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Just finished 2 days of shooting up in the mountains and came across this forgotten drone clip from last October when I first got my #Mavic2Zoom. This dolly zoom effect boggles my brain, but I love experimenting with it! (Thanks for standing still @joshua.kent)

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Fall in Full Force 🍁 1..2..or 3?

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🌺💦 The cutest little waterfall off the coast of Big Sur, California. (iPhone 2016)

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These colorful Canadian canoes were calling my name! 📸 taken by @erubes1 last year at Moraine Lake in beautiful Banff. Have you been here?

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There’s incredible architecture all around Shenzhen, but I thought this stadium was extra impressive! It opened in 2011 and has been nicknamed the “Spring Cocoon” - @szcityliving @world_influencer_alliance

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✨Instagram vs. Reality 💦 After reading @jess.wandering’s thoughtful post this morning about authenticity and what it means in travel photography, I wanted to add to the conversation a bit. I agree with her that making genuine work is about intention and ideas, rather than needing to be candid or unstaged. I think all true artists can relate with me that the process is most important while creating anything meaningful. There’s no coincidence that my favorite and most successful photos are the ones that took the most time, planning, experimenting and effort to execute to perfection. The dreamy moments that I carefully design and share on here are often far from the reality of the situation. My friends and I will often spend over an hour working on the same idea, capturing hundreds of duds along the way! That’s what makes this so fun for me, though- I love the challenge that creating new work provides, even if it means getting swamped by a wave over and over to get the best shot. 😅 (📸 taken by @tommylundberg) Anyways, Jess said it best, “A photograph is not inauthentic if you created the scene. It’s art.”

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Neighborhood goals in Shenzhen 🏠🌈 These colorfully painted rooftops were probably my favorite spot that we visited last week while I was in China! If you know me, then you know I was obsessed. 👨🏼‍🎨 Huge thanks to @MarcVilas for getting the shot of me. 📸

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🔮🌴L O S ✨A N G E L E S 🌴🔮 Happy Friday! The color purple quickly became one of my favorite colors way back when I first started taking photos in California. Here are some of my favorite #asenseofpurple shots from the place I call home, taken over the last 4 years! Help me decide- Which one do you think is best? 💜

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Fresh snow in the Swiss Alps 🏔🚶🏼‍♂️ Just an hour train ride away from Zürich and you’re completely surrounded by incredible nature like this. We were greeted with such amazing conditions this day while heading up to Mt. Titlis w/ @VisitZurich. Swipe through and let me know which image is your favorite! (Photos of me taken by @WaterProject) #VisitZurich

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Shenzhen is packed with unique architecture, so I spent most of my time here in China looking up in awe. I just love all of the lines, designs & symmetry on these incredible buildings. 😳 Check out this office we stumbled upon! @SzCityLiving @World_Influencer_Alliance

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A Polaroid from Shenzhen 🇨🇳✨ Sunset w/ @SZCityLiving @World_Influencer_Alliance

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📚📚📚📚🚶🏼‍♂️📚📚📚📚 I spent the last few days here in China, exploring #Shenzhen with the @world_influencer_alliance & @szcityliving. It’s been an amazing trip and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been creating in this epic city! To kick things off, here are a couple shots that @Jordi.Koalitic took of me at the impressive Artron Art Center located in the Futian district. ✨

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Museum Tour w/ @VisitZurich ✨ One of the best parts of this trip was getting to explore the various galleries around the city. From fine art to FIFA, there’s truly something for everyone! 🎥 collab w/ @TommyLundberg #VisitZurich

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Sunset Soaring over Utah ✈️ Here are some aerial photos I took a few months ago on a trip w/ @BeautifulDestinations & @VisitTheUSA. Seeing the unique landscapes from high above was such a treat. Check out those crazy shapes, colors and textures! 🤯😍

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Just spent the last week w/ @VisitZurich, exploring the city and creating a bunch of new work with my buddies @TommyLundberg & @WaterProject! One of the things that stands out most about Zürich is it’s amazing design and advanced architecture. Visiting this classic art museum was extra special to me because I remember learning about it back in college. Designed by an important Swiss architect named Le Corbusier, this building is iconic for its floating steel roof and brightly colored panels. Swipe to see it from a few different angles! #VisitZurich

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Misty Mornings in the Mountains ✨ The first shot was taken of me by the talented @MMeyers76 after I made my way across the lake to check out the view on the other side. Swipe over to see what I found! 🌼 (Shot on @SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective)

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Floating into the new week like... These aerials were taken at a rock pool off the coast of Sydney, a backyard in sunny Los Angeles and a white sand beach in Turks & Caicos. Where would you rather be right now? 💦

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Rocky times in the desert with @TommyLundberg & @WaterProject. Swipe to see behind the scenes of Tommy getting this aerial shot of me with his giant monopod. Droning is illegal in National Parks, but finding unique angles is still a fair game! 🎥🔉by @WaterProject 😅

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Switzerland’s largest city is home to picturesque staircases, public swimming pools, clean cobblestone streets, beautiful architecture, delicious food and so much more! I’m excited to be heading back here this weekend for a new project w/ @VisitZurich! This time, I’ll be working with @WaterProject & @TommyLundberg to capture the city in a whole new season. Here are some shots from last summer, when the sun was shining and the river was the place to be! Which image is your favorite?🇨🇭

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Sunset views at one of Utah’s classics. ✨

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Dettifoss 💦 Located in Northeast Iceland, this massive waterfall is known to be the 2nd most powerful waterfall in Europe after the Rhine Falls in Switzerland. I’ve been to both of these spots now and can’t decide which was more impressive! 🤯 Swipe right & turn your sound on to experience the power.

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🌅 L O S✨A N G E L E S 🌆 Happy Friday! We don’t see much for fall colors in LA, but here’s a collection of some shots I’ve taken around town over the years during California’s fiery orange sunsets. Which picture is your favorite? 🧡

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A Polaroid from Mývatn 💦 Let me take you for a quick and steamy sunset swim at these amazing natural baths in Northern Iceland. ✨

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Sunset in Santorini ✨ Imagine walking down these steps and sitting down at one of those tables for the most breathtaking dinner of your life. If you look closely, you’ll see my mom waiting for me to join her. 🍽🥂 @petrasantorinigr

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