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@krisvang - Once the snow started falling, I didn’t hesitate to visit this place. Some peaks just look better with a bit of snow❄️ #earthoutdoors

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🎥 @emmett_sparling Sunrise over the sea of fog at Mt. Bromo. If you’re ever in East Java, I highly recommend making the trip for sunrise (even though you’ll have to wake up at around 1am to leave). It’s one of the most spectacular views I’ve ever seen! #earthoutdoors

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@christiantrustrup - The Crown of Lofoten 👑 #earthoutdoors

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@theworldwithsarah - I honestly think this is the tiniest #tinysarah shot I have achieved to date 🤯 Iceland is filled with all sorts of ridiculously huge stacks that literally appear out nowhere. How many Sarah's do you think this one is? 😂 #earthoutdoors

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📸 @joelfriendy I had seen this slab of rock all over instagram, before I got here last year, I wasn't expecting too much, but damn seeing this thing in person is crazy 🤪 . If your in Bali make sure you head over to Nusa Penida cause that island is mad!!! #earthoutdoors

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@kristin.outdoor - Still totally overwhelmed when i see these pictures. Iceland has stolen my heart. 🇮🇸 Wich dreams have you already fulfilled? And which are still on your list? 😏 ✨🌚 #earthoutdoors

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📸 @josemostajo It was a a tale of will it won't it show. Racing to the top and seeing...nothing. I could tell the sun was shining, but the fog would not lift. Until it did. For a moment, here and there, enough to take some photos and enjoy the colors of the mountain. This was my second time here and love having had opposite views. You never know what you'll find. #earthoutdoors

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@cumacevikphoto - My a few sunrise photos from different parts of the world. Which one is your favorite? 1. Bali, Indonesia 2. Meteora,Greece 3. Dolomites, Italy 4. Dubai, UAE 5. Seceda, Italy 6. Lago di Braies, Italy 7. Zug, Switzerland #earthoutdoors

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@kaiyhun - While my plane was making its way over the Rockies, I took a few snaps of the mountains from way above. The snow covered peaks sure are jaw dropping. Also, you’re probably wondering if the moon is real or not. I added it in to fill the empty sky haha #earthoutdoors

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📸 @nomadlad It’s been almost 18 months since we visited this iconic spot and it was also my second time there. To witness this sunrise and the low fog was purely magical - what a place this is 🤯 #earthoutdoors

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@chadtorkelsen - I’ve dreamed of seeing this view from nearly the time I first picked up a camera. It was so incredible finally getting to visit the Milford Sound in person and see Mitre Peak, even if it was only visible for 5 minutes before the rain came in. #earthoutdoors10k

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📸 @kurtisminster Went for a brisk paddle a couple weeks back during peak fall colors here in Montana. Huge thanks to @tannerxlatham for capturing these sweet aerial shots of me out on the lake! It's amazing how different everything looks from up above. 🍂 #earthoutdoors

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@haukursigurdsson - Prize goes to any non-Icelandic person who can pronounce the name of this road correctly: Steingrímsfjarðarheiði. Selected via #earthoutdoors10k

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📸 @emmett_sparling Wandering through the most picturesque island I’ve ever explored. Komodo national park surpassed every expectation I had going into the trip. #earthoutdoors

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@mortendodson - Treasure hunting in the jungle! Whilst exploring all these beautiful places I’m imagining how they were before the streams of mass tourism. I guess it must be quite a feeling discovering a gem like this while still untouched! Selected via #earthoutdoors10k

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There’s nothing like an open road leading to new adventures. #ad I've been traveling for over a month and a half and am stoked to be using bags from my friends at @wandrd. The PRVKE bag feels like it was designed specifically for my needs with the customizable camera cube insert keeping all my gear safe and secure, and the extendable top pocket giving enough space to pack anything else needed for a day of adventure. Do yourself a favor and check out their page, as a bonus you can take 20% off your order with our code "EO20"
Photos by: @chadtorkelsen #wandermoreworryless #earthoutdoors10k

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@isacssvanberg - Cold beach day at Hauklandsstranda🇧🇻🏄‍♂️ #earthoutdoors10k

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📸 @lukekonarzewski It’s pretty easy to get your expectations up when traveling. Having them blown away is much, much rarer. Patagonia will do that to you, and then some. #earthoutdoors

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@michael._.corona - My Favorite weather in the Black Forest 🌲 Selected via #earthoutdoors10k

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@kayvanhuisseling - Tropical rain💭 🍃 There is nothing like arriving to one of the most beautiful tropical islands you have ever seen during a really strong rain fall🌴 #earthoutdoors

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@feinerkerl - Which “goals“ should we choose today? Hiking goals? Layer goals? Light goals? Goals goals??????😱🤟 #earthoutdoors

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@joelfriendy - We saw this rock from miles and miles away as we drove closer and closer to this thing it just kept growing. This rock is in the middle of no where, nothing else is around, just flat land. What a crazy rock! Selected via #earthoutdoors10k

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📸 @scottcbakken My. Assiniboine in all its glory! Who has Canada on their list this year?! #earthoutdoors

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We had an incredible couple of days exploring some of the national parks in Sri Lanka. I can’t even express how powerful and humbling it is to be right near these magnificent creatures. #ad Big thanks to @topanyalasafari for hosting us on our Yala National Park visit, we had an amazing time and were treated with incredible kindness and even had the chance to see a leopard! (Photo 5) Right now you can use our code “earthoutdoors35” to get 35% OFF of a booking with @topanyalasafari Photos by: @chadtorkelsen #earthoutdoors

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