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Blast from the past! Enchanted forest in Nara, Japan.

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I was blown away by this place. And not only in figurative sense. It was extremely cold and wind managed to quickly penetrate all the layers I had on. But thankfully when you descent to the bottom of the valley the hot springs provide a nice surprise in form of hot and cozy steam although with a bit of smell of sulfur.

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Jus another splendid italian mountain pass. To be honest, I forgot the name of this one. Anyone can help?

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A short encounter in the Netherlands

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Arriving at this location during the night and seeing the sky full of stars was amazing and quite exciting. Unfortunatelly clouds came fairly quickly and covered most of them while I was setting up my tripod. Nevertheless I succeeded in capturing a few of them. So there it is, dreamy Alpe di Siusi at dusk with the morning dew on beautiful Italian meadows. For those interested in these nerd things it is a blend of two exposures. This allowed me to capture an extended dynamic range of the sky and the foreground. Arrivederci until next time peeps.

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I wanted to hike Hardergrat trail for quite some time. The experience was certainly not disappointing.

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A slightly different take on the famous Seceda Mountain. What we have here is a marmot carrying bedding materials back to its burrow for a comfy nap later.

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Mountains of Giau pass illuminated by the sunrise light

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I was quite uncertain how the visit during a super sunny day will turn out. Well the reality is that if you visit as amazing place as this one the weather conditions will be great in almost any case🌞

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Borneo Boys resting after their lunch feeding at Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary in Borneo

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Gljufrabui - I dare you to pronounce the name of this waterfall

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Can’t wait to explore more of beautiful Dolomiti mountains in a few weeks 😊

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What a beautiful creature 🦊 happy monday everyone !

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borisbarabas. It was a close fight but you guys have spoken and chose this drone sho

It was a close fight but you guys have spoken and chose this drone shot as the pic of today 🚁

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Mountains are cool. But the peaks covered in grass are supercool! Trivia question: Anyone knows the name of the valley pictured? 🙂

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Possibly the cutest inhabitants of Mykines island

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The storm is coming in case you didn't notice. Photo from descent from "Jahnaci stit"

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borisbarabas. Surely there is many of us who would love to sail down the river on a

Surely there is many of us who would love to sail down the river on a little dinghy, stop only to set up a little camp every night and enjoy the peace and calmness that the nature offers.

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Enjoying morning light with an old pal.

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Came for tranquility and left with drama. Typical Iceland.

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It's just a photo of a little white house 🙂

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Last week's primate post was not as successful as I would imagine so this week I am back but this time with a cute fella with a inquisitive look.

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The waterfall is cool for sure but how about that face in bottom left corner?!

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The famous Vestrahorn under nearly perfect conditions

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