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Looking at one of japan historical temples take me further back in time to explore the depth and breadth of buildings before the common era. Suspension bridges and skyscrapers are sure the marvels of nowadays architectures, but one day we will be looking back at what we have accomplished.

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Hands down to one of the coolest countries, heaven of mouthwatering food, temples are well maintained which atttact tourists all over the world . Japan

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One of the remarkable places i visited this time in Japan . The historical village of Shirakawa-Go , worth a visit on winter time where traditional houses covered in snow, the view is trully magical. Its a perfect morning but alas, the snow started to melt away during my visit . Japan

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The wall . Some distant days, I would stare at countries landmarks. This time I am at one of the remarkable architectural feat in history. . With its length and interesting history, this place has been on top of places to visit in China . Beijing, China

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Living close to heaven. What a place! . Exploring chinese ancient architecture feels like was taken back to ancient time . Beijing, China

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The whispering of the leaves was almost hushed. All about them it was still and shadowy and sweet. It was that wonderful moment when the sun set . Singapore

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Breathing in the stillness . Nothing beats the peaceful mornings in Ubud with a good bunch of friends! Best to visit early in the morning to avoid crowds. . Bali, Indonesia

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Beijing has been on one of my place-to-visit list. After 4 years staying in China, I have finally got the chance to visit Beijing. Temple of heaven is one of the Unesco world heritage sites in the world which is also one of my favorite places.The prominent dark-blue color roof represent heaven. Temple heaven is deemed to be the biggest temple in the area, this place contained prayers from emporer for good harvest. This is definitely a place that worth a visit . Beijing, China

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Modern city with a distinct culture in it

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Path through the shrine with shadows and soft morning sunlight on each steps

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Glorious festive lights during the wondrous time of the year

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Thrusting out of the warm lake at sundown, one of the legacies we have🇮🇩

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Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches, but definitely there are many hidden gems that worth to explore

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No better place to find yourself standing on the edge of the cliff with waterfalls

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let me take a shot

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