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Another stunning photography workshop I recommend to visit this winter - Baikal lake in Russia. You can follow link in bio to see details and signed up for incredible adventure on the deepest lake and cleanest ice in the world. You'll encounter fantastic ice forms and textures: bubbles, cracks. Ice caves: during the time when ice forms up on the lake, splashes create deep icy grottos. Small rocks and islands in the Narrow sea. All that with maximum safety from my best team at the lake, accommodation in comfortable modern hotel. Follow link in bio to sign up. #link_in_bio #photoworkshop #Baikal #baikallake

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I invite you to join amazing photography workshop led by my friend @albanhenderyckx this winter at Lofotens! Check link in bio for details and join. February 2020 dates are available to book. Imposing snowy peaks and rugged Norse fjords, whose clear turquoise water at day is no less captivating than a mighty play of the Northern Lights at night; endless long strings of bridges holding the mountains and beaches together in a unique tense construction; bright red fishing houses on poles over the water that seems to want to become ice at the first opportunity. I’m inviting you to visit this fascinating place and discover its many facets for yourselves. For photographers and painters, the Lofotens are an endless source of inspiration. #link_in_bio #photographytour #Lofoten #lofotenislands #Norway #ilovenorway

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Kyoto autumn evening 🍁 Second half of November is a perfect time to visit Kyoto for deep red colors of maple trees. #Japan #nikon #Kyoto #madewithluminar #gitzoinspires

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Calm autumn morning at Fuji five lakes in Japan 🇯🇵 Perfect view to start a day! Danielkordan.com #japan #ilovejapan #fujikawaguchiko #mountfuji #tokyo #Kyoto #osaka

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Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji is a series of landscape prints by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai. These series were a big inspiration for me to photograph the icon of Japan from various locations. This waterfall is one of multiple locations I visit with guests of my photography workshops in Japan. Danielkordan.com #japan #ilovejapan #Nikon #gitzoinspires #Kawaguchiko #tokyo #osaka #Kyoto

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Momijigari literally means "autumn leaves hunting" in japanese. Sometimes locals find their perfect branch and just enjoy it's short lasting perfection. I guess this visit I found my perfect branch in Nara! Danielkordan.com photography workshop in Japan 🇯🇵 #japan #photoworkshop #NikonZ7 #nikon #ilovejapan #kyoto #nara #osaka #tokyo

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Well, throughout my 6 years of guiding photography tours in Japan, I was struggling only with this amazing spot in Hakone. Somehow it was always cloudy and mount Fujisan never show up while I was staying here. As Japanese say you always will return back if you didn't see Fuji for the first time. Now I can say it's true! 😀 Danielkordan.com

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Series of images about Japanese torii gates. Torii literally means "bird perch" mark the transition from the mundane to the sacred. Well, no wonder the eagle sit on these gates while I was shooting long exposures. On the third image is an icon of Japan second only perhaps to Mount Fuji, the floating torii of Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima. Currently it's under construction, but you can find thousands of beautiful torii all over Japan 🇯🇵 #Japan #ilovejapan #NikonZ7 #nikon #madewithluminar #gitzoinspires

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Strange alien cloud has landed on top of Mount Fuji San. Last rays of light barely touching the top of beautiful mountain. #japan #fujisan #fujikawaguchiko #mountfuji

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Join unforgettable photography adventure to Kyrgyzstan in July next year! Check link in bio to sign up! Surrounded by the spectacular snow capped Tien Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan has unique potential for landscape photography, with its wonderful combination of rugged, natural beauty, hospitality and authentic cultural traditions. The tour will be led by talented photographers and teachers Albert Dros and Anton Agarkov Photos by me and Albert. Link in bio to check dates and join. Photos by me and @albertdrosphotography #photographytour #photoworkshop #link_in_bio

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It was my third time visiting Japan this year. Starting from snowy villages in January, then fireflies project in June and now I'm back home after wonderful autumn photography workshop. What's next? I'm planning a winter tour in Hokkaido! Japan has certainly a lot of places to discover. Danielkordan.com #Japan #ilovejapan #Nikon #gitzoinspires #madewithluminar #fireflies

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Iconic Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto. That's pretty busy place in the daytime, but off the season it's still very quiet. Thousands of vermilion torii gates lead up the mountain, which straddle a network of trails behind the shrine main buildings. These trails lead into the vast forest of the sacred Mount Inari. It stands at 233 meters and belongs to the shrine grounds. Danielkordan.com #japan #Kyoto #ilovejapan #Nikon #gitzoinspires #madewithluminar

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One of the quiet beautiful temples in Kyoto with explosion of autumn colors. Kyoto is a home for hundreds of temples, and it's very easy to find yourself off the beaten path in a corner like this. Danielkordan.com photography workshop in Japan 🇯🇵

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A path in the woods to the shrine... Kyushu island is definitely still a hidden gem in Japan. Would you like to take a walk up on this path? Danielkordan.com #Japan #kyushu

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Series with Mount Fuji San framed by autumn foliage. This week in Japan so far was wonderful and packed with memorable events for my photography workshop group. Danielkordan.com #Japan

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Walking inside some quiet rural villages in Japan is an unforgettable experience. You feel like being 2-3 centuries back in time... Danielkordan.com workshop in Japan 🇯🇵 just a few spots left to sign up for next year's workshop - check link in bio. #japan #photoworkshop #photographytour

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Autumn is my most favorite season in Japan 🇯🇵 Everywhere you look in Kyoto is decorated with red and golden firework of colors. Danielkordan.com workshop in Japan

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Vibrant colors of Kyoto autumn. I'm currently traveling in Japan guiding photography workshop together with @iuriebelegurschi Don't miss out next year's departures! Follow link in bio to check the details and join. #link_in_bio #linkinbio #Japan

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Amazing autumn colors in Japan 🇯🇵 maples have the most vibrant colors this week! 🍁

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I'm very happy to arrive to Kyoto today with my photography workshop group. It's one of my most favorite cities on Earth. Place where traditional meets modern, city with thousands of temples and gardens. And today it's with explosion of autumn colors. Sometimes people complain that they find Kyoto crowded and busy. Those just didn't travel to such quiet spots slightly outside the main busiest streets. Danielkordan.com #Kyoto #ilovejapan #Nikon #osaka #tokyo #tokyocameraclub #madewithluminar #gitzoinspires

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Mount Fuji San, majestic symbol of Japan framed by graphical trees. There are so many spots with lakes, autumn foliage, forests in front of Fuji. But this place always stays as my most favorite to see sunrise in Japan. #Japan #ilovejapan #nikon #mountfuji #fujisan #fujikawaguchiko #Kawaguchiko #tokyocameraclub #tokyo #Kyoto #osaka

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That's one of my most favorite places in Japan - Koyasan. Where traditions are still well kept, where you feel ancient and rural spirit of Japan. Just wandering at Okunoin cemetery in the night is very special! Several kilometers of mossy ancient torii gates, lanterns, tall cedar trees. Isn't there a deep sense of magic? I'm heading here again in a few days with my photography workshop group. Danielkordan.com #Japan #ilovejapan #koyasan #okunoin #Nikon #madewithluminar #gitzoinspires

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Japan 💛 I'm happy to be back in Japan with my photography workshop these days. Mount Fujisan is surrounded by most vibrant autumn foliage at the moment! Danielkordan.com #Japan #fujikawaguchiko #fuji #fujisan #mountfuji #ilovejapan #nikon #madewithluminar #gitzoinspires

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Another series of images from dancing pine trees forest in South Korea. This morning I got lucky with foggy conditions. Danielkordan.com

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