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Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards...desert oasis leopard print version. Dating myself here...😂 Who else knows what I’m talking about?! . Just lounging around for tomorrow’s assignment, Day 4 of #FierceKGyogis . You can have so much fun with #lizardpose as there are endless variations! If you try this one, I recommend using a mat for comfort☺️. #lizardposevariation . . Check out my co hosts for inspiration and other ideas: 🐯🐍Hosts: @yogaandchaigirl @bnlove.yoga @lizcorwin @kiley.holliday @leighyogipilot ⠀ 🐯🐍Sponsors: @kiragraceyoga @fierceforwardjewelry @hilovetravel @malamamushrooms @oneworldcacao @yogapaws . #kiragrace #oasis #creativeyoga #yogachallenge

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leighyogipilot. One of the many reasons I love doing yoga challenges is that they remi

One of the many reasons I love doing yoga challenges is that they remind me to work on the things that are challenging for me, the things I don’t often do in my own home practice. . Tomorrow’s assignment for Day 3 of #FierceKGyogis is Cobra Pose or #bhujangasana in Sanskrit. You can still join in if you’re just now seeing this! We are doing 5 days of fun and fierce animal poses. . I played with a few different variations of #cobrapose after doing a full hour of warm up practice. To keep your spine strong and healthy, backbends should be approached from a place of strength rather than just bending into your flexibility. . Check out my co hosts for inspiration and other ideas: 🐯🐍Hosts: @yogaandchaigirl @bnlove.yoga @lizcorwin @kiley.holliday @leighyogipilot ⠀ 🐯🐍Sponsors: @kiragraceyoga @fierceforwardjewelry @hilovetravel @malamamushrooms @oneworldcacao @yogapaws 🙌 . #yoga #yogagirl #wearyourmat #backbend #flipgrip #kingcobrapose #yogachallenge #kiragrace

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leighyogipilot. There’s a wild frog on the loose in the hallways again!
Haha, just kid

There’s a wild frog on the loose in the hallways again! Haha, just kidding, but luckily I didn’t get caught in this awkward pose by any of my neighbors...this time.😅 . #bhekasana is tomorrow’s assignment for Day two of #FierceKGyogis and I had fun with mine and took it to the wall. It’s not too late to join in if you’re just seeing this! 5 days of fun and 6 awesome prizes! Jump in! . Make sure to swipe👈to see how I got into it, and swipe again for a video of a few different options like half bhekasana, bhekasana without the fingers turned forward, and a full version using some pillows. . Choose what works best for you and make sure not to go past your edge. There should be zero pain or uncomfortableness in your knees. If you feel any, back out of it. Be a good yogi and don’t hurt yourself 😉 . There is another pose known as #frogpose which as many of you know is one of my favorite poses to prep for middle splits. Choose whichever version you’d like to share and show us your fierceness! . Check out my co hosts for inspiration and other ideas: 🐯🐍Hosts: @yogaandchaigirl @bnlove.yoga @lizcorwin @kiley.holliday @leighyogipilot ⠀ 🐯🐍Sponsors: @kiragraceyoga (leopard) @fierceforwardjewelry @hilovetravel @malamamushrooms @oneworldcacao @yogapaws #pawpad 🙌 . #yogavideo #yogatutorial #backbend #quadstretch #yogagirl #yogachallenge #yogateacher #yoganewbie #kiragrace

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Who’s ready to get fierce...? Well maybe the better F word for this should be FUN! Haha, I had so much fun with Tiger Pose today...check my Stories to see what I’m talking about...☺️🎶 ⠀ Tomorrow is Day one of #FierceKGyogis, 5 fun and fierce animal themed poses over the next 5 days. Join in!! Check out each of my co hosts for inspiration on the daily pose. Details to join are in the flyer a few posts back, or DM me with any questions! It’s free, it’s fun,it’s easy...and we have 6 awesome prizes to giveaway!!! And very good odds of winning!😉 ⠀ 🐯🐍Hosts: @yogaandchaigirl @bnlove.yoga @lizcorwin @kiley.holliday @leighyogipilot ⠀ 🐯🐍Sponsors: @kiragraceyoga @fierceforwardjewelry @hilovetravel @malamamushrooms @oneworldcacao @yogapaws (could not have flipped my grip without ‘em!) . . #heliyoga #theplayfulyogipilot #helicopter #pilot #helicopterpilot #flipgrip #backbend #yogawithaview #sonyalpha6300 #superselfie #yogachallenge #kiragrace #wearyourmat #amazingkiragrace

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They say smiles are contagious... Are you smiling? . I just did my first day of training with @takeongravity learning to fly their ridiculously amazing Ironman style Jetsuit. I had so much fun I came back every day to watch others learn. Every single one of us trainees had this same smile from experiencing the pure joy of human powered flight. . Contact @takeongravity if you want to get on the list for when they do their next training. You can bet I’m already on that list! . My clothes reek of jet fumes but I may never wash them so I can hold onto this feeling forever...or at least till my next flight when I can soak up more magic! . Huge thanks to the whole Gravity Team for bringing childhood dreams to reality! Keep innovating, inspiring, growing, learning and sharing your magic with the world! @richardmbrowning @jettisam @____alexwilson @marshallmosher Chris, Cinco, @dillonjstucky @genevievejae Ya’ll rocked my world! . . . #magicasanamonday #jetsuit #jetpack #fly #ironman #avgeek #aviation #pilot #femalepilot #smiles #theplayfulyogipilot

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leighyogipilot. Finally getting to try this week’s Yogi See Yogi Do pose and I found i

Finally getting to try this week’s Yogi See Yogi Do pose and I found it impossible...so I played with this fun variation of it instead. If you’re struggling with it like I am, make sure to save this post and maybe you can try this more accessible version. . This week it was @yogaandchaigirl ‘s turn and she chose this really cool shape inspired by @diceyoga Slide👈to see their incredible poses and slide again to see the video of how I got into it...watch till the end for the tiger crawl to the camera...haha Feeling sassy in this gorgeous outfit from @missmatahari and pretty much not gonna take it off...ever again.❤️ . @ysydcrew #ysydcrew #ysyd #yogashapes #creativeyoga #makingshapes #yogapants #sportluxe #yogavideo

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leighyogipilot. Which one would you rather fly...?
#Jetsuit or #helicopter
Just a li

Which one would you rather fly...? #Jetsuit or #helicopter . Just a little Synchronized flying with @richardmbrowning Don’t worry, the perspective is deceiving...we had plenty of separation for safety. . I’ve just had the most epic four days with the super inspiring @takeongravity Team, beginning with a full day of #flight training in the Jetsuit. You can check out my flight 2 posts back! . And I’ve shared lots of fun #aviation shenanigans in my Highlighted Stories... Check em out! . Turning Dreams to Reality💖 The future is now... . 📽by the super talented @dillonjstucky #avgeek #helicopter #jetpack #jetsuit #pilot #femalepilot #pilotsofinstagram #fly #flight #ipullpitch

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leighyogipilot. 🐍CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT!🐍 #FierceKGYogis
Join us for a wild 5-day ch

🐍CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT!🐍 #FierceKGYogis Join us for a wild 5-day challenge December 11-15, and show us your ᑕᒪᗩᗯᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ ᖴᗩᑎGᔕ 🐯🐍 ⠀ 🐯🐍 Say YES to spots and scales as we celebrate the release of the NEW effortlessly chic Black Cobra & Charcoal Leopard Ultra High Waist Yoga Leggings from @kiragraceyoga ⠀ Be creative and choose any variation of the following poses! 🐍POSE LIST :: Day 1: Vyaghrasana (tiger) 🐯 Day 2: Bhekasana (frog)🐸 Day 3: Bhujangasana (cobra)🐍 Day 4: Utthan Pristhasana (lizard)🦎 Day 5: Kurmasana (tortoise)🐢 ⠀ 🐯🐍Hosts: @bnlove.yoga @kiley.holliday @leighyogipilot @lizcorwin @yogaandchaigirl ⠀ 🐯🐍Sponsors: @kiragraceyoga 🐯 @fierceforwardjewelry @hilovetravel @malamamushrooms @oneworldcacao @yogapaws ⠀ ✏️ Here’s how to play along: ✨ Follow all hosts and sponsors to be eligible to win. ✨Share this flyer on your page with the hashtag #FierceKGyogis & tag a few friends to join in the fun! ✨Check in with us each night to see some pose inspiration for the next day. Modifications are always welcomed and encouraged. 🙌🏼 ✨Tag hosts, sponsors & include the hashtag #FierceKGyogis in your captions. Make sure your profile is set to public so we can see your posts and give you some love. ✨Most importantly have fun and be safe! . . #yogachallenge #animals #yoga #kiragrace #amazingkiragrace

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Somebody pinch me...I think I’m dreaming! . . So grateful and in total awe of innovative visionaries like @richardmbrowning of @takeongravity Bringing childhood dreams to life. . The future is now... #jetsuit #flight #flighttraining #pilot #femalepilot #jetpack #ironman #ironwoman #dreamstoreality #aviation #hover

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Hey Friends! Keep an eye on my Stories! I’m off on a crazy cool adventure that I haven’t told you much about yet! . Any guesses what it could be...? . . . @alpnrock #alpnrock #adventure #pilot #helicopterpilot #femalepilot #thefutureisnow #aviation #flying

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leighyogipilot. Winner announcements for #YogaShapeShifters
Thank you for joining us

Winner announcements for #YogaShapeShifters . Thank you for joining us on our journey through Mercury retrograde as we shifted and transformed into monsters and back again! We were so impressed by your imaginative posts and spectacular shapes. The gallery is so cool...and if you’d like to try one more fun shape with us, give this one a go! Slide👈for the video, and make sure to check out my amazing co hosts for more ideas.💖 . It is never easy choosing winners, and this was no exception! Thank you to each of you who journeyed with us, battled the beasts inside, and didn’t kidnap or kill anyone in the process! . And without further ado our fearsome winners: @maura.yogamom @yogabody @orangeugladididntsaydeanna @malaprayer @shannonfofannon @onzie @dr.ritsfilterlife @proyog . Big Love from your Shifty Hosts: @mrs_khaleesi_gaither @geeoice_yoga @leighyogipilot @renny_sito . #lbh #legbehindthehead #lunge #creativeyoga #yogapose #yogaphotography #makingshapes #yogachallenge #yogavideo #yogatutorial

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leighyogipilot. Happy Splitsy Sunday!
I’m bouncing off the walls this morning in my mo

Happy Splitsy Sunday! I’m bouncing off the walls this morning in my most favorite @kiragraceyoga outfit ever!😍 . Did you hear they are giving away a gratitude gift set with every $150 purchase?! Today’s the last day...don’t miss it! . No code necessary, just add it to your cart, and it will be discounted to free once your cart qualifies. The gift set includes a beautiful KG semi-precious bracelet stack of 3, plus 14 unique offerings personally from some of my fellow KG ambassadors...yoga classes, meditations, discounts on retreats and other wellness goodies. Enjoy! . Slide left to see more info and slide again to see how I got into this pose...and to see the original! I used Snapseed again to edit it. Check out my last post for a detailed tutorial on how I edited!❤️ . #kiragrace #ambassador #amazingkiragrace #yogapants #middlesplits #pinchamayurasana #splits #centersplits #splitsysunday

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leighyogipilot. It’s time for #YogiSeeYogiDo with my amazing #ysydcrew and all of you!

It’s time for #YogiSeeYogiDo with my amazing #ysydcrew and all of you! This week the lovely @helen_garner_yoga chose a beautiful shape by @the_exit_strategy and to celebrate American Thanksgiving, we are all sharing a few things we are thankful for.🙏 . Swipe to see my inspirations and swipe again to see how I edited this photo. . SAVE this post for reference if you’d like to try it later! . I screen recorded the editing process, starting with a video screenshot in Snapseed App. . I have two soft box lights that I put on either side of me and a little behind to backlight it. Let me know in the comments if you find this kind of #tutorial helpful and if you’d like me to put it in my Stories so you can pause it. . For Thanksgiving, and for every day, I feel so blessed to have good health all around...both my parents, my man, my brother...we are all strong and healthy. Health is something a lot of us take for granted when we have it and it can change at any moment, so I try to remind myself every day how grateful I am for this strong and capable body and to treat it with loving kindness all the days. . Dripping in @tula.blue my favorite #jewlery of all time.💙 #thankful #blessed #yogapose #hipopener #makingshapes #edit #edittutorial #howtoedit #bodypoetry #ysyd #blackandwhite #yogaphotography

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Can you spot the yogis in the jungle...? . Got to hang out with one of my favorite IG Yogis yesterday! @susanbishopyoga 🙌🙌🙌 . As much as social media gets a bad rap sometimes, it has brought me so much joy and connection. Meeting like minded people from all walks of life and from all around the world...it’s just the coolest thing! . Make sure to swipe through the carousel to see how we got into this shape and a few outtakes! Real time video in my Stories too! . And in case you haven’t heard, @aloyoga is having a pre Black Friday sale and everything (including our twinning camo pants) is 30% off. Don’t shop till you drop...just get a head start and use code: earlyaccess19 🙌🙌🙌 . #gifted #aloyoga #partneryoga #partnerpose #teardrop #hiking #pinchamayurasana #pincha #pinchaparty #yoga #instafriends #instameet #yogapants #blooper #outtakes #yogafriends

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So when I get a text that says, “how fast can you get to the airport? We have an extra seat!” I answer, “5 minutes!” . Yup! I dropped everything on my to do list and was literally airborne 10 minutes later with my awesome friends in their 6 seat, turboprop #airplane, headed for Boulder City, Nevada to go see the Grand Canyon by helicopter! . Airplanes and helicopters all in one day! And yes of course, we busted out some #heliyoga too!😂😊🤸‍♀️ Check out the few photos we managed to sneak in with our 30 minutes on the ground! Which one is your favorite? . It was a whirlwind of a day and my head is still spinning! Thank you @jenniferkeller.love for a fabulous adventure! Love you long time my friend!! Check out my Stories to see more from our adventures as well as the last time Jennifer and I got to play! . And thank you to our fabulous heli pilot Bethany for a great flight, and keeping us all safe! I don’t think I reached for the collective even once.😊 And I’m known for not being a very good passenger...cuz I’m usually the one on the controls.😅 Can any of my #pilot friends relate?? . #magicasanamonday #helicopterpilot #adventure #helicopter #pilotlife #femalepilot #aviation #yoga #warriorpose #headstand #treepose #instameet #instafriends #grandcanyon #helitour #tickettoride

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leighyogipilot. It’s Saturday and you know what that means!?
Means we get to play #yog

It’s Saturday and you know what that means!? Means we get to play #yogiseeyogido! Each week, one of our #ysydcrew chooses a pose we’ve seen somewhere here on the gram and are inspired to try. It’s usually much harder than it looks, and this week is no exception... . @laraliam chose this one armed forearm wheel inspired by the ultimate badass @jadebellyyoga. Slide👈to see Lara and Jade...and note that Jade is actually on the TOP of her foot!😱 . And slide👈one more time for the real time video of how I gracefully (not) got into this pose and did not even attempt the top of the foot part. . SAVE this post and TAG my when/if you TRY it! As always MODIFY as needed!! . You can check out the entire #ysyd crew and all our poses from the last year at @ysydcrew . I’m totally inspired to get back into my #backbend focused practice...cuz just like with anything, if you don’t use it, you lose it!! . Wearing the new holiday color Scarlet from @aloyoga ❤️ . #tiptoetipoverwheel #heartopener #wheelpose #onearmedwheelpose #forearmwheel #funkyforearmwheel #funkyforearmstand #backbend #tryit #aloyoga #yogapose #creativeyoga #yogainspiration

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I woke up like this... Haha, just kidding, it’s just my best impression of a Vampire...whatcha think? Slide👈to see how I got into this craziness! . Vampires are known as bloodsucking masters of disguise & often portrayed as shapeshifting from human-like form to bats. . For the final day of #YogaShapeShifters, we are sharing this super fun little bat like #headstand with crossed arms and ankles. . Don’t worry if this type of headstand isn’t yet in your practice. Modify however you’d like...maybe shoulderstand, or a supported headstand, or even just a wide leg forward fold. Get your head below your heart and show us your favorite inversion. . We’ve been posting your daily assignments a full 2 days ahead of time so you have plenty of time to get creative and share your shape shifting poses...and the gallery is so cool! Make sure to give it a cruise and drop some love on your fellow participants.❤️❤️❤️ . Thanks so much to all of you for joining us! And thanks to our sponsors for letting us gift some amazing prizes! @onzie @proyog @malaprayer @yogabody . Huge gratitude for my fabulous, creative and wonderful shape shifting co hosts! @mrs_khaleesi_gaither @geeoice_yoga @renny_sito @leighyogipilot . #sirsasana #bat #vampire #interiordesign #artwork #yogaart #makingshapes #unsupportedheadstand #creativeyoga #fishtail #yogachallenge #yogateacher #yogavideo #hamsa

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leighyogipilot. Yay! We have a fun and helpful shape shifter to share with you for Day

Yay! We have a fun and helpful shape shifter to share with you for Day 6 of #yogashapeshifters! . Tomorrow’s assignment celebrates Encantado, a mythical river dolphin from the Brazillian culture. . The Encantado - are like a dolphin or sea snake that transforms into human form, with musical & seductive abilities, and they are known to be helpful to the fishermen. . We chose this funky half dolphin pose with a split, like a snakes tongue. I made mine extra creepy (not on purpose) and I’m basically missing my left forearm...😂😅 . This is a fun and fairly accessible pose...giving you a break after that last few days of craziness! Can’t wait to see your Encantados! Ya’ll are so amazing and creative! Have you checked out the gallery!? It’s amazing! . Your Sapeshifting hosts: @mrs_khaleesi_gaither @geeoice_yoga @leighyogipilot @renny_sito . Shifty prizes from: @onzie @proyog @malaprayer @yogabody . #splits #funkydowndog #dolphinpose #hanumanasana #downwardfacingdog #threeleggeddog #encantado

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leighyogipilot. Contrary to what you may think, I much prefer to video my yoga poses i

Contrary to what you may think, I much prefer to video my yoga poses in private. I really don’t like to make a spectacle of myself in public...but sometimes I take the risk. And I’m especially loving this hallway in my new apartment building!😂😊 . If you swipe👈for the video of how I got into this pose, you can also see my expression when I hear someone whistling down the hall...and I think I’m once again busted upsidedown in the hallway...😂😅 . Tomorrow is Day 5 of #yogashapeshifters and we are sharing this super fun alien shape #hollowback #handstand facing the wall. . It’s the perfect pose to represent Wendingo, a giant, malevolent, alien-like canine beast from mythological, Native American folklore. . If this inversion is not quite accessible to you, a great modification would be puppy pose. Turn this pic sideways and you can see it looks just like extended leg puppy pose. . Check out my shape shifting co hosts for more inspiration! @mrs_khaleesi_gaither @geeoice_yoga @leighyogipilot @renny_sito . Fun prizes from: @onzie @proyog @malaprayer @yogabody . . . #alienpose #inversion #hollowbackhandstand #teamresolutionhs2019 #resolutionhandstand2019 #armbalance #heartopener #yogachallenge #puppypose

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leighyogipilot. Tomorrow is Day 3 of #yogashapeshifters and we are sharing Aswang, a m

Tomorrow is Day 3 of #yogashapeshifters and we are sharing Aswang, a mythological creature in the Philippines. . Aswang is a mix of vampire and witch and almost always disguised as a beautiful woman. By day she is quite and elusive...by night she shape shifts into a deadly beast with blood shot eyes. . To repress Aswang, we chose this beautiful hybrid #camelpose at the wall, inspired by @this_dog_is_down. Swipe👈to see hers and to see how I got into it. This is quite a backbend and I highly recommend using a sticky mat like my @proyog here, otherwise your knees we slide and you may bend deeper than your body is ready for. . Have fun with this pose! It’s a pretty one and fun to try! Remember we hosts are posting a full day in advance, so you have plenty of time to try it. Check out my Co Hosts for more inspiration.💖 . @mrs_khaleesi_gaither @geeoice_yoga @leighyogipilot @renny_sito . Sponsors: @onzie @proyog @malaprayer @yogabody . #creativeyoga #backbend #paulthewall #camelposevariation #ustrasana #yogachallenge #yogavideo #aswang

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leighyogipilot. Are you ready to make some cool shapes inspired by mythological creatu

Are you ready to make some cool shapes inspired by mythological creatures from folklore around the world? Join us! *Update: I just put modification ideas in my Stories!* . This shape is for Kitsune, a Japanese fox with 9 tails who can fly! Kitsune is an intelligent and magical being who shape shifts into human form, cloning itself into anyone they want to be. . For tomorrow’s pose, we are cloning ourselves into the badass SaltLifePiratePrincess herself, otherwise known as @brittanybhuckaby, with this awesome #eightangleposevariation. . Swipe👈to see hers and to see the video of how I got into this it...more importantly how I exited out of it like a slinking fox...😂 . Kinda looks like a flying fox with a tail, eh?! . If this balance is not quite accessible for you, modifications are highly encouraged and celebrated! One idea would be to prop your foot (tail) on a cute pouf or bench or...? Let your creativity run wild! . SAVE this post and TRY it!! Join in for ANY one or all 7 days of #yogashapeshifters . Hosts @mrs_khaleesi_gaither @geeoice_yoga @leighyogipilot @renny_sito . Sponsors @onzie (my outfit) @proyog (my mat) @malaprayer @yogabody . #eightanglepose #armbalance #yogashapes #yogachallenge #yogaposevariation #yogainspiration

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leighyogipilot. It’s time for #yogaShapeShifters! Are you ready!!??
This challenge sta

It’s time for #yogaShapeShifters! Are you ready!!?? This challenge starts tomorrow and we are sharing each daily assignment a full day in advance cuz these poses are quite unique. Join us!! 7 days of super fun yoga shapes! . Here’s your fist assignment: . LESHY, a Slovenian woodland spirit who protects wild animals and forests. A Leshy usually appears as a tall man, but he is able to change his size from that of a blade of grass to a large tree. He has hair and a beard made from grass and vines, is usually missing a right ear and is sometimes depicted with a tail, hooves, and horns. He is the forest lord and carries a club to express that he is the master of the wood. . For Leshy, we chose this cool and shifty #treepose inspired by @krisjamaica and I included her pic in the second slide as well as a video of how to work yourself into it. . For more inspiration, check out my Shape Shifting co Hosts: @mrs_khaleesi_gaither @geeoice_yoga @leighyogipilot @renny_sito . Sponsors: @onzie @proyog @malaprayer @yogabody . #yogachallenge #shapeshifting #yogapose #creativeyoga #makingshapes #shadow #leshy #yogapants #yogagirl #yogafun

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leighyogipilot. Yay! It’s Saturday! Time for #yogiseeyogido with my badass #ysydcrew �

Yay! It’s Saturday! Time for #yogiseeyogido with my badass #ysydcrew 🙌 This week @cece.carson chose this super fun shape inspired by @mrsshaunawood Two of my favorite people! Slide left to see their Diamond Booty Pop! . Ten points if you can figure out what this place is that I’m in! Swipe👈for the video and tell me what I edited out for the screen shot!💖 . This weeks pose is fairly accessible, so if you’ve been wanting to try one of these poses, NOW is the time! . SAVE this post and TAG me when you TRY it so I can cheer you on! Swipe👈to see my inspirations and the video of how I got into it. I highly recommend using padding under your knee. I’m using @yogapaws #pawpad which is perfect for these kind of fun and silly yoga pic shenanigans. . . . #ysyd #aloyoga #wearyourmat #lunge #lizardpose #lizardposevariation #makingshapes #yogacreativity #creativeyoga #yogaposes #yogaeverydamnday #yogateacher #yogachallenge

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leighyogipilot. Making shapes is just so much fun!! Raise your foot🙋‍♀️🦶if you think

Making shapes is just so much fun!! Raise your foot🙋‍♀️🦶if you think so too!😂 . Swipe👈for the video of how I got into it...it’s was my longest hold by far.😅 Can you figure out what two things I edited out for the screenshot? . And check out my Stories for the outtake... #faceplant #blooper . Day 3 of #balancethatasana3 hosted my my favorite Babes: @seacoralyoga @livinleggings @bethanysmithyoga @yogaandchaigirl @bluesuntara . Outfit from @aloyoga #lizardpose #lizardvariation #balancinglizard #yogapose #yogashapes #creativeyoga #yogaphotography #yogisofinstagram #yogachallenge #yogateacher #yogavideo

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