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leighyogipilot. Tomorrow is Day 3 of #yogashapeshifters and we are sharing Aswang, a m

Tomorrow is Day 3 of #yogashapeshifters and we are sharing Aswang, a mythological creature in the Philippines. . Aswang is a mix of vampire and witch and almost always disguised as a beautiful woman. By day she is quite and elusive...by night she shape shifts into a deadly beast with blood shot eyes. . To repress Aswang, we chose this beautiful hybrid #camelpose at the wall, inspired by @this_dog_is_down. Swipe👈to see hers and to see how I got into it. This is quite a backbend and I highly recommend using a sticky mat like my @proyog here, otherwise your knees we slide and you may bend deeper than your body is ready for. . Have fun with this pose! It’s a pretty one and fun to try! Remember we hosts are posting a full day in advance, so you have plenty of time to try it. Check out my Co Hosts for more inspiration.💖 . @mrs_khaleesi_gaither @geeoice_yoga @leighyogipilot @renny_sito . Sponsors: @onzie @proyog @malaprayer @yogabody . #creativeyoga #backbend #paulthewall #camelposevariation #ustrasana #yogachallenge #yogavideo #aswang

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leighyogipilot. Are you ready to make some cool shapes inspired by mythological creatu

Are you ready to make some cool shapes inspired by mythological creatures from folklore around the world? Join us! *Update: I just put modification ideas in my Stories!* . This shape is for Kitsune, a Japanese fox with 9 tails who can fly! Kitsune is an intelligent and magical being who shape shifts into human form, cloning itself into anyone they want to be. . For tomorrow’s pose, we are cloning ourselves into the badass SaltLifePiratePrincess herself, otherwise known as @brittanybhuckaby, with this awesome #eightangleposevariation. . Swipe👈to see hers and to see the video of how I got into this it...more importantly how I exited out of it like a slinking fox...😂 . Kinda looks like a flying fox with a tail, eh?! . If this balance is not quite accessible for you, modifications are highly encouraged and celebrated! One idea would be to prop your foot (tail) on a cute pouf or bench or...? Let your creativity run wild! . SAVE this post and TRY it!! Join in for ANY one or all 7 days of #yogashapeshifters . Hosts @mrs_khaleesi_gaither @geeoice_yoga @leighyogipilot @renny_sito . Sponsors @onzie (my outfit) @proyog (my mat) @malaprayer @yogabody . #eightanglepose #armbalance #yogashapes #yogachallenge #yogaposevariation #yogainspiration

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leighyogipilot. It’s time for #yogaShapeShifters! Are you ready!!??
This challenge sta

It’s time for #yogaShapeShifters! Are you ready!!?? This challenge starts tomorrow and we are sharing each daily assignment a full day in advance cuz these poses are quite unique. Join us!! 7 days of super fun yoga shapes! . Here’s your fist assignment: . LESHY, a Slovenian woodland spirit who protects wild animals and forests. A Leshy usually appears as a tall man, but he is able to change his size from that of a blade of grass to a large tree. He has hair and a beard made from grass and vines, is usually missing a right ear and is sometimes depicted with a tail, hooves, and horns. He is the forest lord and carries a club to express that he is the master of the wood. . For Leshy, we chose this cool and shifty #treepose inspired by @krisjamaica and I included her pic in the second slide as well as a video of how to work yourself into it. . For more inspiration, check out my Shape Shifting co Hosts: @mrs_khaleesi_gaither @geeoice_yoga @leighyogipilot @renny_sito . Sponsors: @onzie @proyog @malaprayer @yogabody . #yogachallenge #shapeshifting #yogapose #creativeyoga #makingshapes #shadow #leshy #yogapants #yogagirl #yogafun

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leighyogipilot. Yay! It’s Saturday! Time for #yogiseeyogido with my badass #ysydcrew �

Yay! It’s Saturday! Time for #yogiseeyogido with my badass #ysydcrew 🙌 This week @cece.carson chose this super fun shape inspired by @mrsshaunawood Two of my favorite people! Slide left to see their Diamond Booty Pop! . Ten points if you can figure out what this place is that I’m in! Swipe👈for the video and tell me what I edited out for the screen shot!💖 . This weeks pose is fairly accessible, so if you’ve been wanting to try one of these poses, NOW is the time! . SAVE this post and TAG me when you TRY it so I can cheer you on! Swipe👈to see my inspirations and the video of how I got into it. I highly recommend using padding under your knee. I’m using @yogapaws #pawpad which is perfect for these kind of fun and silly yoga pic shenanigans. . . . #ysyd #aloyoga #wearyourmat #lunge #lizardpose #lizardposevariation #makingshapes #yogacreativity #creativeyoga #yogaposes #yogaeverydamnday #yogateacher #yogachallenge

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leighyogipilot. Doesn’t everyone watch TV like this...?
Hahaha, just kidding😂

Doesn’t everyone watch TV like this...? . Hahaha, just kidding😂 Playing along with my favorite hosts for Day 4 #balancethatasana3 Swipe👈for the video of how I got into this crazy ass pose and to hear the warm encouragement from my long time friend @findyoursunshine coaching me into it. And no, I’m not leaning against anything, though once again, I was tempted.😅 This pose was surprisingly accessible to me having very open hips and just had an amazing workout focus on side bends. . The farther forward you can get your bottom shoulder, the more leverage you can find to lift the top leg. Save this video if you’d like to try it and follow these amazing Babes for all their creative poses: . @seacoralyoga @yogaandchaigirl @livinleggings @bluesuntara @bethanysmithyoga . Wearing gifted @aloyoga #sidestretch #compasspose #gatepose #compassvariation #fallencompass #yogapose #creativeyoga #yogachallenge #interiordesign

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leighyogipilot. Making shapes is just so much fun!! Raise your foot🙋‍♀️🦶if you think

Making shapes is just so much fun!! Raise your foot🙋‍♀️🦶if you think so too!😂 . Swipe👈for the video of how I got into it...it’s was my longest hold by far.😅 Can you figure out what two things I edited out for the screenshot? . And check out my Stories for the outtake... #faceplant #blooper . Day 3 of #balancethatasana3 hosted my my favorite Babes: @seacoralyoga @livinleggings @bethanysmithyoga @yogaandchaigirl @bluesuntara . Outfit from @aloyoga #lizardpose #lizardvariation #balancinglizard #yogapose #yogashapes #creativeyoga #yogaphotography #yogisofinstagram #yogachallenge #yogateacher #yogavideo

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leighyogipilot. Wanna know why orange is my favorite color?
Not only is it a safe colo

Wanna know why orange is my favorite color? Not only is it a safe color for our helicopters, (3 out of 4 of our fleet are painted bright orange) cuz you can see them from far away, but also... “Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.” Orange is the color of fall and harvest and this new neon lily color from @aloyoga could just be my new most favorite color ever!! 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊 #balancethatasana3 Day 2 #headstand with @seacoralyoga @yogaandchaigirl @bluesuntara @livinleggings @bethanysmithyoga . Swipe👈for the video of this crazy fun headstand shape🤸‍♂️ . #unsupportedheadstand #aloyoga #balance #yoga #sirsasana #makingshapes #yogaforfun #orange #orangedreamsicle #rockon #yogaover40 #yogafit

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leighyogipilot. It’s yoga time! I’m all settled into my new apartment, have a great sp

It’s yoga time! I’m all settled into my new apartment, have a great space to play in, and plenty of free time...yay! . Trying out this fun and funky shape from my favorite Babes hosting #balancethatasana3 Swipe👈to see just how long I held it...and no, I am NOT resting my 🍑 on the wall. Kinda looks like it, but I assure you I am not...though it was tempting!😅 @seacoralyoga @yogaandchaigirl @bluesuntara @livinleggings @bethanysmithyoga 💜💜💜 . Wearing gifted @aloyoga #makingshapes #sideplank #symmetry #yogafun #creativeyoga #yogavideo #realtimevideo #homeyogapractice #armbalance #justforfun #tryit

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The number one question I get is “How did you become a helicopter pilot? And how can I do it too?” I started writing my Story a while back (part 1 through 8) and you can read it at #leighsHeliLife, or you can click the link in my Bio and listen to the podcast interview I did with @titanium_blonde1. What do you think...should I share part 9 and finish writing my story...? . Photo by @fly_in_adventures at the #highsierraflyin 🙏💃 . . . Wearing gifted @aloyoga and @alpnrock 💜💜💜 #pilot #femalepilot #helicopter #helicopterpilot #womeninaviation #theplayfulyogipilot #inversion #forearmfriday #pincha #pinchamayurasana #yogagirl #pilotgirl #flyin

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leighyogipilot. #YogaShapeShifters
🔮New Challenge Alert🔮

This November 18-24, Mercu

#YogaShapeShifters 🔮New Challenge Alert🔮 This November 18-24, Mercury is in retrograde and the nights are long and full of terrors. As the moon wanes and the planets pull on our lives, we adapt by taking the form of shape shifters. Join your hosts as we explore shape shifters from cultures around the world with magical, sometimes mystical, hybrid asanas. ⠀ Lycanthropic Hosts: @renny_sito @geeoice_yoga @leighyogipilot @mrs_khaleesi_gaither Mystical Sponsors: @onzie @proyog @malaprayer @yogabody Featured Shifters 1. Leshy 2. Kitsune 3. Aswang 4. Beserker 5. Wendingo 6. Encantado 7. Vampire How to Shape Shift with us: 1. Repost this flyer and tag some fellow shape shifters 2. Follow all the mystical hosts and magical sponsors 3. Post each day, tag the hosts and sponsors & use the hashtag #yogashapeshifters so we can see your posts! 4. Have fun, help and support your fellow shapeshifters in our gallery, and don’t try to tame any pose you aren’t quite ready for 🐉 . . . #yogachallenge #makingshapes #creativeyoga #yogainspiration #yogafun #yogateacher

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Just over here decorating my new apartment...whatcha think? I forgot how fun it is to go treasure hunting for art and furniture. I don’t get to do that in Alaska as I’m a 5 hour drive from the nearest store.😅 . And yay for Saturday’s! It’s time for #yogiseeyogido with my #ysydcrew ! This week it’s @yogi.bree ‘s turn and she chose this gorgeous bendy tree pose from @asanavanessa. . Swipe👈to see their poses and swipe again to see the video of how I worked every bit of bend into this pose that I possibly could. . SAVE this post and TAG me when you TRY it! Don’t worry if you aren’t as bendy as our inspiration...most of us aren’t but we have fun trying! . Wearing gifted @aloyoga and @tula.blue #aloyoga #treepose #vrksasana #treeposevariation #eaglearms #interiordesign #interiordecorating #yogapose #yogainspiration #sidebend #heartopener #backbend #halflotus #yogaart #makingshapes #ysydcrew

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First day in my new apartment and I’m already getting my neighbors conditioned to seeing my poolside shenanigans...😂 . Check out my Stories for the video of my wobbly handstand and to see why I think this screenshot is so funny...or do you already see it?☺️🤣 . I love traveling and exploring, but I also LOVE to be home and I crave daily routine. Waking up in my new Arizona home and I’m so excited to get back into my daily rituals and focus on my fitness again. I’ve been slacking in that department and I’ve got one month to train for a VERY exciting event coming up. . Stay tuned for that, but in the mean time, anyone know of a good personal trainer in the North Phoenix area...like one that can perform miracles? Help please!🙏🙌😊 . @aloyoga #aloyoga #handstand #arizonayoga #phoenixyoga #bowandarrowlegs #bowandarrow #poolside #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #bloopers #armbalance #personaltrainer wanted ASAP

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I wonder what the other hotel guests thought when I hung my🍑out over the pool today...😂 But that’s hotel living...gotta get my yoga in when and where I can!🤷‍♀️ . This weeks #yogiseeyogido pose is another crazy #grasshopperpose style hip opener...not a part of my normal practice at all, but glad to step out of my comfort zone...could NOT have done it without @yogapaws.🙌 . Thanks @bethanysmithyoga for choosing it.🙏 Inspired by @fake_taitai. Swipe to see my inspirations, and again to see the video how I got into it. . Save this post and tag me when you try it! Check out my other #ysydcrew babes for ideas. @susanbishopyoga and @natashaswinter had awesome modifications if the hip opener is not yet accessible. . #wearyourmat #aloyoga #hotelyoga #hotelliving #hipopener #sunshine #sunset #arizonayoga #makingshapes #yogashapes #yogainspiration #ysyd #yogavideo #yogatutorial #yogafun

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My favorite desert peaches... Hehehe That time when we flew🚁to Sedona to go hiking but we had so much fun on the tarmac that we never even left the airport...🥰 . Tag the friends you’d do this with! . So excited to play with these Babes again! @yoginiinheels @findyoursunshine 💖💖 . @aloyoga #aloyoga #airportyoga #eaglelegs #partneryoga #friends #splits #laughter #compasspose #yogaposes #yoga #outdooryoga #yogainspiration #travel #yogaphotography #travelphotography #sonyalpha

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Good Morning! There’s a great big magical world out there. What you choose to do with it is up to you. . . I have to remind myself of this sometimes when I’m having a lazy morning and don’t wanna get out of bed yet...like today.😊 . Whatcha doin’ with your day today? . #morning #motivation #yoga #desert #outdooryoga #yogawithaview #arizona #arizonayoga #yogainspiration #yogafit

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It’s Saturday! You know what that means...it’s time for YogiSeeYogiDo! This week, @eileendelatorre chose this spooky fun splitsy pose inspired by @suchitra_rx . Check out all my amazing #ysydcrew for their creative Halloween themed poses! . I’m in Vegas and no time for pics, so I snapped this on the sidewalk waiting for my ride this morning. People thought I was just some homeless crazy person...the few people who walked by anyway...hahaha. Did you know Vegas is a ghost town at 6:45 am?! . Swipe to see my inspirations and the video if how I got into it! . #aloyoga #alpnrock #splits #yoga #instayoga #streetsofvegas #sillyyoga #justforfun #dontmindme

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A celebratory handstand after the end of a long two days of moving this beautiful plane. My good friend experienced a total engine failure on take off and miraculously landed it safely, with no damage in a brushy field. . Most importantly, both pilots on board were not injured at all...just startled. Mike and I were flying, caravan style, with them after the #highsierraflyin, heading South in search of some hot springs. We stopped for fuel in Bishop, California, and the winds were too strong for the Antinov to take off again. So Mike and I continued in the helicopter without them, figuring they would meet us at the hot springs the next morning. But sadly they never showed up. We flew back to find them safe in a field but most definitely stuck. I’ve been sharing, play by play in my Stories and you can watch the whole thing if you click on my highlighted Stories called StillHeliTrippin. . We’ve gotten the plane to a suitable road to take off from to get it to the airport. The pilot and mechanic are deciding whether or not it’s safe to do so. Otherwise the wings will have to come off and the plane will have to get trucked to the airport. But the wheel base of the plane is wider than any truck available...so it will be quite an ordeal. The Antinov AN2 is the largest single engine biplane ever built. It’s quite a machine...and it’s more like a flying motor home. He’s had this plane for 20 years and flown it all the way through the Caribbean and down through Central and South America...even flew it to Burning Man this year. Wish us luck as we try to save this very special plane! . Stay tuned and I’ll be updating my Stories as decisions get made. . #handstand #theplayfulyogipilot #antonov #airplane #aviation #avgeek #pilot #indianajones #bowandarrowlegs #teamresolutionhs2019 #resolutionhandstand

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Traveling by helicopter is super fun and exciting...it’s like Van Life except it’s a smaller vehicle and can go very off road...😂 But it’s not without its own challenges. Imagine packing everything you will need for six months into the back seat of your car. What would you take with you? It really becomes all about priorities, so I packed my toiletries, a few leggings, camping gear, and yes, highest on my priority list was my standup paddle board! Thanks to @irockersup for making the best inflatable board that packs down small enough to travel with...I LOVE this thing!!!! . No time for paddling today though...this pic was a few days back in BC, Canada. Today I’m in the dry desert, in Bishop, California, working on an unsolved opportunity, the term I use for the word “problem.” Check out my Stories to see the play by play. It’s a story that I don’t know yet how it’s gonna end...🤔 . Staying warm and dry in @alpnrock #blackfinsup #sup #standuppaddle #girlswhopaddle #irockersup #inflatablesup #travel #travelblogger #storytime #pilot

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An early morning selfie out in the high desert during the #highsierraflyin. Froze my ass off camping cuz my air mattress popped and I ended up sleeping on the cold hard ground...using the term “sleeping” very loosely here. I may have gotten 2 hours of restless shut eye. Crawled out of my tent at 4:30am looking for a warm fire which I found...surrounded by the other red eyed, sleep deprived, frozen tent campers who were as I’ll prepared as I was. But it was an amazing experience and I will most definitely be back for it next year...with better camping equipment in hand! . Finally sharing a #selfie for all of you who tagged me for #womenempoweringwomen. No filter, just magical desert lighting, before the sun came up. . Flying South today in search of hot springs. I’ll probably not have any cell service for a few days and I’ll be camping with friends along the way. Got a new thermarest and a new tent, so I’m ready for it! I’ll update my Stories when I catch a cell signal! Big Love to you all😘😘😘 Tagging some amazing Women in case you haven’t yet shared a selfie! . #magicasanamonday @alpnrock #alpnrock #camping #desert #pilot #aviation #femalepilot #magichour

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It’s YogiSeeYogiDo time! AKA Saturday!! This weeks pose was chosen by our super creative @mrs_khaleesi_gaither and she was inspired by @themistressfitness with this fabulously fun inverted #splits with a prop. We’re calling it #ifhighhipsisplits. . I have to get creative to do these poses while traveling, so make sure to swipe all the way through the slides👈to see not only my inspirations, but also my thought process and how I got into this pose!💚 . Save this post and give it a try!! #ysydcrew #yogiseeyogido #cornfield #inversion #yogafun #creativeyoga

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Thanks for the hospitality Idaho! And the apples! We’re headed South to the high desert. Keep an eye on my Stories for updates...but might be out of cell service for a bit! 🍎🍎🍎🍎 . #orchard #eaglelegs #headstand #farm #traveling #yogapose #silly

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Yes! That is @cece.carson and I’m in her yoga room!! I got to meet this beauty IRL and she’s exactly like you would think from her squares...beautiful, kind, funny, smart, creative, fabulous in all ways! Go read her caption cuz she explains it perfectly. Basically as much as IG is trying to ruin the magic, it’s still here...connecting like minded people from all over the world. . I made an impromptu landing at Cece’s house and she and her Man spoiled us rotten! Cece, it was an absolute pleasure to get to come play with you and connect IRL. Big love Sista! Can’t wait till you and your Man come visit us! . #partneryoga #instameet #twinning #aloyoga #yogaroom #yogawithfriends #headstand #shoulderstand

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Heli Hollowback with my Girl Coral! Check out my Stories and Story Highlights to see more insta meets and heli trippin! I’m currently flying from Alaska to Arizona and definitely taking the slow scenic route...😊🚁 ⠀ 🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations to all of you who participated in the fourth round of #ResolutionHandstand2019 and got on your hands with us every day! You all did AMAZING and we are so inspired by each and every one of you! ⠀ We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors who have donated some wonderful gifts to give away. Of course it was tough to choose, because our gallery was filled with so many hard working and dedicated handstanders, but we finally narrowed it down to these incredible yogis to Spotlight: ⠀ @truestrengthfit - @aloyoga Gift Card @finding_balance8213 - @aloyoga mat @dr.ritsfilterlife - @alo.moves @Yogipogie - @yogabody @inversiondiversion - @yogapaws @awwjoaww - @sahajanskincare @romolovesme - @tula.blue @youreverydayathlete - @infinitystrap ⠀ Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication shows and your selfless support of your fellow handstanders is what makes this crew so awesome 🙌❤ ⠀ We know many of you are continuing with us for the rest of the year and this is just so exciting!  We are loving watching your journey and will do our very best to cheer you on along the way, and seeing you cheer each other on is what this forum is all about. We will be back in December for our annual count down Giveaway! We hope to see you then!! ⠀ Make sure we can see you in the mean time by using the tag #TeamResolutionHS2019 Our community and supporting each other is what will get us through the year together and keep us accountable...which will ultimately grow our handstand practice.🙌❤ ⠀ With Love from your Handy Hosts: @seacoralyoga @leighyogipilot @bluesuntara @susanbishopyoga @beahappyamy @angelakukhahnyoga . . #hollowback #handstand #hollowbackhandstand #instameet #helicopter #helicopterpilot #femalepilot #travel #travelblogger

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Which one’s your favorite? I couldn’t decide! . Finally got to visit my IG Bestie @seacoralyoga and of course we had some yoga play time down on the beach with the iconic Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach. It was a whirlwind of a visit and we still managed to squeeze in all the things...helicopters, bonfires, and yoga! Check out my Stories for more! Thank you for the hospitality Coral and family!💖 . #beachyoga #pinchamayurasana #instameet #forearmstands #photoshoot #yogaphoto #yogaposes #pincha #yogainspo

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