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Sunset season is starting soon. Looking forward to getting back out and capturing some new stuff around San Diego this Fall

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I haven’t shared much on here this year because I feel like everything I take isn’t good enough anymore. So I’ve made a goal to post every other day for the month of October to challenge myself

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Born 3 days apart and friends since before we could walk, Happy Birthday man! @glorymittens

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Officially been in Bali for 2 weeks now. Besides getting stopped by the cops for not having an “international license” and getting my card skimmed at an atm for a couple hundred bucks, it’s been a really great trip so far😂 With this being my 2nd visit to Bali, it’s really starting to feel like a second home to me. Excited for 2 more weeks of adventuring and relaxing on this island.

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Last night’s beautiful sunset over Scripps Pier. Swipe to see an iPhone video I took of it.

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Capturing long exposures is what got me into photography in the first place. Whether it was capturing the movement of waves rolling in and out of tide pools, clouds moving quickly over the horizon or the stars and Milky Way at night, I loved opening up my shutter anywhere from a few seconds to a minute and seeing what the outcome would look like. Different conditions and different shutter speeds meant different results and that kept me wanting more and more . This was a long exposure I captured last winter during a beautiful sunset. Swipe for an iPhone video of it

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Throwback to some moments from my last trip to the Southwest

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Anyone that’s taken photos with me knows that this is always my go-to spot when I don’t have an idea or plan for sunset. Palm tree roads leading in every direction, car windows to get creative with reflections, ocean just a few steps away, no matter which direction the sky burns there’s always endless compositions to be captured.

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Above the clouds☁️ This had to be my favorite evening from our recent road trip up and down the coast of California. There was a thick fog in San Francisco that night so we drove up to Mt. Tam and were greeted with this beautiful view. Thanks to @sixtusa for supplying us with the @bmw X5. It made for an extremely smooth and comfortable ride! #sixtrentacar #ad

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When the sky goes off in La Jolla

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Summer night train rides up the coast of San Diego

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