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aussiesdoingthings. Squad up @dog_appledore @aussiesdoingthings
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aussiesdoingthings. Showing dad how it’s done @hiya_its_kaia @aussiesdoingthings

Showing dad how it’s done @hiya_its_kaia @aussiesdoingthings

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aussiesdoingthings. Spa dayyyy @woodlandaussies @aussiesdoingthings
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aussiesdoingthings. Meet Strawberry! @hellomrstrawberry @aussiesdoingthings

Meet Strawberry! @hellomrstrawberry @aussiesdoingthings

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aussiesdoingthings. Someone really loves walkies @radiantsupernova @aussiesdoingthings

Someone really loves walkies @radiantsupernova @aussiesdoingthings

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aussiesdoingthings. If you ain’t got no giddy up then giddy out my way @robinhoodtheaussie

If you ain’t got no giddy up then giddy out my way @robinhoodtheaussie @aussiesdoingthings

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aussiesdoingthings. When you get in the wrong Uber @thesmithroost @aussiesdoingthings

When you get in the wrong Uber @thesmithroost @aussiesdoingthings

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aussiesdoingthings. boing boing @shep.the.aussie @aussiesdoingthings
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aussiesdoingthings. I hope he got FAA clearance on that jump @lostwithleo @aussiesdoingthi

I hope he got FAA clearance on that jump @lostwithleo @aussiesdoingthings

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aussiesdoingthings. Meet Moose! @moose_the_miniaussie @aussiesdoingthings
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🚨REPOSTING FOR AWARENESS🚨Please LIKE this post and COMMENT a quick emoji so others will see! / / Story from Morgan Fleming on Facebook: “This morning we thought, it’s so hot! Let’s go to the lake! We took our sweet Arya to the lake and had the best day playing ball and swimming around! About 30 minutes later on the drive home, we noticed her making weird noises and she threw up and pooped in the car. We called our vet on the drive and they suggested we take her in. By this point our girl couldn’t even stand. They told us she was in critical condition so we took her to the ER. By the time we got there, she was brain dead...Today was absolutely awful. We lost our fun, loving, and crazy girl to what we can only assume was a lake toxin such as blue green algae. Arya, no dog will ever replace you in our hearts. We already miss you more than you could know. I hope you’re running around like a wild girl with all the other boarder collies in doggo heaven.” / / Multiple dogs have died this week after ingesting toxic algae or "algal blooms" from freshwater ponds and lakes. Algal blooms tend to thrive in high temperatures and after heavy rains carry fertilizer runoff and sewage into waterways. Now is the season to be aware of the dangers when it comes to swimming in freshwater lakes and ponds, even for humans! WHEN IN DOUBT, BEST KEEP OUT! UPDATE: I’ve added a direct link to an article on how to spot the dog-killing algae. LINK IN BIO! This post will be edited with future updates.

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aussiesdoingthings. Meet Ziggy! @ziggy.leo @aussiesdoingthings

Meet Ziggy! @ziggy.leo @aussiesdoingthings

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