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It doesn’t matter if you see me or not, I am standing right there, with no emotion. 💚HappY Weekend !

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🌿💙💚🌿 Parfaitement dessiné par la mère Nature!

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Breathtaking summer view from @schilthorn_pizgloria 🏔💚🏔 ✨HappY Monday✨🍹

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Buongiorno! 🍹🙋🏻‍♀️ ❤️ da @villaorselina 🇨🇭

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Dobar Dan! 🙋🏻‍♀️❤️

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A great silence comes over me and I wonder why I ever thought to use language. Rumi ❤️ 🌹HappY Friday🌹

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🌹🥐Good Morning ☕️🌹 from @zermatterhof Grand Hotel 🌺

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🌺HappY Tuesday!🌺 Afternoon tea time at @thechediclubtanahgajah private villa!💙 Miss this peaceful place!

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Beautiful place to relax with a 🍹☕️ or 🍽! {Source of the Buna is located in Blagaj near Mostar, which boasts Blagaj Tekke, makes this place attractive and each day attracts crowds of tourists, but also local guests. Visitors in the summer have the opportunity to canoes and boats to enter the cave where the spring is to see all the beauty that this place offers. Entering the winter is not possible because of the cold caves, but also the level of the river Buna. It is important to note that the source of the Buna largest karst spring in Europe by quantity of drinking water, while in a second from a source out 43 cubic meters of water. The specificity of this source is the river Buna and drinking at its source and at its the longitudinal section on.🍸 The depth of water at the source is 30 meters. French divers who explore the deepest interior sources describe how the hot There are small lakes from which it may emerge and breathe the air, because the cliff where spring flows to the top of the hollow. Near the source is built and the Dervish House where Monday and Thursday evenings together and dervishes perform dhikr. “Dervish House is a unique example Tekke old more than 550 years. Tekke has remained authentic and the period when it was made. Judging by the attendance, Blagaj along the river Buna, Tekke and indigenous trout becomes a world recognizable place where the tourists started coming and the Far East.}

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Greatness is not measured by the walls we build but by the bridges.💚 DaShanne Stokes 🍃HappY Friday! 🍃

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💙Back to this lovely escape to Island Nusa Penida with amazing @explorenusapenida team! 💙 So thankful to our friendly guide for all day we spent there on 🏝! 🙋🏻‍♀️🌺 #explorenusapenida

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🌺HappY Tuesday 🌺💚🌺 • #Love #Mostar

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