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Happy Solstice! After all these years of travel, I finally made it south of the equator! The night sky is so different down here. So thrilled to finally see the entire galactic core of the Milky Way!

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A dynamic sunset over Downtown Los Angeles. The world around us is ever changing. Despite our perceptions, each day is not the same. Each day is a story that has yet to be written. Even if you’ve done the same thing for all of your past life, it doesn’t mean you have to do it forever into your future. Change isn’t easy. But it all starts with knowing you have the power of choice. #losangelesgrammers #best_timelapse

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It’s officially spring! Happy Spring Equinox! Spring is when everything comes back to life. You can definitely see it here in Southern California. Wildflowers are blooming like crazy. Like nature, it’s also time for us to get out of our caves/shells and get working on things important in our lives. Not just busy work, but work that feeds our hearts and souls. #wildflowers #poppy #springequinox

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A photo from this morning experiencing the wildflower super bloom! I’m back from a much needed break from social media so I have time to refocus and reconnect with my purpose, why I’m here and what I’m up to in my life. Just endlessly uploading one photo/video after another isn’t really my thing. For me it’s all about inspiring and empowering people through my art and the medicine I practice. The creative and the healing sides of my life having been running parallel paths, but never really interconnecting on my social media presence. That is what I’ll be experimenting with from now on. Hope you all are doing awesome and thanks for following! — Henry #wildflowers #superbloom

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Hyperlapsing through one of the craziest sunsets I’ve witnessed in Los Angeles.

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As another storm system arrives in #LosAngeles today, I’m still busy processing all my shots from the aftermath of the last one! Added to that is I’ve been busy shooting my style of #hyperlapse and ironing out all the kinks in the system. Here’s one from sunset last week near downtown LA.

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Last night’s sunset was insane. There was a rainbow behind me, mammatus clouds above and jaw dropping colors in front. This is a still from a hyperlapse shot. Can’t wait to get it processed!

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Flying towards Iceland’s Vatnajokull Glacier at sunrise.

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A beautiful morning near downtown Los Angeles. We’ve been having great light these days. Enjoy it before the smog comes back!

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While shooting timelapse of the recent Lunar Eclipse, I was able to capture a meteorite striking the surface of the moon. It’s a brief flash of white near the bottom edge of the moon show here in stills and timelapse video (swipe right to see them all). At first I thought it was a hot pixel or some sort of anomaly in my camera but after doing some searching it seems this is the first Lunar Eclipse event ever that this has been captured. - Shot with the @nikonusa D850 DSLR with the Nikon 600mm f4 lens on a @celestronuniverse Advanced VX equatorial goto mount. 600mm, .5s intervals, f5.6, 1/5s shutter speed, iso1600.

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Timelapse video of last night’s Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse over the Los Angeles City Hall. 1s intervals, 120mm, single exposure. #lunareclipse #bloodmoon #losangeles

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Last night’s Lunar Eclipse of the Super Wolf Moon next to a LA City Hall lit in the LA Ram’s Blue color.

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Morning light over Los Angeles. I love these moments right before sunrise — not just for its beauty but also for its serenity. It’s a peaceful part of the day. Birds chirping, and most people sleeping or just starting to stir.

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Lunar Eclipse tomorrow night! Hoping for clear skies in LA. This was shot last year. #lunareclipse #bloodmoon

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This scene lasted about 3 minutes before I got completely fogged in. It’s a great example of why seizing the moment is so important. These seconds of magic don’t happen everyday nor will they wait for you to be ready for it. Practice, prepare, learn, grow. Stay determined. This is how magic happens in life.

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I’ve never been a fan of hyperlapse. The intervals between shots were often too long and the movements of the camera itself seemed to overshadow the subject of the scene. I’ve been trying to find a better balance — to be able to do timelapse across long distances without the extreme dose of caffeine (or nausea) it gives viewers. More subtle, cinematic movement that enhances, rather than distracts from what is happening in the scene. Hence the need to built a custom vehicle, small enough to take anywhere, that allows stable movement across long distances while allowing me to shoot faster intervals.

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It’s been raining cats and dogs here in Los Angeles! I grew up on the east coast so I missed the rain when I moved here. Love that we’re finally getting a good amount of moisture, although I hope people living in the recent burn areas to be safe. - - - - - #timelapse #timelapsevideo #best_timelapse #discoverla #losangelesgrammers #kabc7 #ktla5news #losangeles #losangelescity #losangeleslife #urbanlandscape #dtlalife #dtla #happeningindtla @latimes

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It is important to trust your eyes and your gut. Forecast called for rain storms through the day and into night. But towards the west, the overcast clouds seemed to be getting lighter and thinner. I kept monitoring. Packed my camera bag into the trunk just in case. About an hour before sunset, the sun’s rays started to break through. Luckily we were near the ocean. Manhattan beach was an 8 minute drive away. We got there just in time to capture this incredible sunset and strange, mammatus-like clouds overhead. - - - - - #timelapse #timelapsevideo #manhattanbeachpier #kabc7 #sunrise_sunsets #losangelesgrammers #best_timelapse #discoverla #laphotographers #manhattanbeachlife #evosia #timelapsed

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