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Those two black whiskers that grow in opposite directions. 😂👌🏼 We’ve been busy prepping for our upcoming trips. I need a stockpile of treats and toys for the boys for the trip. Any recommendations guys? 🙌🏼

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#flashbackfriday to snow days on the mountain! 🏔 We’ve been missing the cold SO much, especially since it’s been 110° out by us. We’re only a few weeks away from our Glacier National Park trip and CAN’T WAIT! Do you guys have any trips you’re looking forward to? 🌲

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Swimming through the rest of summer! 🌊 Fall, WHERE YOU AT?! So done with this heat, who’s with me? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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We’ll be here, just waiting for the weekend. 😴 These faces are the reason why I struggle to get out of bed in the morning. They ALWAYS want cuddles. Who could say no?! 😭

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#throwbackthursday! 🥰 Coalton was 9 pounds in this photo, can you believe it? He’s almost 60 pounds now. 🤪

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When ball is life 😂😂😂 How cute is his face?! His peanut butter 🥜 scented @playologypets ball is his favorite! He brings it on car rides with him and holds it in his mouth when we stop for breaks, melts me. 😭❤️ What’s your dog’s favorite toy?! #playologypets

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Only a few more weeks until we’re back in this amazing place! 😛 Zion is one of my absolute favorite places to explore and the dogs love it so much too. Coalton will be happy to return to his favorite lounging chair. 🥰 (Also, THAT TAIL am I right?! 😍)

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Don’t mind us... just trying to survive this 110° heatwave. 🥵 Our AC is working overtime today! What’s the weather like where you are?

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#throwbackthursday to little bean’s first snow! ❄️ Only a few months to go and we will be back at the cabin again. The dogs will be so happy! Do your pups prefer winter or summer?

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We took the boys up to the mountain for some sunrise fetch this morning! 🌞 It’s been so hot lately and we haven’t been out as much, except for swimming, so the dogs were SO wound up and crazy on the car ride up. I was honestly kind of dreading the morning because I knew they’d be difficult to manage. 😅 Seriously though, as soon as I pulled out their @playologypets toys they were focused on me and ready to play! SO thankful to have found toys that are not only super durable, but the dogs never get bored with them and love them so much. ❤️ What did you do this weekend?! #playologypets

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#waybackwednesday to when we were in Aspen, CO for the @xgames with the @jeep brand! 😎 Grayson had a meet and greet at the games and posed for hundreds of pictures. Afterwards, we went exploring some trails and taking shots with the @jeep brand until we ran out of light - Such an amazing trip! ✌🏼

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Coalton insists on “helping” Weston retrieve all of his toys! 🌊 West is super sweet and always let’s Coal grab on and swim with him. 💙

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