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Ciao babycakes, happy & blessed Sunday! Here is a thought to fuel the new week ahead🔥 .

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Bonjour! Happy Saturday babycakes!🌹 Woohoo we are taking a little city break this weekend and we are currently in the timeless PARIS!🥐 I have been quite a few times in my life but it's @puffpuffpower's first time so we are being proper classy Amelie Poulain-channeling mademoiselle tourists, drinking cocktails at noon and taking sweet photo booth pictures❣️💅🏼 Also visiting my beautiful @gretalorimer's photography exhibition at @galeriejoseph. So proud of ma babe🖤 . . I made this illustration on @procreate and I just love how it comes to life in the timelapse mode!🥐✨ . Hope yall are having a lovely weekend🌹💋

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Good morning! Happy Friday! Here is an early Christmas snippet... A wet in wet bauble to sparkle up your day!🎄 And now let's roll into the weekend......⚡️❣️💋 . I used watercolours in tubes and coldpress 300gsm watercolour paper by @cassart1984 🌹

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Good morning! Happy Wednesday🌳 A little fragnant bay bolete for ya, straight from the forest! 💋 . The sketchbook is Ameleie A5 watercolour book by @pinkpigsketchbooks, paints are mostly @acuarelaswhitenights (@nevskayapalitra)

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Good morning🖤 Whatever is not aligned with our morals, we have to be prepared to fight off. I love this sentiment, because it's simply... true.

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Good morning! Happy Monday!🌱 May this week be life changing! . You guys!!! Do you ever experience those intense waves of inspiration, motivation and happiness for simply being alive? I am feeling it so strongly in the last few days, which has come as a surprise after a few weeks of total darkness. It just shows that there can be no good without the bad; no joy without sorrow; and no beauty without ugliness. It's all about balance and walking on the thin line between the light & the dark. It's not easy, but it's the only way!🧚‍♀️ . May you have a wonderful week ahead, I am sharing my rays of light and watercolour goodness - of course! - with you for however long i am blessed to have these gifts in my life❤️🌹

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Good morning🕊 happy Saturday! Here is an illustration of mine I found in the archives that has a special place in my heart - I painted it a year ago and I remember exactly how I felt at that time, and I have to tell you I have changed so much in the last year! It's been a ride but I feel stronger every single day. That's such a motivating feeling!👌🏼 . I am making room for God to make me soft but sturdy just like a cotton plant🕊 . Have a great weekend babycakes💋

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Good morning! Happy Friday!🥐 Who is in the mood for an almond croissant this fine morning?! On the menu today!!! 🥐☕️ . 💋💋💋

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Good morning! Happy Thursday🐿 A big old acorn to start another day of autumn right! Guess if you would be able to pronounce "acorn" in Polish? - "żołądź" 😎🐿 . The sketchbook is A5 textured paper Ameleie watercolour sketchbook by @pinkpigsketchbooks

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Good morning! Happy Wednesday🍎🍏 Babycakes... I'm nearly back in the land of the living after a few tough weeks. That's why I've been so un-interactive here! I've totally abandoned my inktober drawings (but still not giving up- planning to smash out all of them regardless of when I will finish!👍🏼) and had little to zero creative juice to muster. . But at least i have those cute apple illos to brighten up our day! They make me think of warm apple jam with cinnamon my grandma used to cook up for us when I was little... Good old memories of cosy autumn. . Love u all and thank you for sticking around🍎 . 🍏Sketchbook by @pinkpigsketchbooks (Ameleie, A5, textured paper)

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Good morning! Happy Tuesday🌹 A stripped back, monochrome rose for your eyes today. It's nearly November and I feel like hibernation is coming... . Kisses for u💋

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Good morning! Happy Monday🍁 May your week start on a fresh note - I'm sending you a lot of energy, willpower and light!

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jolapictures. Good morning babycakes! Happy Saturday♥️
Here is a dose of chill from

Good morning babycakes! Happy Saturday♥️ Here is a dose of chill from me to you... A clip from last weekend when I was by the Polish Baltic Sea coast again - my favourite place where it seems that my soul perceives the world on a completely different wavelength. But just look at that horizon line, and those trees... No words can really express the feeling I get from being there. 🍂 I have been rather quiet over here lately - sometimes life gets too much and I cannot cope with keeping up appearances online. I know you genuinely don't mind, but I just think it's interesting to learn that about yourself - that perhaps taking care of our personal lives / mental health / big decisions can be so overwhelming to some of us that we cannot create at the same time. It's important to be able to know your own limits just so you are more better equipped to deal with such times in the future. And if anything, knowing yourself well is an unprecedented way to sharpen your character! . I'm sending you a big big kiss and still celebrating my birthday! I never used to enjoy my own birthdays but lately i started loving them. It's an amazing excuse to take a moment to look back at your life and choices and evaluate a way forward. It's also been a great blessing to have an amazing supportive circle of family and friends who push me to do better for myself. . I hope you are all doing your best! Enjoy your weekend kiddos😘

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Good morning! Happy Thursday🥭 Here is the mango in watercolour process video, long awaited! This painting is one of my favourites from this year so far.🥭 the funny thing is that I remember so clearly that I had to push myself a lot to paint this on that day - I felt really down and anxious, and mental states really affect my productivity and motivation. But then I managed to talk myself into another attempt, and these mangoes appeared in front of me. It almost felt as if my hands were separate from my brain and I realised that my thoughts can try to bring me down as much as they want, but if I'm strong enough to ignore them, they can't do anything to me. A mango life lesson for all of us! 🥭🌟 .

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Cześć, happy Monday🌱 May your week start off on a good note🌱 .

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Good morning! Happy Saturday🐿 A Chestnut in my autumn themed @pinkpigsketchbooks watercolour sketchbook to sweeten up your weekend🌰 . Bbbbabycakes, I am in Poland in my beloved spot by the Baltic Sea, cleaning my mind and soul; it's autumn in full swing, and I feel blessed....🍂 I'm hoping you can feel some peace this weekend too. . I will get back to all your messages and comments soon. recently I needed some time to get back on track with my thoughts and ideas, and sometimes these things take longer than we expect. I'll be back in full swing soon💖

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Holla! Happy Thursday🥭 I realised I never posted the full timelapse process video of painting these juicy mangoes!🥭🥭 You can find the full video up on @legionpaper 's feed... And meanwhile, enjoy your day as much as you can! 🥭

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Hello babycakes, Here is a soothing, mid-week magnolia watercolour process video for ya💖 I'm sorry if I'm a bit quieter over here lately, especially when it comes to responding to your lovely comments and messages; life has been a bit of a challenge in the midst of various transitions and uncertainties. But I'm still over here figuring things out, so if you happen to be in a similar position... rest assured that I am patting you on the back saying "you can do it! You will be fine!" - a successful life is a constant, hard work-in-progress, so embracing that fact is one step closer towards a better understanding of it all. Sending love & light!

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Good morning! Happy Tuesday🍋 Some refreshing tangy citrus on the menu today! The sketchbook is @pinkpigsketchbooks Ameleie A5 watercolour sketchbook with textured 280gsm paper. If you'd like one, you'll find a discount code under the link in my bio🌟 .

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Good morning! Happy Monday✨ May this quote inspire you to do your very best in every task you're undertaking. I have found that sometimes the steps we have to take to move forward seem insignificant or perhaps very difficult. But if we really focus on embracing everything that comes our way, good or bad, we are able to make our journey full of meaning. So, I am wishing you a fulfilling week ahead and that you overcome all your obstacles with strength, be they small or big. ♥️

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Sometimes all we can and should do is just closely look at a leaf. Get lost in its texture and really forget everything else.🍁

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Good morning! Happy Saturday🌟 Just found this pic my dear @puffpuffpower took of me last year whilst I was painting this dried slice of orange🍊 and I cannot believe it's nearly mulled wine season again!🍷❄️ Whenever autumn arrives, and when the year seems to be wrapping up to a close, I tend to reflect about my journey a bit more. Perhaps it's also because October is my birthday month, so it's always a sort of culmination which gives me a sense that I always need to strive to become more acute and clear in my vision. But for now, I'm still in the processing stage, because this last year of my life has been unlike any other, and a lot of things changed for the better. BUT friends, please remember (and I need this reminder myself, every-damn-day!) that growth and self-development doesn't happen overnight. Quite the contrary, it takes years; perhaps a whole lifetime, but as long as we are awake and face life with an unending sense of curiosity, we are good. So don't worry if you haven't yet figured things out, they crystallise in ways you might not have imagined... I don't quite know what the point of this post is, but I wanted to share some scattered thoughts with you, because I know that we all experience confusion and doubts, so, let's embrace them and look at the world around us with patience and humility. 🍁 Have a good weekend💋

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Good morning! Happy Friday🎠 A little Moscow scene I loved painting! I always thought the spires of St Basil's Cathedral look like Christmas candy... Who's with me? 🙌🏼🍭

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Good morning! Happy Thursday🍂 Here is a snippet of the upcoming Autumn leaf watercolour tutorial🍁💦 Stay tuned, I'll be releasing the full video soon! . Hope you have a fruitful day today friendz 💋

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