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Without a doubt the best day of my life. ❤️ • @awlang17, you are the love of my life, my best friend, my everything and you planned the most amazing day full of surprises, family, friends and so much love. • 📷: @arahuja 🎵: @mollyahuja

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Hello, it’s me. @rusty.cavapoo

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So grateful to @dipandipan and @loocyloo_x for giving us a reason to visit such a magical place. #lucyintheskywithdi #oahu #hawaii #jurassicpark

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The one with the blizzard hike.❄️🌲☃️🏔

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So much to celebrate last weekend — a gorgeous🤰🏼& new🗽resident. #baltimore

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Last weekend’s 🎨👯‍♀️. #sanfrancisco

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Heart is full. #loveisintheblair

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The best annual tradition.🌴❤️👯‍♀️

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Wish we could celebrate your love every weekend @catvalencia48 & @tuckerhatessocialmedia! I’ll be forever grateful that you took me under your wing in SF and basically let me third wheel your relationship for 3 years. Love you both so much!! #willsieyouincolombia

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When your tour guides might get arrested, you sometimes need to find your own way. #bogota #graffiti #selfguidedtour #willsieyouincolombia

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Ending on such a high. 🎡 #viewfromabove #ttdpalooza2018

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Long overdue reunion with these two!! ❤️❤️ @devinjulie @irenecsoo #SFtoNYC #futureforceisyou

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Crete ❤️

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Pink sand paradise. 🌺🏝 #elafonisi #crete

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⛵️🥂🍷😻👰🏽Can't wait for the festivities to continue in Colombia @catvalencia48! #catgetsshipfaced #catchelorette #catgetsnauti

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Nothing like summer in the city. 🌊⛵️🗽

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Not competitive at all. #spikeball with @ctplatt @phansenp23 @cplatt55 @hdiztv

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