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The Watchman. We had nowhere booked to stay on this particular evening but I was determined to stay somewhere in Thyolo, a region in the south of Malawi lavished in tea plantations. A few hours before sunset we stumbled across Thyolo House, a beautiful home set in the hills. We had just finished a 28km hike on Mount Mulanje and were hot, tired and desperate for a good nights sleep. Why is it that the best moments are always unplanned? I wonder whether it’s because we finally let go of control and allow what’s meant to happen, to happen. That night they made us dinner and despite being unable to communicate, the watchman took us for a walk through the plantations before climbing up to grab some macadamia nuts from a tree, breaking them open using two rocks and giving them to us to eat. Not only was it our best night sleep but one of my best memories of the trip. My only regret was that I never managed to catch his name. #malawi

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This is good soil. I understand when we judge the unknown from a place of fear yet I can’t accept an unwillingness to try and figure it out. After all, we’re still learning. It’s true when they say don’t a judge a book by it’s cover. There are so many stories untold, aside from the ones you have already heard so go see for yourself, there’s a whole lot of beauty and hope just about everywhere. Malawi: thank you for exceeding every expectation. @caws_malawi #malawi

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In a small wooden boat we rode down the Shire River, through Liwonde National Park. Elephants, hippos, buffalos and buck lined the river banks. With every km we walked, rode or drove through Malawi, I was reminded of the beauty and diversity of this country. And until God decides to wave us in, I am determined to redefine the narative of this incredible part of the world. [📷: @philiphewitson] @caws_malawi #malawi

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Soweto Marathon 2019 It never gets any easier but I gave it every single piece of me. Yet what I will remember of this day is not the iconic landmarks, not even the pain but a conversation. Running along side me, he asked if we could run together for a while because I was holding a consistent pace. Chatting, he asked why I was running today, to which I replied, “I’ve got some stuff to fight through.” It was his response that has been embedded on my mind: “Mfowethu [brother], we are all here fighting our own demons; all of us. Although our demons may be different, we are in the same battle, we’re in the same race. We will go faster if we stick together.” Oh, Soweto. You challenge me in every possible way. I will leave this race changed once again. And I am so very grateful for every single second. Until next time ✊🏾🙏 #sowetomarathon2019

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From everlasting to everlasting, our home long before the mountains were born. The first day of our hike concluded with the most beautiful sunset, captured a few km from our camp on-top of Mount Mulanje. We stopped for a swim in the pools before lighting the fire, preparing for dinner. Thanks @mulanjeadventures for the unbelievable trip. #malawi

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Malawi. I thought I knew what to expect. I had been desperate to explore this country for such a long time so arriving in Blantyre last week was a dream. Needless to say, I’ve totally fallen in love with it’s raw, natural beauty. There’s so much I want to say but I still need to process the last week. All I know is that I’ll be back really soon. #malawi

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In the darkness a vision was born. It’s time to rise. Rise Up: Part III Location: Cape Town, #southafrica Model: @luc.delamotte

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It’ll never look quite how you expected it to. And sometimes, it’ll even look a whole lot better. Last few days in Cape Town before I leave for my next trip. This country has been on my heart for so long and I can’t explain how excited I am to explore a new part of Southern Africa. 🙏 #CapeTown

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Rise up: Part 2 Don’t run from what you are called to. Even if sometimes it’ll feel too much to bare because that’s when you realise, we were never supposed to be able to do it alone. So keep the dream bigger than we could ever achieve, eyes on the true prize then from the dust, they’ll watch us rise ✊

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Still can’t believe I get to call this place home. Just another evening in #CapeTown 🇿🇦🙏

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If not us, then who? I hope our eyes are never shut to the possibility that we can challenge the status-quo. I hope we never just accept the way things are. I hope we step up, in time, every time. For after all, we aren’t just story tellers but story changers. Location: Musema, #burundi🇧🇮

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Even in the valley... Your our promise keeper Way maker Light in the darkness. #southafrica

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Ready or Not // Stay On Track Location: #CapeTown, South Africa

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I wonder how many times we’ve seen the cloud and just turned around. I wonder how many times, if we’d have just gone a little further or pushed on a little longer, we’d have climbed above the cloud and realised how close the mountain top had been all along. I just want to be the one who climbs, regardless of the storm. #dolomites

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Sizophinda Siphakame - ‘We Will Get Up Again’. Watch us rise. Location: Atlantis Dunes, South Africa #heritageday

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#ad Lago Di Braies, one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the privilege of capturing. I went to the Dolomites last month to film a short video by way of bringing the Alps home to my grandmother. This was the first time I had ever shot with the LUMIX S1 and I honestly can’t explain how happy I am with the results. Check out the video in my bio @LUMIXUK #ShotInMyWorld #LUMIXS1

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Always in search of the nearby mountain. Grateful for friends like @giuligartner who get up at 4am to drive through lightning storms and over mountain passes all in the name of an adventure with no guarantees of success, other than a fresh croissant on the other side. #southtyrol

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Same place, new season. Never get tired of exploring the Italian Alps. So much content still to come from last months trip to the Dolomites. #southtyrol

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We can’t always choose where we find ourselves but we can choose what stories we tell...and we can choose to seek out the beauty everywhere we go. Grateful to know @andilebhala who always chooses to be the light. “If you look after the neighbourhood the neighbourhood will look after you, so when the neighbourhood has your back, you’re safe.” Andile Bhala #southafrica

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We will turn this around like the tide. My Uber driver was playing one of my favourite songs the other day: ‘Raki’ by the late Oliver Mtukudzi. I’ve always loved this song but never stopped to understand the words, until he translated them for me, line by line: There are those that survive by luck, they don't know there's someone who watches over them, who crosses you over the river, who gets you out of the wildfire, who makes you skip over the thorns, making you miss the accident and you hear I'm lucky I survived. #southafrica

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I’m so grateful to spend the first day of my twenty-fourth year in the most beautiful country in the world. I dreamt of calling this place home years before I stepped onto this soil... but I’m hesitant to say there’s one place we are ‘called to’ because I think sometimes we can use those expressions to pass on responsibly of our own choices. All I know is I couldn’t love this country and it’s people any more and who I am, where I am, is the ‘who’ I want to be. Excited to build into this nation, capture it’s beauty, tell the important stories and despite what the world might say, I know it’s future is so, so bright. This is my dream, come true. There’s nowhere I’d rather be. ✊ [📷: @mauritzcrous] #southafrica

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The Valley of Desolation. From the summit you can see for hundreds of miles into the Eastern Cape. Over the last few years I’ve been fortunate enough to see some beautiful views, hike some crazy mountains and capture some epic landscapes... but a great photo is just a great photo if you feel no connection to it. This was different. I still get goosebumps thinking about this evening, where I looked through my viewfinder and realised this was now, home. #southafrica

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We are the best chance our beautiful nation has. Our responsibility has nothing to do with our profession. We are necessary; don’t let fear cloud a pure heart. The job to engage with a broken world belongs to all of us. People are worth it. We can’t rebuild and restore without a cost, just ask Jesus. Ndiyalithanda eli lizwe lomzantsi iAfrika. #enoughisenough

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I spent 10 hours exploring the beautiful city of Venice after my trip to the Dolomites. Busy editing a new video from my time here but I won’t lie, it mostly consisted of consuming my bodyweight in pizza, pasta and gelato. #venice

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