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*UPPER BACK OPENING AND STRENGTHENING* . . 💗Locust Pose: Lie in your belly. With your feet hips distance apart, press the tops of your feet and pubic bone down. Firm your thighs by lifting your quads. If your knees are resting on the mat you need to form them more. Take your hands behind your head. Spread your shoulder blades and draw your shoulder blades down. Then, inhale lengthen as you come up. Exhale as you lower back down and lightly touch your forehead to the mat. Lift and lower x 10 and on the last one stay lifted and take 5 deep breaths. . . 💗Set up the same way as above. Except for this one, place your hands alongside your bottom ribs. Stack your elbows directly above your wrists. Press into your palms and push your index finger and thumbs down into the mat and then isometrically pull them back towards the back of your mat. Keep that feeling of pulling your mat back towards your feet as you draw the heads of your shoulders back, squeeze your elbows in and lift up into cobra. Squeeze your elbows in and back. Then, hover your hands an inch above the floor. Stay and breath for 10 breaths and then repeat one more time. . . 💗Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet hips distance apart. Bring your arms alongside you like Barbie with the elbows bent to a 90 degree angle. Roll your shoulders back and down and keep your hips on the floor as you press your elbows down and find a sweet little backbend in your upper back. Keep the backbend as you press into your feet, scoop your tailbone towards the back of your knees and slowly lift your lower body up. Interlace your hands underneath you and work one shoulder under and then the other. Press the triceps down into your mat as you lift your sternum towards your chin. Take 5-10 breaths and then keeping your hands interlace lower your hips down into your hands and rest them on your hands. Repeat from the beginning 2 more times. . . . Practice with me on Playbook. Click the link in my bio 👆The first week is FREE! ❤️ . . #backbend #angelasyogatutorials #backbending #bridgepose #locustpose #cobrapose #hoveringcobra #yogatutorial #yogavideo #yogavideos #yoga #yogatutorials #upperback #aloyoga

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*STRADDLE HANDSTAND* . (Swipe to see the warmup for this drill) . . 🤸‍♀️Start with your hands about a foot away from the wall. Plant your palms shoulders distance apart. Press into your knuckles and evenly spread your fingers. Your finger pads will be working a lot during this drill! . . . 1: 🤸‍♀️Walk your feet up the wall. Place the top of your foot on the wall (toenail side, not the ball of the foot, you need to be able to slide!) Spread your shoulders and squeeze your arms to the midline! Draw your tailbone in to your body and direct it towards your heels! Then take a deep inhale and as you exhale draw your ribs in knitting them together. Your ribs should not be poking out! Find a long line from your hands to your feet. . . 🤸‍♀️Look between your hands. Take a deep inhale and as you exhale, open your legs into a straddle. Inhale and then exhale bend your knees and bring your big toes to touch. Try to stay hollow and try not to arch your lower back. . . . Practice with me on Playbook. Click the link in my bio 👆The first week is FREE! ❤️ . . #handstand #handstands #handstanddrills #handstandtutorial #chesttowallhandstand #yoga #yogatutorial #yogagirl #yogagirls #flexibilty #angelasyogatutorials #wallyoga #yogavideo

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angelakukhahnyoga. #repost @jessicaoldfieldyoga .
In this tutorial I lead my good frien

#repost @jessicaoldfieldyoga . . In this tutorial I lead my good friend and fellow teacher @angelakukhahnyoga through a nice little hack for Camel / Ustrasana. We've all seen a picture of this pose where the model is in a very deep backbend with a beautiful and serene look on their face. Truth is, most of the time people are holding their breath and grimacing their way through Camel. Why? Well in an effort to take this pose deeper, students will often hinge back to grab their feet or ankles. When this happens the work is all happening in the lower back and this often leads to discomfort or pain either in the pose or sometimes later that day! Here's a little drill I use with a block to encourage the shoulders to be more active in extension and it also helps to open the chest for a fuller expression of Camel. Angela demonstrates this drill beautifully but it's not easy so take your time and don't move into pain or discomfort. Let us know how you feel and share your thoughts below!! If you’d like to take class with us and don’t live in LA you can find us both over on @playbook_app . #jessicaoldfieldyoga #angelasyogatutorials #ustrasana #camelpose #yogabackbend #yogatutorial #yogatips #yogapractice #yogavideo #yogaasana #backbends #movementculture #yogateacher #yogaeducation #yogadrill

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*HEADSTAND TO PINCHA* . . Big thanks to @emplays and @filchyboy for showing me this transition! 🙏💗🙏 . . 1. Warmup: Drop your head straight down and look back between your legs as if preparing for headstand. Inhale allow the crown of your head to touch the floor and exhale press through your forearms, spread your shoulder blades wide and come back up. Try for 10. 2. Headstand To Pincha: From all fours, interlace your fingers up tot the webbing. Press the pinky side of your hand down. Make sure your elbows are shoulders distance apart. Press your forearms down and draw your shoulder blades down your back and spread them wide apart. Place the crown of your head down between your hands. Tuck your toes under. Lift your knees and walk your feet in. Either tuck up or straddle up and then open your legs into a straddle. (The straddle helps tremendously with balance) Press your hands and forearms down into the floor to make space as you gently press the back of your head into your hands and lift your head away from the floor. There is a sense of rolling towards the bridge of your nose to come forward and up. . . . Practice with me on Playbook. Click the link in my bio 👆The first week is FREE! ❤️ . . #headstandtopincha #headstand #yoga #pinchamayurasana #pincha #forearmstand #aloyoga #yogagirl #yogaeverydamnday #yogisofinstagram #angelasyogatutorials #inversion

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*External Rotation In Pincha* . . . In a regular Pincha Mayurasana the upper arm externally rotates securing the armbone in the shoulder socket while the forearm internally rotates helping you to press and stabilize by pressing through your thumb and index fingers and hand. For a lot of us though in an effort to push the hands down the elbows slide out and we begin to internally rotate at the shoulder joint. This drill is to strengthen the external rotates on the back of the shoulder blades helping the armbone to stay locked into place and the pose to stack! . . Grab a block and place it in between your hands with the pinky sides of your hands touching the block and your palms facing the ceiling. Try to spin so much that your thumbs touch the ground. Press down into your forearms, lift your inner shoulders and spread your shoulder blades apart. . . Curl your toes under and walk your feet in as you lift your hips. Try to stack your shoulders over your elbows. Firm your upper back in and draw your front ribs in. Come up onto your tip toes. Lift one leg up and kick up to the wall. Slide your heels up the wall and lengthen as you push down through your hands and forearms. . . Separate your legs hips distance and draw your tailbone in and up. Then keeping the buttocks drawn in lift one leg off of the wall and then the other. . . Practice with me on Playbook. Click the link in my bio 👆The first week is FREE! ❤️ . . #angelasyogatutorials #pincha #externalrotation #shoulderhealth #healthyshoulders #pinchamayurasana #forearmbalance #pinchaplay #upsidedown #invertyoself

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I love how refreshed and de-stressed I feel after some yoga and a good long session on my @pranamat massage set! 🧘‍♀️ Head over and check them out for some amazing offers they are running, either for yourself (remember self-care should ALWAYS be a top priority! 💆) or maybe an x-mas gift 🎁 for someone special that deserves a little TLC! #pranamat #selfcare #yoga #acupressure #massage #stressfree #giftideas

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*TRIPOD HEADSTAND TO KOUNDINYASANA 1* . Make sure you have a strong Tripod Headstand practice before trying this! Adding the blocks makes a sharper angle of the upper arm and easier to prevent the leg from sliding off. It also activates the muscles in the hands, wrist and forearms making it easier to hug the elbows in. That being said, lifting your head off of the floor after you’ve landed your leg on your upper arms IS more challenging with blocks, so try it both ways and see which way you prefer! . . 🤓Start by placing your blanket and two blocks in a triangle shape, with the blanket at the top and the two yoga blocks shoulders distance apart at the bottom. Place your hands on the blocks, tuck your chin towards your chest and place the crown of your head on the blanket. Draw your shoulders away from your ears and squeeze your elbows in. Do not allow your elbows to splay out or your shoulders to scrunch up by your ears. Tuck your toes under and lift your hips. Press or tuck up to tripod headstand. Split your legs. Twist bringing your right leg to the left upper arm. Aim to get your leg as high up on your left tricep as possible. The higher it is, the less likely it will be to slip off. Keep your right leg firm and your left elbow hugging in. Do not allow your right leg to go soft or the left elbow to splay. The must both stay strong so that you can press into them like a lever to get your upper body to lift. Keep your back leg activated as well. . 🤓To lift your head use your leg and upper arm as a lever as you press down into your hands, pull your heart forward and think of rolling towards the bridge of your nose to lift up. . . 🤓To go back up: Bend your knees and pull your heels to your sitbones. Try to stack your butt directly over your shoulders by lifting through your right obliques and pulling your thighs in tight to find the stack. Lift back to headstand and repeat on the second side. . . Practice with me on Playbook. Click the link in my bio 👆The first week is FREE! ❤️ . #tripodheadstand #yoga #headstand #angelasyogatutorials #yogalove #yogagirl #yogapractice #aloyoga #yogapose #inversion #yogaposes

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*PRESS TO PINCHA DRILLS* 1: On hands and knees, interlace your fingers at the webbing and press the outside edge of your hands down into the floor. Press your forearms straight down. Tuck your toes under, Lift your hips and walk your feet towards your hands. Allow your head to drop, but continue to press down through your forearms and lift your inner shoulders up. Spread your shoulderbldes, wrap your triceps towards the tip of your nose and move your upper back towards your legs as you walk your feet in. . . Look forward at Hands and imagine your thumbs are a straw that you are going to try to take a sip from. If you are stronger you can aim for the place in front of your hands. Shift forward towards your thumbs and then press back so that your upper arms are stacked over your elbows. Repeat x 10. . . 3: Stack your blocks so that the vertical block has an inch of space between it and the wall. Then depending upon your height (over 5’4 two blocks) stack one to two horizontal blocks on top of your vertical block. Make sure that this (these) blocks touch the wall and there is an inch of “overhang” past the vertical block. Then lightly interlace your fingers behind the vertical block without pulling on it or moving it. Press down into your forearms, spread your shoulder blades and lift your inner shoulders as you walk your feet in. Walk in until you feel the block or blocks pressing into your upper back. This is key! Your upper back MUST make contact with the block (s) otherwise this drill won’t work. Keep pushing your upper back into the blocks as you step your feet onto your blanket/towel (you can substitute frisbees/furniture sliders/paper plates if you are on carpet) and come up onto tip toes. Inhale and as you exhale deepen at your hip creases, hollow out your belly and pull your feet in by drawing your thighs towards your chest. Keep your hips high. Press your hips up and back towards the wall. Then roll your hips over your shoulders and all the way up to Pincha Mayurasana. . Practice with me on Playbook. Click the link in my bio 👆The first week is FREE! #angelasyogatutorials #yoga #tutorial #pinchamayurasana #pinchapress #pincha #inversion #forearmbalance

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angelakukhahnyoga. Hi there! 
Me and the wonderful @jessicaoldfieldyoga (If you aren’t al

Hi there! Me and the wonderful @jessicaoldfieldyoga (If you aren’t already following her, check her out, she posts lots of cool tutorials on her page!) are back with a partner drill for press handstand today! This drill is super helpful for helping the person you are assisting to feel what core compression feels like! Try it out and let us know what you think! . . If you’d like to take class with us and don’t live in LA you can find us both over on @playbook_app . . Also, we are cooking up some ideas for a retreat and would love to hear feedback from you all! How do you feel about a local retreat here in LA for a New Years reset? Also thinking about Bali in May. Please share your thoughts! . . #presshandstand #partnerworkout #presshandstanddrills #yoga #yogatutorial #handstand #partnerassist #tutorials #yogagirls #yogateachers #questforthepress #yogaretreat

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One of the things that I’ve learned this past year is that self-care involves many things beyond taking vitamins and being active; It means sunshine, sharing, hugs, laughter and perhaps more than anything setting aside time for myself that doesn’t involve “doing” anything, just being. It sounds like a small thing, but it feels quite big. Today I made time for the beach 🏖 and was blessed with this impromptu help with my tight psoas from @dr.kamraan.husain. 🙏☀️ Feeling super grateful! . As much as I LOVE movement and handstands and core-work, I think it is important to highlight the importance of not-doing, relaxation and connection. . I’m lucky that I am surrounded by a beautiful community of people that celebrate those things. Make sure that you make time for YOU and don’t underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with uplifting people! ❤️🙏 . Thanks again @dr.kamraan.husain and to @uzairinla for catching the photo! . . #sundayfunday #sunshine #beach #santamonica #theacrogreen #beachtime #acroyoga #selfcare #getoutside #yoga #adjustment #chiropracticadjustment

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*Explore Your Visvamitrasana!!!* . . #angelasyogatutorials . ❤️Baby Visvamitrasana w/block and blanket: . Start with your knee bent. Roll your hip under like you would in Parsvokanasana. Place the block below the leg that is on the wall. Place your back knee on the blanket. Isometrically pull your back knee towards the wall. The back knee on the blanket teaches your the work you need in your abs, back leg and inner thighs once you reach the full pose. Option to take your foot off of the wall once you find your balance. . . . . ❤️Wall Visvamitrasana High Up The Wall . Act as if you are going into a bound warrior pose. See? 😍Not so intimidating now, right? Good! Once you feel comfortable maybe even push your toes into the wall and lift your heel away from the wall for an extra challenge. Remember to work on firming your front hip under and grounding through your outer back foot! . . ❤️Wall Visvamitrasana Low: . So if that the last variation went well, try this one! Now that it is lower, it will require more flexibility and more strength as well, to control the pose! . . ❤️Visvamitrasana Back Foot Pressing: . This one is in some ways easier than the last one of you have issues with the back outer foot staying down and the back inner arch staying lifted. If however it is the lengthened side body that is a problem, then this one will be harder. . . Good Luck! Also, if you are still having issues check out my tutorial on Awkward Visvamitrasana from a couple of weeks ago, it has an awesome warmup sequence to follow along with! . Much Love! ❤️ . Practice with me on Playbook. I add new classes each week! Link in bio! . #armbalance #yogatutorial #yogatutorials #tutorials #yoga #yogavids #yogavideo #yogavideos #visvamitrasanatutorial #visvamitrasana

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angelakukhahnyoga. #repost @jessicaoldfieldyoga
We're back!  In this tutorial my good

#repost @jessicaoldfieldyoga ・・ We're back! In this tutorial my good friend and fellow teacher @angelakukhahnyoga and I break down a common yoga move and explain why you need it in your practice!!! It's easy to skip over this seemingly simple move but it really is valuable and it's important to break it down. Ever wondered why a teacher cues you to take your knee to your nose from Downward Facing Dog? What do you feel when doing it? One way to approach this move is to really come forwards into a plank like position when drawing the knee in. As you do this keep your arms straight, round your upper back (protract the shoulder blades) and draw your navel to your spine. This builds a ton of fire in your core and helps to build strength in your shoulders, wrists and fingers. If you're working towards arm balances or just want to get stronger this is for you!!! Make sure you watch to the end to see how this transition correlates to Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1 & 2. @angelakukhahnyoga demos it so brilliantly here. Would love to hear your thoughts/comments and tell us if there's anything you want a tutorial on. #jessicaoldfieldyoga #angelasyogatutorials #yogatips #yogaforcorestrength #coreworkout #yogatutorial #yogateachingvideo #yogateachers #yogastudent #yogaforlife #yogavideo #yogaeducation #dailyyoga #yogaprogress #armbalance #yogainspiration #yogaforstrength

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*INNER THIGH 💥 POWER FOR HANDSTAND BALANCE* . . Side note: I did a podcast with the lovely @megansherer about how I found 🧘‍♀️ yoga. Find it above in my highlights under podcasts 👆. . Need help balancing your handstand? Never fear! This is a job for your inner thighs! 🦹‍♀️⚡️ . . ⚡️Stand with your back to the wall. Head, back, butt and heels should all be in contact with the wall. Place a block between your inner thighs and give it a good squeeze. Reach your arms overhead with your palms facing in and your thumbs touching the wall. Take a deep inhale and as you exhale draw your abdominals in as you press your back ribs into the wall. Try to eliminate the space between your back and the wall. . . ⚡️Stand facing the wall with one foot on the wall. Square your hips. Make sure the supporting leg foot is pointing straight and not out to the side. With the block between your hands reach your arms overhead. Pull your front ribs down. Feel how squeezing your inner thighs As if the block was still between them helps you to square your hips here. Do not bend the standing leg. Switch sides. . . ⚡️Hop up with the block between your thighs. Straighten your legs, bring your tailbone away from the wall and engage your glutes. Keep one foot on the wall as you scissor the other leg off of the wall continuing to squeeze the block. . . ⚡️Same as above except now using the squeeze of your inner thighs bring the leg that is on the wall off. This is a tiny movement. . . ⚡️Now try it with or without a wall behind you. Jump up and then lower one leg slowly as you squeeze as if you have a block between your inner thighs. You can bend the leg that is in the air a bit of your hamstrings are tight. That will help with the balance. Remember to keep the movement subtle and JUST squeeze your inner thighs strongly together and push through your fingertips to find balance. . . Want to practice handstand with me? Join me on Playbook link in bio 👆 . #handstandtutorial #yogapractice #handstand #yoga #yogatutorial #yogachallenge #yogainspiration #yogainstructor #aloyoga #handstands #angelasyogatutorials

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angelakukhahnyoga. We are baaaaaaaccckkk! 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️ I’ve been enjoying these teaching ch

We are baaaaaaaccckkk! 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️ I’ve been enjoying these teaching chats so much with my good friend and fellow teacher @jessicaoldfieldyoga! (If you aren’t following Jess yet, head over to her page, she has lots of amazing tutorials over there!) . . In this session we talk about a SUPER common (and totally frustrating) thing that happens for people in handstand as well as jumping forward from downward dog to the front of the mat where the shoulders and head come forward and the hips get left behind. @jessicaoldfieldyoga does such a good jump illustrating it here in this video. She demos it twice, once at the beginning and then again at the end, so watch to the end to make sure that you get it! . . Practice this at the wall to really get the hang of the movement and placement and take a video. What we think we are doing often isn’t what is actually happening. If you want our eyes on it, please feel free to tag us so we can take a look! 👀 💗(Posting it to stories is probably easiest because I will see the notification) . . . . If you enjoy learning from us, you can find us both over on Playbook! Click the link in my bio! The first week is FREE! ❤️ . . . #handstand #yogatutorial #yogateachingvideo #yogateachers #blackdogyoga #losangeles #handstands #handstanddrills #yogagirls #angelasyogatutorials #angelasyogathoughts #howtohandstand #instayoga #yogatips

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*PUPPY PRESS PREP: JUMPING UP* . . #angelasyogatutorials . . If you want to learn how to puppy press as I am doing in the first video, sometimes you have to regress back a bit to get the “feeling” of the movement. Aside from the actual pressing that you are doing, you also have one hip externally rotated and lifted higher than the other hip while the shoulders and upper body remain square. This is in and of itself quite a good challenge, so let’s practice it! In video 2 and 3 we are going to go over how to hop up into a puppy 🐶 handstand. . . 2: Place your hands shoulders distance apart. Press through your entire palm and especially your index fingers and thumb knuckles. Then, press down and grip with your fingertips as well. Spread your shoulder blades and firm your arms to the midline to straighten them. Beware that whatever leg you lift, that corresponding elbow will want to bend and buckle as you jump, so pay extra attention to not allow that to happen! 🙅‍♀️ . Lift your right leg up, bend your right knee and externally rotate (turn out) from the hip. Try to get the lifted leg hip a little higher than the supporting leg hip. Then take a deep inhale and bend your standing leg, as you exhale jump off of the ball of your left foot. Remember to jump and land off of the ball of the foot not the heel! 🦶 I like to think 🤔 💭 Your goal is to keep the lifted leg up and out to the side instead of sweeping back behind you. Make a video so that you can check your form. . . 3: Do all of the steps mentioned before except for now you are going to give a bigger hop and think of throwing your hips up like a heavy bale of hay. I don’t know why, 🤷‍♀️but thinking about my hips as a bale of hay has always worked for me! Hope that analogy works for you too! 😂🤣Otherwise just imagine picking up something heavy like a heavy backpack and throwing it up onto a shelf. You really have to “go for it” with the toss. Let the lower leg follow the momentum up onto the handstand. . . 4: Practice lifting the leg out to side and forward towards your shoulder. . Wanna Puppy Press with me? Join me on Playbook by clicking the link in my bio #Puppypress #aloyoga #presshandstand #questfort

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*ABS FOR INVERSIONS PART 2* . . #angelasyogatutorials . . 🔥Start in Ardha Navasana with your shoulder blades lifting away from the floor, low back anchored down and the feet hovering 6-12 inches. Take a deep inhale and as you exhale lift your right leg up to 90 degrees, inhale lower it down and exhale lift your left. Go slow and use your breath to control the movement. Keep your legs as straight. No momentum or swinging the leg past 90 degrees. It is crucial to learn how to control your core and legs in this way prior to going upside down. . . 2: Now you will do all the reps to one side before switching instead of alternating. Interlace your fingers Charlie’s Angels style and reach to the outside of your right leg. Inhale lower your right leg down and exhale lift it up. Do 20 then switch sides. Strong obliques are essential for stabilizing your core when you are inverted! . . 3: I’ve expressed how important spinal articulations are before and particularly if your goal is to press to handstand it is key! 🔑Start lying down. Take an inhale and as you exhale nod your chin towards your chest, curl your neck and shoulders away from the mat by pulling your abdominals up and in. Then slowly, keeping your legs anchored (I like to flex my feet to help me anchor them) roll up one vertebrae at a time. Fold forward catching your feet and then inhale sit up and exhale roll down articulating every vertebrae like beads on a necklace as your roll back down. If you feel a stuck spot hang out in it and breath as you try to recruit the muscles to slow the movement down and build strength. . . Want to do more ab work with me? Click the link in my bio 👆and join me on Playbook! I add a new class every week and the first week is FREE! . . #abs #fitness #fit #strong #yogaabs #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #igyoga #yogastrong

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*ABS FOR INVERSIONS PART 1: . . #angelasyogatutorials . . 1: Navasana to Ardha Navasana: Navasana mimics the shape your body is in while in a tuck handstand while Ardha Navasana mimics the shape of a straight handstand. Doing them together mimics coming from a tuck to a full handstand. Squeeze your inner thighs together and start by just trying to balance on your sitbones. Once this becomes easy start to add a small range of motion up and down. Coordinate your breath with your movement inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up. Avoid any rocking. Make it one fluid motion up and down. Eventually working towards going all the way down and all the way up with straight legs. 3 x 20. . . “Stretch Pose” a.k.a. “Hollow Body” a.k.a. “Ardha Navasana” a.k.a. “The Hundred”: You know a shape is important when it is known over multiple disciplines by different names. The human body is capable of a lot of shapes, but certain ones are so important you find them everywhere! This one shows up in Pilates, martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics, and of course yoga. It mimics the shape we make in handstand. I like to borrow from the Kundalini tradition and combine it with Breath of Fire to further fire up the core! (Did you know your deepest abdominal muscles are connected to your diaphragm?) Inhale fully and then exhale forcefully snapping your belly button back towards your spine. If the exhale is strong enough it creates a vacuum by which the next inhale happens on its own. Continue for 1-2 min. . . Want to do more ab work with me? These are two of the poses in the class I just posted called “Abs, abs, ABS!” Click the link in my bio 👆and join me on Playbook to take the class! I add a new class every week and the first week is FREE! .. #yogatime #yogaeveryday #yogadaily #yogaaddict #absworkout #fitnessmotivation #inversions #headstand #handstand #handstands #fitness #upsidedown #yogainspiration #inversion #yogaeverydamnday #yogisofinstagram #yogateacher #yogalife #inversionjunkie

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*SPINAL ARTICULATIONS FOR CORE CONTROL* . . Side note: I did a podcast with the lovely @megansherer about how I found 🧘‍♀️ yoga. Find it above in my highlights under podcasts 👆 . . One of the most helpful things I’ve learned is making the connection between my breath, core and spine. Most people are somewhat familiar with these types of movements because of cat/cow pose although, depending upon how it what cues they were given they may or may not have been aware of what was happening. Here are some of my favorite ways to connect to it. . . 1: Press Handstand. Inhale rock back and as you exhale rock your weight forward into your hands. Similar to the feeling of a cat pose you should feel a hollowing out of your chest and abdominals. Suction your front body in and up as you draw your thighs towards your chest and slowly stack your vertebrae one on top of the other. You will feel how your spine goes from flexion to extension as the butt stack in top. . . 2: Cat/Cow. Use your breath as you slowly articulate each vertebrae. . . 3: From down dog inhale and come up into your tip toes and stick your butt out like Donald Duck. Exhale as you round forward into plank and then inhale as you wave through to upward dog and exhale lifting from the hips to pull yourself up and back to downdog. . . 4: Start on your back on bridge. Flex your feet and lift up onto your heels. For me, this makes articulating the spine a lot easier. Inhale fully and then slowly exhale as you curl your tailbone up, lower back, middle back and then upper back away from the floor until you are just resting on the tops of your shoulders. At the top take another deep inhale and then exhale as you slowly roll down starting by pressing your upper back down, then your middle back, lower back and tailbone. Your abs should feel as if they are being auctioned back towards your spine as you roll through these movements. . . Want to practice with me? Join me on Playbook app! Click the link in my bio 👆🤸‍♀️The first week is FREE! . #angelasyogatutorials #coreworkout #coreexercises #spinalarticulation #handstand #presshandstand #bridgepose #yoga #yogatutorial #yogavideo #yogateacher

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*PRESS HANDSTAND "TOOTSIE ROLL TRICK* . . #angelasyogatutorials . . This is one of my go-to favorites when you are short on props and only have your yoga mat to work with. It is also the perfect tool to effectively progressively load your press until you are doing it from the floor. I must admit I would get almost all the way to the floor except for the very last mat fold and I was stuck at that progression for what felt like a year. 🤸‍♀️Eventually I was able to unroll my mat all the way and press from the floor! . . 🤸‍♀️Place the balls of your feet on your yoga mat and your heels on the floor. Weave your forearms in between your legs and hold onto the fronts of your shins with your hands. Take a deep inhale and as you exhale try to release all the air in your lungs and hollow out your front body by drawing your ribs and belly in and up. Spread your shoulder blades wide apart. Firm your thighs by lifting your quadriceps muscles up. . . 🤸‍♀️Place your hands on the floor shoulders distance apart. Spread your upper back and hollow out your belly. Your hands should be as close to your feet as you can comfortably be without feeling like your shoulders and elbows are going to collapse the moment your lean forward. The more flexible you are the easier this gets. Inhale and as you exhale lean your weight into your hands as if you were pressing through the floor. Keep pushing down as you puff through your mid back and roll your hips up and over your hands. At the same time reach your toes out towards the sides of the room, around and then up. Pause at the top and bring your legs together and then as slowly as possible draw a wide arc with your legs as you bring them out, around and then down. As you bring your feet down strongly press the floor away, lean your chest slightly forward to counteract the weight of your lower body and keep your booty lifted. This will allow you to come down smoothly. . . 🤸‍♀️Pause at the bottom and reset with another scrumptious uttanasana. These are the perfect rest between tries and I practically swear by them, especially on days when I am feeling tired, heavy or lethargic. . . #handstandtutorial #presshandstand #questforthepress #yoga

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*FUNKY PINCHA TUTORIAL & MODIFICATION* . . . Swipe to see full pose . . #angelasyogatutorials . . 1: Place your right forearm down as if setting up for Pincha Mayurasana. Then place your left hand on the mat in line with your left elbow as if to do chaturanga. Make sure your left fingertips are lined up with your right elbow. The most common mistake I see is having the chaturanga hand too far forward. Draw a line from your elbow across and place your fingertips on that line. Place a block in front of your left hand. . 2: Widen your shoulder blades as if lifting up from underneath your armpits. . . 3:Press through your left hand and squeeze your left elbow in. . 4. For me, most of my weight is on the right forearm. The left hand is more for balance. The more I make peace with this seeming “imbalance” the easier it is to find balance. Think of it almost like a one armed handstand, if you go in thinking it should feel perfectly balanced side to side it will be super hard to find balance. Embrace putting more weight into the supporting side. . . 5. Position your knee as high up on your arm as possible. Think of trying to get your hips to stack over your shoulders as much as possible. The higher your hips the easier this pose is! . . Modification with the block! Maybe it’s been done before, but I think my student @lewis.cohen123 came up with this one! 🎉 . Wearing: @aloyoga #aloyoga #beagoddess #funkypincha #funkypinchamayurasana #funkypinchapress #pinchamayurasana #pincha #pinchapractice . . . Wanna practice with me? Join me on Playbook! New class added every week! Link in bio! 👆Your first week is FREE! ❤️

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angelakukhahnyoga. *Sound On For Cues* 🔊 .
For more from my amazing friend @jessicaold

*Sound On For Cues* 🔊 . . For more from my amazing friend @jessicaoldfieldyoga check her out over on her page where she shares amazing tutorials and tidbits of wisdom! . . There is a saying, “how you do anything is how you do everything” while there may be examples where that may not be true, I think within the context of a movement practice what shows up in one area (rounded shoulders, tight hip flexors or any other dysfunction) will show up other places as well. . . This is why it is so key 🔑 to master strong foundations. In essence a beautiful press handstand is the mastery of a forwards fold. The mastery of any arm balance is the mastery of chaturanga and so on. . . Here we talk about Ardha Uttanasana. Now before you start 😴 snoring, this pose is so key to understanding the spine, upper back, hinging from the hips and so much more! . . If you enjoy learning from us, you can find us both over on Playbook! Click the link in my bio! The first week is FREE! ❤️ . . #yogafun #yogatutorial #ardhauttanasana #halflift #findaflatback #yogafoundations #deepenyourpractice #yogachat #angelasyogatutorials

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angelakukhahnyoga. *Turn Up Sound For Cues* 🔈 .
Put down your phone and roll out your

*Turn Up Sound For Cues* 🔈 . . Put down your phone and roll out your yoga mat, it’s time to Pincha!!! . . Because of the position of the hands in Pincha it is hard to access external rotation in the shoulders. This makes keeping the shoulders in the correct position hard if not impossible causing the armbones to move forward. (Ever noticed how your head goes forward and gets stuck on the block, this is what’s happening) . . One solution is to place your hands sideways against a block, but then, you have to balance on the outside edges of your hands and some people find that pretty difficult and less stable. . . If externally rotating your arms in the overhead position is hard for you though, even having your palms down will be hard. Your elbows will slide out to the sides and your hands won’t want to stay down. . . So here are a couple of things you can practice to both open up AND strengthen your shoulders. Not only will they make your Pincha stronger and straightener, but they will help with anything that requires your to have your arms overhead. . . Want to work on your Pincha with me? Join me on Playbook for my newest class on Pincha that I just posted today! We will work on these poses and more Pincha goodness! Click the link in my bio! First week is FREE 💗🙌🤗 . #aloyoga #pinchamayurasana #angelasyogatutorials #drillaforpincha #shoulderopeners #shoulderstrength #yogatutorial #forearmbalance

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*TWO PINCHA VARIATIONS* . #angelasyogatutorials . If these two variations are a struggle, try lowering out of Pincha super slow and finding a Tuck or a half-way pike position on the way down. This may be easier than the jump in to find and get your body used to the idea. - Warmup: Surya A, Gomukashana arms in Hero pose, Eagle arms in wide leg forward fold, leg lifts with a block between your thighs exhale as you come up x 10, Jumping into pike tuck handstand with a block between your thighs to get the movement down. 🔥 - 🌹Place your hands on the mat so that your shoulders, elbows and wrists are in one straight line. Do not let the elbows splay or collapse outward, this is key. - 🌹Hold a block between your hands for better balance. Firm your shoulder blades to your upper back. Draw your ribs and belly in as if you are putting on a corset. - 🌹 Inhale as you bend your knees and pull your hips back towards your heels, exhale and launch your hips up over your shoulders catching yourself by engaging your abs, firming your shoulder muscles to your upper back and squeezing your tricep and chest muscles to the midline and stamping your hands down into your mat. . 1: Pincha Tuck: I think of this the same way I think of a jump from down dog to Tuck Handstand. Knees to chest, heels to bottom, butt to sky. Wait till your have your butt over your shoulders to extend your heels straight up. . 2: Pincha Pike: For some reason, imagining myself as a mermaid helps with this one. 🤗 Think about it, if you were a mermaid you would have a sweet lil tail that you could just whip up over your shoulders. The lower leg kinda acts like the whip of a mermaids tail. As you exhale to launch, you press through the balls of your feet and kick through your heels as if swimming.🧜‍♀️ . Need more help with Pincha? Stay tuned for some awesome Pincha preps tomorrow or practice with me on Playbook by clicking the link in my bio 🙌 the first week is FREE! 💗 . Wearing: @aloyoga . #jumpintopincha #pinchamayurasana #aloyoga #pinchadrills #inversion #howtojumpintopincha #yoga

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*STRAIGHTEN UP YOUR PINCHA* . . #angelasyogatutorials . CAUTION: You need to grab something heavy to put on the seat of the chair so that it doesn’t collapse (if it is folding) or fall to one side. I put a weight plate and a sandbag on mine. . . Anyone else struggle with getting their Pincha straight? 🙋‍♀️ I am always looking for ways to work on this! In this one we are going to use our trusty chair again. If you don’t have a folding chair, don’t worry, if the chair is the proper height (meaning the seat of the chair presses into your upper back) then it should work just fine! . . 💁‍♀️Place your yoga block (if you are using one) under the seat of the chair. Then place your yoga strap just above your elbows on your biceps. Curl your toes under and lift your hips to come into dolphin pose. Walk your feet towards your hands until you can feel the seat of the chair pressing into your upper back. This is pressure is going to keep your shoulders from moving to far forward when you kick up...and making your Pincha look like a banana! 🍌🍌🍌🙅‍♀️ . . 💁‍♀️ Reach one leg up. Square your hips by drawing the opposite side hip back and in. Come up high onto the ball of foot of the supporting leg inhale and as you exhale engage your abs and kick up. As soon as your leg leaves the floor press your upper back into the seat of the chair. This will give you the ability to straighten out your back. Slowly and smoothly draw the bottom leg up to meet your top leg. Squeeze your inner thighs together. Lengthen your tailbone towards your heels and reach up through your toes. . . Practice with me on @playbook_app! Click link in bio! First week is FREE! 💗 . #pinchadrills #pinchamayurasana #pincha #chairyoga #yoga #pinchatutorial #yogatutorial #pinchavariation #pinchaplay #yogapractice

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