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After lunch in Praiano ☕️

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An Italian sunset dinner is all I need right now!🍝 🍷

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Always be ready to turn each and everyday into an adventure! 🏔 #BornToGo @mysamsonite #MySamsonite #Sponsored

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Meet me on the terrace for lunch 🌼✨ @casaangelinalifestyle

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Calm afternoons gazing out across “Italy’s greatest lake”. 🌸 #LakeComo

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Are you Friday dinner-date ready? 🌙

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In case you needed a reason to stay-cay with your partner this weekend 🛁 @foxhillmanor

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Pastel evenings ✨🖍 @outsideboxx

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Let love be raw and imperfect 💕

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Happy Black Friday! Everyone’s racing to the shops to catch the best deal of the day, while I wish I was playing hide and seek at the iconic @aressanahotel 🐚

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Ooh, Greece..you really know how to get in people’s hearts 💙

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Rare birds tweets and centenary turtles can be heard and seen from this calm eco-lodge nestled in the hills of the Mauritius 🇲🇺

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Why do you even need captions? 💦🚫

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Pit-ZA stop 🚗 💨

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What’s your ideal escape like? 🖼

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Secret winter holiday home in the French Alps ❄️

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Your own plunge pool with a stunning #hilltop view and a side of Greek and #Mediterranean dishes 🥗

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Weekend relaxation at @dormyhouse 🧖‍♂️

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I love us 💕 Happy birthday to the person who made me who I am, because I am truly myself when I’m with you, more than when I’m without you. Happy birthday to the most loving and caring person I’ve ever met. Happy birthday to the most determined human I know, always challenging herself to reach new goals. Happy birthday to my favourite person, who I dream to be an old fart with (the Office 😊) one day, always side by side. Happy birthday to you, that made me realise how valuable life is, now that I have something to lose. 💕 @outsideboxx

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Van life 🚐🌲

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We all want to be kept 🔥 @outsideboxx

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Waking up here to these steamy windows in the Cotswolds 🛁 @foxhillmanor

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Dear expats and digital nomads 🗺 Every now and then I think about how much the distance from my home country makes me appreciate everything in a different way. 🇮🇹 Going back to Italy, wherever this may be, doesn’t always feel like going back “home” anymore. Instead I see things with new eyes, dig deep into traditions and local habits that I used to give for granted and appreciate better the sense of community, the arts, design, architecture (..and food 🤭), that builds our identity. #Appreciate more your home! —— Can you relate with this feeling, with your own home country? 🌍

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Just had a few days off from work and from Instagram and I feel rejuvenated 😌 just like I remember feeling here in Bali 🌿🍃

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