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1.1M followers! Less than a month ago I was celebrating a million - and now there are another 100,000 more of you. Incredible! Your following is growing so fast, my dear friends! Thank you for everything - especially the comments that I love to read 😘

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The first hundred packages are on their way to you! I will send the next batch as soon as possible. The evenings are getting longer and it is getting much colder outside, which is why I spend a lot of time at home with a cup of hot tea in my hand. Thanks to you, I'm definitely not bored! 😉

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This week is going to be a very busy one for me... Hundreds of items are waiting to be sent to you: calendars, T-shirts, books and exclusive hosiery from my store - ariestre.com. ❤️ To be honest, you have really surprised me with the amount of orders that you have placed - and new ones are coming in all the time! 😍 By the way, did you know that I complete and pack each order myself? It isn't easy, but this way I can offer you something very personal, which I put a lot of heart and passion into. And it’s an honour that I can do that for you, because your support means a lot to me. That’s why I want to do the best I can. I plan to send everything immediately - so that the packages reach you as soon as possible :) I will ship the first batch tomorrow - so expect an email in the next few days with your personal tracking number 🥰

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Hi, Guys! Thank you for all of your orders from all over the world on ariestre.com - you have placed so many! I am sure that you will be very satisfied! 🥰 As you can see, I am busy applying some lipstick so that I can add a special little personal touch to your pictures... They will be packaged up with the calendars along with a short, handwritten message and a few sexy posters for everyone who has ordered the VIP VERSION. So, who has already decided to buy one of my calendars? 😉 Link in bio ❤️

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My exclusive 2020 CALENDAR is now available to buy at ARIESTRE.COM! 😍 That’s a second bit of great news today! ❤️ Do you want to discover my secret world? Give me your hand, come inside my private cozy bedroom and see for yourself what I have never shared on my pages... I have put together something special just for you. 14 super sexy (and incredibly revealing) outfits that will have your heart throbbing for 365 days. My calendar contains unpublished photos in various types and colors of pretty lingerie, as well as stockings, hold-ups and pantyhose. Much hotter than the ones you can find on my instagram ;) I especially recommend the VIP version which includes exclusive and unique bonuses. SHIPPING WORLWIDE!

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Before I write a new post about the calendar, I have one more surprise... Finally I can show you the results of a second secret project involving my new brand - AriestreMEN - that I have been working on for nearly six months... T-shirts created especially for my male followers who value classic style and top quality. Of course, you can lend it to your girlfriend too - it will look super sexy with stockings! :) Where did this idea come from? Well, I have always thought that it is better to buy less items of better quality. It is also more ecological. Basic T-shirts are suitable for everyone but most of the ones available in popular stores are mass-produced from low-quality material. That’s why I paid extra special attention to the production process. All of my T-shirts have made 100% in Poland using comfortable fabric (95% cotton + 5% elastane) and have been carefully designed after months of consulting with men to find out exactly what you want. So make sure you leave some room in your wardrobe - because this will be your new favourite T-shirt! 😉 T-shirts are already available at ARIESTRE.COM (link in bio) in black and white - both in size from S to XXL. Limited quantity!

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My dear! 💋 Forgive me for my relative lack of activity over the past few days, but as you know I have had a great deal of work to do lately. But finally I have taken possession of my paper calendars, the preparation of which has taken many months. It was a big challenge, but I'm delighted with the results - the pictures are both beautiful and sensual and the calendar is top quality! And the even better news is that they will be available to buy from my store this week. Naturally, I will let you know the moment they go on sale ❤️

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Ari-maj.com ❤️

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Pure seduction

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My 2020 calendar sale starts in a few days and I can't wait to share these new extra sensual images with you. Who's excited? I'm excited! 😍

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Let's adjust my skirt a little bit. Is it okay now? 😉

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Hi guys :) Write me something nice... 🥰 Nude pantyhose: Lana from ariestre.com / @ariestre_exclusive

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New post on my blog ari-maj.com ❤️ It's getting colder outside now, but luckily I have taken that into consideration and I have a lot of pictures in reserve from various photoshoots that I can share with you regardless of the weather.

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Wrap your arms around me and keep me warm...

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Trick or treat... Think carefully 🎃

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Sexy businesswoman... Let's make a deal! ;)

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Innocent? Or maybe it's just pretense? What do you think? 😉

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Some of you have correctly guessed that one of my upcoming projects is next year’s 2020 calendar. Did you know that this will be my third calendar? I know that many of you are patiently waiting for it... well, I can promise you that it is very, very sensual! So who can't wait to get their hands on it? 😉 I'll let you know when it's ready! ❤️ . PS: If you want to support my projects, you can do so by becoming my patron via donateari.com. All patrons will receive a special surprise from me via email! You won’t be dissapointed! 😉 🎁

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