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#hypecourts: Hometown hero. The marathon continues 🏁 Photo: @shafik Court: @veniceball @project_backboard @gz.jr

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#hypecourts: Color inside the lines 🖍 Photos: @scottyfrenchhh

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#hypecourts: @nikefootball court for women in São Paulo by artist @criola___ ⚽️ Photo: @brskphoto

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#hypecourts: We have some catching up to do 😅 Photo: @oliviergfsd

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hypecourts. @pumasportstyle has revamped a classic silhouette. The re-released OG

@pumasportstyle has revamped a classic silhouette. The re-released OG Palace Guard is the latest addition to their extensive line of basketball-inspired lifestyle sneakers. First worn by Isiah Thoma, the sneakers have a strong history of on-court presence. Re-imagined for everyday wear, the kicks offer updated tech and a stylish design, making them the perfect pair to rock both on and off the court. #ad

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#hypecourts: What’s your favorite camera view on 2K? 🏀 Photo: @petraleary

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hypecourts. #swipeleft to see @town.and.concrete’s latest project with @trajectoir

#swipeleft to see @town.and.concrete’s latest project with @trajectoire_studio; a mix of an art installation and a basketball playground. Photo: town and concrete

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#hypecourts: @joshuavides x @pumahoops activation for @miafest.

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#hypecourts: Summers in Sauga 🏀 Photo: @fromtopdown

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#hypecourts: The concrete jungle 🌳🏀 Photo: @veniceball

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#hypecourts: Shapes in shapes 🎾 Photo: @thedronebooth

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#hypecourts: Wet like I’m @dbook. Wet like I’m @ecambage 🏀💦 Photo: @shafik

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