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Another draft of the audio and textile installation txt, Is Not Written Plain is on view during Playground Festival @m.leuven 🧶 opening right now

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For my little solo exhibition Incompatibilities in The annexe of @approachgallery I have also made a series of new Materials works. This is an ongoing series of handwoven textile pieces that I started modelling in 2015 after repairs that I photograph in public space. 🧶 Installation photos: Damian Griffiths

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During the course of this year I have had the joy and privilege to facilitate workshops for different textile groups in Amsterdam Nieuw West. The workshops were hosted and supported by the contemporary art institute De Appel, located in the same neighbourhood. 🌞 At De Appel we made sun prints of household and handwork-related objects on leftover textiles, which we have stitched together into one big curtain. 🌞 Our curtain has recently been installed at @de_appel. You can see it basking or take a little stroll with it this month, and meet the groups involved on Saturday 23 November during Amsterdam Art Weekend. 🧵 in collaboration with Textielatelier De Draad, Ru Paré Community and Huis van de Wijk Het Anker 📷 @davidsmeulders

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I was recently interviewed by @subbacultcha.be about the newly opened exhibition in @approachgallery London and the upcoming textile installation and workshops with @globearoma during Playground Festival in @m.leuven. 📷 @trent_mcminn

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Opening tonight @approachgallery 🎉 Our exhibitions, Hana Miletić | Incompatibilities and Peter Davies | AFTERSHOCK open tonight. Join us for previews from 6pm onwards.⁣ ⁣ Both exhibitions will run until 20 December 2019.⁣ ⁣ Image: Hana Miletić, Incompatibles (Unitas), 2019, Hand-woven textile (variegated cotton, mercerized cotton, silk and viscose), 190 x 150 x 0.5 cm⁣ ⁣ #theapproach #hanamiletic #incompatibilities

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Very happy to share that I will have a small solo exhibition of brand new hand-woven works opening next week @approachgallery in London. ➰ Our next shows, Peter Davies | AFTERSHOCK + Hana Miletić | Incompatibilities open next week - previews on Wednesday 30 October, 6pm.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The exhibitions will run until 20 December 2019.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Images:⁣⁣ Peter Davies, Backhander, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 213 x 167 cm | 84 x 66 in⁣. Hana Miletić, Incompatibilities (Unitas), (+ detail), 2019, hand-woven textile (variegated cotton, mercerized cotton, silk and viscose), 190 x 150 x 0.5cm | 74 3/4 x 59 x 1/8 in.⁣ ⁣ #theapproach⁣ #peterdavies⁣ #aftershock⁣ #hanamiletic⁣ #incompatibilities

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Today is the final day of La FIAC 💫 I made this brand new handwoven, little Materials work that hangs in the company of gorgeous works by Heinz Frank, Nora Turato and Dardan Zhegrova 💫@officially_lambdalambdalambda

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Hvala @officially_lambdalambdalamba ‼️Today and tomorrow is the last chance to see my exhibition at @lamaisonderendezvous Brussels‼️‼️‼️Grazie @moussemagazine for featuring Retour au travail ‼️ @hanamiletic #hanamiletić #lamaisonderendezvous #lambdalambdalambda

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repost @c.a.daily 🌞 Hana Miletić at La Maison de Rendez-Vous #hanamiletić @lamaisonderendezvous 🌞 IRL only this week and next!

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Also made some curtains with the same partly unbound fabric, with the grid of a digital photography transparency pattern, for Terrarium, the space for artistic research of Sint-Lukas Brussel, LUCA School of Arts. The curtains will be up for two months. You can visit during the school's opening hours, or for a lecture later in the evening.

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Last week to visit my site specific installation Softver @_apoteka_ , a former pharmacy converted into a contemporary art gallery in the small Istrian town of Vodnjan-Dignano in Croatia ➰ from the exhibition text by Branka Benčić: "By connecting the process of weaving and its result, textile material, the Softver exhibition tells us that the technology we have in our hands today derives from the gender based domestic work of weaving and the matrix of the binary protocol of the loom. Developing from there, Hana’s method points to various forms of reproducibility, like questions that resonate in the background of all her works. The field of meaning is formulated with a reference to photography and it’s technical reproduction, while on the other hand the situation is layered with further meanings through the context pointing out the problem of reproductive labour and female work. In that sense, using the process of weaving and fabric as the central material, these soft and transparent structures become places of documenting different positions, conditions and relations, exploring issues of precarity, fragility, transience and durability, exploring tactility and materiality, lack, substitution, disappearance and reassembling."

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Last 3 weeks! If you can't visit the exhibition IRL, check it online @art.viewer 💙 Hana Miletić at LA MAISON DE RENDEZ-VOUS, organized by LambdaLambdaLambda @lamaisonderendezvous @officially_lambdalambdalambda @hanamiletic #lamaisonderendezvous #lambdalambdalambda #hanamiletić #artviewerexhibitions #artviewer

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🍏 💙 The Shadows Assembly continues! This series of workshops facilitated by artist @hanamiletic brings together different individuals and groups from Amsterdam Nieuw-West who engage with textiles as part of their everyday. Yesterday the participants continued making sun prints and had a first brainstorm about their presentation moment. For the upcoming weeks the groups will bring all the textiles together and the results will be on view at De Appel starting from 6 November 2019. Stay tuned for more information! Big thanks to Textielatelier De Draad, Ru Paré Community and Huis van de Wijk Het Anker. 💙

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One month left to see this show❗️We organized this beautiful exhibition by Hana Miletić at La Maison de Rendez-Vous in Brussels 🛠⚒ @hanamiletic @lamaisonderendezvous #hanamiletić #lamaisonderendezvous #lambdalambdalambda

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Opening this evening @charimgalerie in Vienna as part of the @curatedby.at program is the group exhibition A Casual Loop, curated_by @amibarak ➰ pictured in this image are works from the Materials (left) and the Softwares (series)

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👉🏼 Last day of @brusselsgalleryweekend ⏳Don’t miss Hana Miletić’s exhibition at the Maison open today from 11-19h photo: Isabelle Arthuis @hanamiletic @officially_lambdalambdalambda

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That's tonight ✔️ Hana Miletić‘s ongoing series Materials is part of her solo exhibition „Retour au travail“ @lamaisonderendezvous opening tonight. Materials is an on-going series of small to medium-scale handwoven textiles that were already part of Miletić’s solo-exhibition at WIELS in 2018 as well as her participation in the Sharjah Biennial in 2017. Though at first glance their design may seem abstract and arbitrary, they are based on photographs that Miletić takes with a small digital camera in the streets of Brussels and Zagreb. They most often relate to pictures of damage and breakages in public space such as broken car parts (mirrors, headlights and windows), doors, windows on buildings, etc. that were mended in creative, improvised ways by their owners, mostly by means of tape. The colours and textures of each fabric are based on the materials that were captured in the photograph. Approaching the medium of weaving as a metaphorical act, Miletić uses weaving as a gesture of care and repair, as a process that allows her to consciously deal with conditions of damage and neglect. #hanamiletic #lamaisonderendezvous #lambdalambdalambda #brusselsgalleryweekend

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Come and visit us this week! Opening Thursday eve 💙 Excited about our first opening at our shared gallery space La Maison de Rendez-Vous this Thursday 5th September with a solo show by Hana Miletić titled ‘Retour au travail’. Here: detail RAD, 2019, Hand-tufted carpet on industrially-woven tarpaulin (organic natural wool and bleached natural wool), 177 x 265 x 2.5 cm 🔗 special opening hours during Brussels Gallery Weekend! @hanamiletic @lamaisonderendezvous @brusselsgalleryweekend #hanamiletic #lamaisonderendezvous #lambdalambdalambda #brusselsgalleryweekend

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Sooooo excited to invite you to this! 💙 Come and discover Hana Miletić' September exhibition « Retour au travail » that will compromise a new body work as well as works from her on-going series Materials. Hana Miletić, RAD, 2019, Hand-tufted carpet on industrially-woven tarpaulin (organic natural wool and bleached natural wool), 177 x 265 x 2.5 cm #brusselsgalleryweekend #brussels #lamaisonderendezvous #show

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repost @_apoteka_ 💥save the date 💥 upcoming exhibition • Hana Miletić SOFTVER • opening 22.08, 20.30 h • Curated by Branka Benčić Image: Hana Miletić: Softwares (Precarious Pavillion), 2018. Pavilion with Jacquard-woven, reprogrammed textile (white polyester and grey cotton), 200 x 300 x 300 cm. Life to come, organized by Asad Raza, Metro Pictures, New York, 2019 © Metro Pictures

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🌊 repost @trjbc #HanaMiletic as part of the collection of @mu.zee 💛

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Since a few months, upon the invitation of @de_appel I have been facilitating workshops for different individuals and groups from Amsterdam Nieuw-West who engage with textiles as part of their everyday. We have been learning how to make sun prints on used domestic textiles with familiar objects from our households and textile studios. A sun print, just like a photogram, is a direct shadow image made without the use of a machine, with sunlight as a developing agent. The title of our project, The Shadows Assembly, references dialectically the hidden, most often unpaid and unvalued labour of domestic workers, and the political term for a decision making body. The assembly also refers to De Appel’s Ensemble, a recurring educational programme that gathers polyphonic voices. By basking imprints from the space of domesticity in the public space The Shadows Assembly aims to challenge the relationships between working, thinking and feeling, of the groups and the institution involved, and the communities of Amsterdam Nieuw-West at large. This project is in collaboration with Textielatelier De Draad, Ru Paré Community and Huis van de Wijk Het Anker. 〰 We are looking forward to share our work with you later this year. 〰〰 Here is already a little peek into our process. ➰

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hanamiletic. ✨ repost @wilhelmschuermann ✨ Hana Miletić, Materials, 2018, hand wove

✨ repost @wilhelmschuermann ✨ Hana Miletić, Materials, 2018, hand woven textile, 86 x 82 cm #sammlungschuermann #hanamiletić @officially_lambdalambdalambda

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Last few hours today, and tomorrow! Repost @officially_lambdalambdalambda 〰 Hana Miletić at Liste Basel 📸 Photo by: Robert Świerczyński #hanamiletic #listeartfair2019 #lambdalambdalambda @hanamiletic @liste_art_fair_basel

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