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hellcatsyoga. A fancy little bit, with some thoughts on movement. ❤️
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A fancy little bit, with some thoughts on movement. ❤️ Check out all my videos on my YouTube channel! Link in bio. Fanks a bunfshhh!🙏🏼 #yoga #yogaflow #yogainspo #movementculture #movementismedicine #yogini #yogastrong #yogavideo #wildchild

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• Close to the ocean, sun in the face, absolutely zero casually hanging in whatever is paradise for you right there and then. #MANIFESTING #dreamcatcher #selfcreation #selfrealization #visualization #sundayvibes #untamed #wildchild #tattooedwomen

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• One of the greatest things I’ve learned through the yoga practice is to always be open to be inspired by others. Where envy, jealousy, questioning, insecurity, comparison and dislike for no reason was, inspiration triumphed. And a whole new world opened. Thank you group for having the trust in me to join this retreat, and for the huge amount of inspiration through your practice, dedication and mind blowing beautiful connection amongst you. You make me wanna be more like you.❤️ • Thank you @aidaatroun and @theyoga_wing and all the staff at @theyogisurfer for taking such good care of us. This place is truly run with HEART and that is a receipt for success on all parts. ❤️ • And a huge thank you to @flexialexis for reaching out to me to do this retreat, and especially to @heyamineb at @lagunasurfofficial for being a true professional in ALL categories when it comes to hosting a retreat. Your flexibility, understanding and eagerness to listen and make something great is clearly a passion to you and it shows. If you ever are looking for a yoga and/or surf retreat to join or host, get in touch with @lagunasurfofficial. You will not be disappointed.❤️ • Now there’s only one thing to wonder about... where should we go next time?🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️🙏🏼 • #yoga #yogaretreat #morocco #golagunasurf #yogaandsurf #wanderlust #yogatravel #yogaresor #yogainspiration

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• So I guess it’s safe to say that my yoga retreat in Morocco is going beautifully. 😍 The group is truly AMAZING; fun, loving and so warm and kind to each other, which makes me both happy and very inspired. And they are not missing one single yoga class! 😍 Morocco is treating us well and keeping us busy in all the good ways. I’m so HAPPY that I got to do this right here, with these particular people. A big BIG thanks to @lagunasurfofficial for organising it so well and smooth, making my part of it nothing but FUN. ❤️ Swipe through the pics to see some of our shenanigans so far! #yoga #yogaretreat #golagunasurf #yogaandsurf #travellingyogis #morocco #wanderlust #explorelife #freespirits

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• Imagine how highly they must’ve thought of us, to give us the boon of kindness. May I never fail you. • Thank you @misstuque for the picture. 🐱❤️ #kindness #animallover #ilikeanimalsmorethanpeople #catlady #respectlivingbeings #onelove #yogini #cuddles #wildchild

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• “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to provoke you” she lied. #tattoo #tattoos #hennatattoo #bodyart #inked #tattooedgirls #bodylove #untamed #desire #wildchild

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• Next time you dream your dream and it starts to fly by, grab a hold of it, look it straight in the eyes and tell it: “we belong together”.• #dreamcatcher #livelife #selfcreation #createyourself #yoga #yogini #beachbum #mermaiddreams #wildchild

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hellcatsyoga. •
First full day here in Morocco has been absolutely beautiful.
I teac

• First full day here in Morocco has been absolutely beautiful. I teach the yoga classes early in the morning, then we have brekkie and then some activity. Today we went surfing (some in the group for the very first time!) and had lunch in a jar. How cool?! 🏺The wonderful people at beautiful @theyogisurfer are taking SUCH good care of us!❤️ Tomorrow looks a bit the same, but with another yoga class in the evening. Intense day for the participants tomorrow! 🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️🏄‍♀️ Gaaaawd dangit how grateful I am to be able to do stuff like this. And beyond. @lagunasurfofficial @theyogisurfer #yoga #yogaretreat #yogatravel #yogaandsurf #yogini #wearebeachpeople #morocco #tamraght #wanderlust

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• Tell me again how we don’t all come from the same spark of love that ignites the very life in us...? ⚡️ #animalsarelove #connection #truelove #omprem #friendsnotfood #ilikeanimalsmorethanpeople #fluffyfriend #family #mainecoon #onelove

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• I’ve always been a Halloween-er. 🎃 It’s my fav holiday because all the ghouls and ghosts and witches and freaks and weirdos and misfits and dark souls suddenly are the cool kids. The scary becomes the wanted. I loved dressing up and go on big parties and mingle with death and the devil and justify my darkness simply through “well, it’s Halloween!” 😈 I lost that somewhere. Probably on the way realising I don’t have to play dress up to be open with my love for the dark. Now. Awaken, vicious creatures and fallen souls! Go embrace the dark, feed on screams and kiss the monsters. Take a really bad, but FUN decision that you’ll tell stories about later on. And don’t worry if you’ll hesitate; I’ll be in the background cheering on. 😈 Happy Halloween, freaks. I love you. • Swipe to see some of my Halloween creations from lost times. I wish I could find more, I’ve had some really fun ones! But these are all that’s left. #halloweenmakeup #halloween #weirdo #darksoul #happyhalloween #embracethedarkness #medusa #mothermonster #untamed #boo

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• ❗️UPDATE❗️VIDEO IS UP! See it on my youtube channel (link in bio) Friends, I was all braggy and shit about my new YouTube video with a 30 min yoga flow, but it’s like it’s not meant to be uploaded. When I FINALLY got it saved from the editing app, YouTube decides to not upload it. I would very much appreciate any help if someone knows what the issue is about. I’m using the YouTube app, choosing the video, and when I press “next” nothing happens. And this is with any video, nothing will get my past the editing page. I’ve tried to delete the app and reinstall it, restart my phone, free more storage... you name it. Any suggestions? I’m so bummed out this is fucking up when it’s my first longer yoga class on video. Damn it! 😩 #youtube #youtubers #help #yogaflow #yogavideo #youtubeyoga

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• ”You’re ugly” “You’re shallow” “You’re too much” “You have too many tattoos” “You’re awkward” “You’re angry” “You’re mean” “You’re rude” all I heard was “I’m scared” • #fear #fearless #tattoos #tattooedwomen #inked #selfreflection #untamed #unapologetic #wildchild

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• 8 years with this guy today, but I’m quite sure our history goes through all times.❤️ • #anniversary #connection #soulmate #myperson #couplegoals #bff #bestfriend #twinflame #HEJDAM

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What do you think of dreams? Mysterious, hidden messages from our deepest inner selfs🔮 or just a rerun of the day through random symbols that our brains create?⏮ I’m guessing a little bit of both. I’m super curious about our communication with ourselves, and how our wholeness tries to keep it all together even though we nowadays (at least in the west) insists to separate the body from the mind, the mind from the soul, the soul from the body and so on. My mom taught me how to interpret dreams early on as a child. Not as in reading anyone’s future or such, but rather interpret symbols and what they mean for the individual in their current situation. I got to put my skillz to the test when I had the honour to be a guest on @vevvejaderlund podcast, where I interpret one of her dreams. Listen to us go bananas with interpretations, theories, guesses and insights in “Kalibrera din inre kompass”, you’ll get everything from traffic lines and priests, to underground temples and wolf queens. 🐺👑 The podcast is in Swedish, but feel free to discuss your take on what dreams are here in the comment section! Thank you again @vevvejaderlund for having me. ❤️ #dreams #dreaminterpretation #bodymindsoul #symbolism #carljung #yoga #yogini #yoginisunite #yogaisverige

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• 🔥WILDFIRE🔥 How would you describe yourself in one word? #wildfire #vividhair #tattooedwomen #mermaidhair #wildchild #hurricaneheart #inked #unicorntribe #jaikalimaa

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• Here’s a short clip from our YTT session last weekend, of me teaching an assist for Virabhadrasana A. 🖐🖐 How do you peeps feel about hands on assists? I’ve heard yoga teachers say they don’t think it’s appropriate to do them at all, even with consent from the student because they “don’t see the point”. I can’t relate at all; for me they are a HUGE part of both my practice and as the teacher. It’s a way to connect, acknowledge, guide, comfort, support, and help. I absolutely want that connection and help from my teachers; here’s where I dare to learn the most. And as the teacher, here’s where I can give my absolute all. Body, mind, energy. (Needless to say: ALWAYS with consent. Always.) I use them a lot, and I practice them a lot. I study my teachers, I take courses to learn more and I teach them myself as one of my absolute favourite subject to teach. What do you think? Are hands on assists important, or unnecessary? _______________________________________ I’m holding a full day hands on assists workshop in Stockholm on November 30! DM for details if you’d like to join. Only for you who already teach yoga! #yoga #yogavideo #yogatutorial #handsonassists #yogateacher #ytt #yogaamritaytt #yogakurs #yogalärare #yogasverige #stockholmyoga

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PRASARITA PARADISE🏝 When is laws you what you’d like to see in my videos, many of you requested more advanced sequences as well. BEHOLD, YOUR WISHES FULFILLED! I just recently added (encouraged by @annesophiesjoblom ❤️) a few fun extras on my Prasarita padottanasana sequence in my practice, and I’m having so much fun with it!! • Add a tripod headstand after A variation • add a handstand after D variation (maybe even press up instead of hopping, if you can!) •Then lower down and turn right for hanumanasana, then left side. • after that, come to centre for samakonasana. Take it slow and breath through each part, it’s heavy and challenging and sooooo energising! 😍 Enjoy peeps, I hope you’ll like it as much as I do. Oh, and make sure to have fun with it!🤪 #yoga #yogapractise #yogaflow #yogasequence #ashtangi #vinyasakrama #yogainspiration #handstandflow #joyfulyoga

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• Can I ask you something? You have to answer honestly though! Ok, so what are your assumptions about me? Be candid and as blunt as you want! I’m super curious if I portray myself accurately here. (I might regret asking you this but I promise to face it all anyway😱😁 Hopefully, it’s gonna be mostly fun) Ok SHOOT! _____________________________________ Crazy cool picture by @anderssonkristiina and insanely awesome outfit by @vanasch_designs #letsplay #assumptions #colourful #standtall #connections #wildchild #hurricaneheart #authentic #untamed

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• WHAT. A. WEEKEND. Our yoga teacher training started and this first weekend I taught asana technique 🔧, hands on assists 🖐 and instructing 👩‍🏫! Next session in November it’s Jenna’s turn to guide us in the world on yin yoga, and I can’t WAIT to get to teach, learn from and get inspired from this amazing group of people who have been amazing through the weekend. You all are a WOW. ❤️ If you want to see more from our immersions, I just started it’s own insta account (ooooobvioulsy🤓), I’d love it if you checked it out and gave it a follow! @yogaamritaimmersions @yogaamritaimmersions @yogaamritaimmersions @yogaamritaimmersions Also, I want to thank you all for all the BEAUTIFUL messages you’ve sent me during the weekend about this! Your support means so so much to me and I truly appreciate it. ❤️You’re amazing. #yogaamritaytt #yoga #yoganerds #yogavideo #ytt #yogateacher #yogastudent #vinyasakrama #yogainspiration

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• Our yoga teacher training has started and I’m beyond happy, impressed, proud, excited and grateful. It’s a gift to get to do this with these amazing students, and to create it along with @myworldofmaya ❤️ Such an honour. SUCH an honour. Today Akilles the chihuahua joined us, and his charm and cuteness wasn’t distracting at all, as shown in this picture. 😂 While they work, I cuddle. Makes sense.😌 I’m so stoked to have just begun this journey with these amazing people. It’s a wow. #yogaamritaytt #yogateacher #yogis #YTT #yogalife #yogalärarutbildning #yogafriends #fulfillthedream #createyourself

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YOGA RETREAT IN BEAUTIFUL MOROCCO 🇲🇦, NOV 2-9 Peeps, there are still a few (3!!) spots left to my yoga retreat In Tamragh, Morocco. It’s one week (nov 2-9) filled with yoga, culture, yummy foods, sun, surf and exciting excursions! Accommodation, transfer, 3 vegetarian meals/day, yoga, surf and excursions are included in the price (€1150)! The only thing you have to add is your flight to get there (if you’re flying from Stockholm, let me know and I’ll send you the info of the flight we’re taking which is on a good price right now!!). I don’t take big groups on these things, especially when I’m the only teacher, so I’ll have the opportunity to help each and everyone of you in an individual level to deepen your yoga practice. It will be intense, exciting and FUN! I’m so happy that I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to do these things, and share them with you! This retreat is arranged with my buddies at @lagunasurfofficial So all info is on their website, but you can also comment here and I’ll send you the direct link through a DM. Swipe through the pictures to see some of the hotel where we’re staying! We’re leaving soon. You comin’?🇲🇦🥘🏄‍♀️🧘‍♀️🤸‍♀️🕌🏝🐳🌞🌊 #yoga #yogatravel #yogaretreat #morocco #yogaandsurf #practicepracticepractice #beachyoga #yogini #yogalife #wearebeachpeople #wanderlust

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• Cat maintenance. 🐈💅 And a little show of my fur kids different personalities. 👼😈 #catlady #cats #catsofinstagram #mainecoon #mainecoongram #floofers #catto #ilikeanimalsmorethanpeople #furkids #purrfect

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🎥 NEW VIDEO ON YOUTUBE🎥 Another short video (the longer are in the making, stay tuned!) with a few of my fav exercises to warm up and open the hips. Full video on YouTube! Link in my stories or just search for “Victoria Carp”. I’d looove love love it if you’d hit the subscribe button, peeps! I’m gonna work my butt off to hook you up with some really cool content on YouTube soon, I’m just warming up. ☺️ Thank you sooooo much for your support!❤️ #yoga #yogavideo #yogatutorial #hipopener #hipstretch #hipsdontlie #yogini #yoganerd #yogainspiration

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• Hey peeps, have anyone seen Rozzo? Red, fluffy and very poofy. Can’t seem to find him... 🐾 #catsofinstagram #cat #ilikeanimalsmorethanpeople #furkids #pawsfordays #floof #wheresrozzo #picoftheday #mainecoon #mainecoonmanners

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