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If it looks like a Seat, drives like a Seat and sounds like a Seat, it’s obviously a Nanjing NJ7150 Soyat.

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To end the week, another beautiful JDM hardtop. This time a Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo!

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My contribution to #workhorseweek . This Great ZAZ-1102 Tavria Van! What a machine.

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The 911 from Czechia, with its engine in the back.

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Proud dad showing his little baby. Perfectly normal.

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A rough diamond, hidden away in Tripoli.

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A JDM hardtop is one of the coolest things ever. Fact. And look at the wheels on this Bluebird Turbo S!

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A fantastic 104 Coupé and @plants_of_micha his beautiful Panda!

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“Need a van? Hold my vodka...”

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Randomly I chose my own car when @jobjoris requested a Toyota Crown. Just random. Really. True story.

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An awesome C124, as requested by @rd_ver_w !

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German and French take on history.

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The Proton Saga continuous....

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And to finalize #wagonwednesday a fantastic Ford Falcon Rural!

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This Mazda is definitely a workhorse!

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An ultimate workhorse on #wagonwednesday

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Mazda 626 + extra smoothness = Ford Telstar!

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A modern day 405, the Peugeot Pars.

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