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Want to join our #DBfamily? We’re giving you guys the chance to win 2 complete sets- for you & a friend before!! We are sooo excited for the launch in a few days & wanted to share the excitement, so all you have to do is; Tag a friend you wanna have matching luggage with & make sure you both follow @douchebags and I 😚 Get tagging & GET EXCITED!

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gypsea_lust. Life in another dimension 👾 #Seoul #Korea

Life in another dimension 👾 #Seoul #Korea

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Hoping one of these books will help me make all the right decisions in life..

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Bali glow 🌞 1 or 2? #bali #indonesia #doyoutravelpresets

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Cloud inversions at Mt Bromo 🌋 Couldn’t have been blessed with better conditions, this was certainly worth the midnight alarm- this would have to be the earliest I’ve been up for a sunrise mission #Java #Indonesia #Travel #DBtravels

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Dreamt of visiting this ancient Buddhist Temple of Borobudur for so long & finally made it a reality 🙏🏼 the entire surrounding area was so damn beautiful, and only an hour flight from Bali I think I’ll have to return to explore more ASAP! #DBtravel

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JAVA is turning it on 💯 I really can’t believe it’s taken us this long to come explore this island, each day our minds are blown with this beautiful place! Can anyone spot little @benjaminortega ?? 🐒🐒 It only made sense to come explore more Indonesian waterfalls since our collection with @douchebags was inspired from places like this #DBtravel #Indonesia #Java

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First stop on our Java adventure was Malang to this rainbow village of Jodipan 🌈 the story of this village is pretty cool, only a few years ago this was a slum on the verge of being evicted due to the bad living conditions until some students decided painting the entire village might change it all, which it did 👏🏼💓 Any of my followers from Malang? It was my first time here, such a pretty city! #DBtravel

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The squad has assembled 🤜🏼 for a quick stop in Bali before we headed off to East Java today to test out our new collection with @douchebags #dbfamily

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Nobody puts baby in the corner 🍼 #Korea #Seoul #Film

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Happy level 💯 because I just got more #film back from #Korea 💓

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Why fit in? 🎀 #Seoul #Korea #Film

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When you turn up at the same time as the tourist buses ✌🏼slide for #patience

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Running around Seoul feeling freeeee👼🏼 #Seoul #Korea #doyoutravelpresets

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Living my best life in Korea 🙆🏼‍♀️💓 #Seoul #Korea #Doyoutravelpresets

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Felt cute ^.^ when in Korea 💓💓 #Korea #Film

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#film from above Seoul 🎞🌃

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How does one get the book on the top shelf? real talk.. #Seoul #Korea #Doyoutravelpresets

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Everything is cuter & sweeter in Korea 🐻💓 Who has added Korea to their travel list? #Seoul #Korea #LatteArt

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Just had my first roll of film from Seoul developed and I can confirm I am addicted #Film #Seoul #Korea

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I’ve always wondered what life would be like in 2D 🤩 #Seoul #Korea

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Spending our time wandering around Seoul, eating all the street foods, for me tteokbokki is sooo satisfying 🤤 who knows what it is? Who of my followers are Korean?! 👋🏽👋🏽

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Korean style for the win 💯🇰🇷 #SouthKorea #Seoul #Doyoutravelpresets

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Back in one of my all time fav cities SEOUL 🇰🇷 & doing my best to fit in 💗 #PinkHair #DontCare #Seoul #SouthKorea

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