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Checkout the WHACK FACTORY ZINE @ www.ThePartyNoire.com Honored to be a model for @crowezilla on @partynoire behalf. Check me out wearing #henrimitchellecosmetics lipgloss, powder hair and photography: @crowezilla Makeup and Model @henrimitchelle lashes by @self_secure #allblackwomaneverything in print at select locations find out online!!!

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henrimitchelle. This December! Catch @alexandreacarte on @projectrunwaybravo wearing A

This December! Catch @alexandreacarte on @projectrunwaybravo wearing ALL #HenríMitchelleCosmetics #projectrunway

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*steps into my truth* 🗣I couldn’t handle the pressure! If not having it perfect when she left, So I bottle up product in containers I had and told Chelsey I had powders from Sephora...the truth is miss thing had a tester powder foundation the whole time, and never knew. The support I receive from my friends IS and I am so great full that they allow me to share with them my product in my own time.

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Photo: @entertainmentweekly talent: @alexandreacarte for @projectrunwaybravo makeup: ALL HENRÍ MITCHELLE COSMETICS hair: @crowezilla

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henrimitchelle. THE SECRET IS OUT! new season of @projectrunwaybravo featuring @alexan

THE SECRET IS OUT! new season of @projectrunwaybravo featuring @alexandreacarte wearing ALL #henrímitchellecosmetics

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ITS A RIOT Pull Up! When: Tonight @promontorychicago 9:30pm-11 Art Show by @meowlabelle

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Cause who loves Mondays anyway? #minkmondays #chicagolasheextensions

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Illuminating highlighter in Shade Aji by #henrimitchellecosmetics originally made during a mourning period when I had to accept my brother became an ancestor. I wore this for a year and one day @aji_be_enit came to me in a dream and said “Henrí it’s okay to share what’s created thru pain w/the world, you can’t NOT keep these baddies beautiful. Share it, you’re right, jade highlighter looks good on everyone” 2 days later @alexandreacarte called me about this project and colorway she had been feeling....Chelsey and I have what some may call weird but beautifully erie colorGod connection. We can laugh cry and keep it pumping. Thanks for that Softie. I love you..don’t call me being mushy either. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Custom brow tint made by #HenríMitchellecosmetics for @alexandreacarte head over to her link in bio and prepare for fall

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@alexandreacarte Wearing my label ain’t fresh as I can be? made it thru my situation ain’t I blessed as I can be?! Softie girl from calling you in a complete breakdown from the hospital and you showed up 20mins later to praying with me the morning of my sisters funeral 2019 really made us elevate. Look at all the blessings niece! Enjoy your birthday BACK TO WORK! Note: Chelsey only wears Henrí Mitchelle Cosmetics. She’s pictured wearing shade Nancy in our Vegan Longwear Lip- Matte Finish

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BEST REPOST OF 2019 from the Beasley King Bee #BeasleyBeesDoItBetter #HistoricallyBlackElememtary

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I love myself unconditionally I Feel myself loving myself unconditionally I forgive unconditionally

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Is it just me or is @instagram making all your images look drab too?

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Completely in love with my makeup today #veganmakeup

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Just figured out how to use self timer @ the first friends baby shower. All in the name of sending your mom of pic of your fit.

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32.5 hours left in this round please vote! for me to be your @inkedmag #inkedmagazine2019covergirl

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FOR THE NEXT 7 HOURS YOU GET DOUBLE VOTES THRU @musicares which is awesome for those of you w/o a Facebook page. Please vote for me as your @inkedmag #inkedmag2019covergirl

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IM IN THE TOP 10 IN MY GROUP! Thank you all so much! I need to be in the TOP 5 IN THE NEXT 2 days To stay in the competition! Please vote for me as your @inkedmag #inkedmag2019covergirl

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