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Happiness is an island off the coast of Massachusetts.

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That’s a wrap on the St John’s Holiday Boutique. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be taking orders for the holidays until 11/29.

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Big thank you to @marthas_vineyard_magazine for the recent honors of 1st Place and Honorable Mention in the 11th annual photography contest. For me, the Vineyard is a place that just oozes beauty everywhere I look. I simply can’t get enough. This summer was spent mostly in my back yard in West Tisbury and hanging around the docks in Menemsha. I was inspired in very different ways to capture the many reasons I am drawn to the island. These pictures show my two sides as a photographer: pretty & gritty. ☯️Yin & Yang.

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The sudden drop in temperature has me longing for slow, sunny, sublime days spent on Tisbury Great Pond.

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This is an ode to the wonderful man who helped raise me even though we met when I was technically an adult. He was there for some of my most crucial life moments and now he’s gone. He played and loved the game of baseball and personally coached me through some of my hardest challenges. This is for you, Peter. Thank you.

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brookebartletta. Mothering, 2019  Years ago now,  the days were indeed sometimes long w

Mothering, 2019 Years ago now, the days were indeed sometimes long with two small children, but they were filled with wonder. Now as I slowly succumb to my children’s growing independence and realize our precious time together has reached Mach speeds, I am simultaneously holding on tight to their innocence.

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My mentors recently prodded me to make pictures around the theme “my beautiful detritus.” I chose to delve into artifacts handed down to me by my German ancestors who immigrated to the USA 150 years ago with just a few dollars and a dream. An 1868 US passport, a necklace with the American flag worn by my great grandfather after he became a citizen, a portrait of him and finally me wearing his necklace... I wonder how he would feel about where we are today and where we are headed. Either way, I am grateful he and his family members took the leap of faith.

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Nantasket was a surfer’s paradise today.

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Pinching myself! Thank you @iphotoawards for seeing and validating my work. Thank you @annieleibovitz for being so gracious as I fumbled my starstruck words of thanks and praise. This is a night I’ll never forget and am beyond inspired by all the award recipients tonight. #ipa #lucieawards2019 #fineartphotography #canon #newyork #surreal #gratefulbeyondwords

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Many thanks to everyone who came out for the Hingham Arts Walk today! I am especially grateful for Matt & Evan @assemblyshowroom for hosting me. If you missed the walk, feel free to stop in during store hours (10-5pm) and check out my new limited edition pieces and @clydehoganfineart whose beautiful work is also still on display.

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brookebartletta. Happening Right Now!

Happening Right Now!

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⚡️New Limited Edition Work ⚡️ now available during Hingham Arts Walk this Sunday 12-4pm at Assembly Showroom 24 North St. Grab your partner, friend, kid, grandparent and join us for a day of celebrating and supporting local artists. Food trucks, live music and tons of fun. (Pictured here: Green Wooden Boat edition 1 of 5; Sail edition 1 of 10) John Lawler photographer and art curator with @clydehoganfineart will also be there with some beautiful work!

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Hanging On, 2019

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Kathy, Kathy and Karen, 2019

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Cam, 2019

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Marilyn, 2019

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1st Place! A massive and heartfelt (and still in shock) thank you/merci/grazie/xiexie/gracias/arigato/dankeschon to the judges of the International Photography Awards! I am incredibly honored. Many congrats to my fellow winners. Couldn’t have done it without my mentors @alisonshaw and @sue.dawson.mvy. Finally, thank you to the BC High track team for running by me on that dreamy, foggy afternoon. Everything happens in a split second. #keepgoing @iphotoawards @photoawards @canonusa

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Summer Blues, 2019

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Sole Surfer, 2019

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Summer Sunfish Stripes, 2019

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Surfing the Storm, 2019

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Red Canoe, 2019

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Fun with The Bubbleman, 2019

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