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E virão vários lançamentos para o Halloween!!! Bandanda abóboras! Disponível em todos os tamanhos. Feita sob encomenda. Envio para todo o país. Dúvidas pelo Direct. ********************* #bandanas #bandanapet #bandanaparapets #bandanaapetrechosepets #apetrechosepets #bandanadehalloween #halloween #bandanaduplaface #bandanatematica

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cocktails.of.the.world. Credit to @all.equal.parts
🥛🥚👨‍🏫Ramos Gin Fizz. Last weekend, at

Credit to @all.equal.parts . 🥛🥚👨‍🏫Ramos Gin Fizz. Last weekend, at @second.city.distilling.co I put on my first ever cocktail class with @augustaconnection. One of the students asked a question and we ended up down a little rabbit hole talking about gin fizzes and how to get the foam peak up over the glass. So I figured it was time to share another fizz with all y'all. 🥚🥚🥚 Thinking about the fact that people signed up to learn about cocktails from me is beyond humbling. I pour myself into my passion of drinks in hopes of elevating the cocktail culture in Augusta. It makes me feel amazing to see locals wanting to play a part in that as well. Honestly, I woke up Saturday morning and had to ask myself if that really happened. I am so grateful for all 20 of you that attended the class. I hope you all had a blast and I can't wait to do it again soon. 🥛🥛🥛 Recipe: - 2 oz gin @second.city.distilling.co - 3/4 oz simple syrup - 3/4 oz heavy cream - 1/2 oz lime juice - 1/2 oz lemon juice - 6 drops orange flower water - egg white - 2 oz soda water 🥛🥛🥛 Add everything but the soda to a shaker and dry shake. Add four ice cubes and shake until they are completely dissolved. Add the soda to a tall glass and pour the drink over top until it is just below the top of the glass. Let the drink sit for a minute and then pour the rest of the drink gently down the middle. Serve with a straw. 🥚🥛🥚 This drink happens to be the subject of the third post I ever made on my account. This is still my favorite brunch cocktail. It's so light, fluffy, and delicious. My preferred spec has changed a bit over time, but not by much. The photo quality on the other hand is a stark difference. My foam game has improved as well. 🍸🍸🍸 Cheers! 🥂🥂🥂 #ginstagram #gin #ginspiration #eggwhites #foam #classiccocktail #augusta #augustaga #weloveaugusta #downtownaugusta #ginfizz #fizz #loveaugusta #connectaugusta #cocktailgram #cocktailculture #homebartender #cocktailoftheday #liqpic #imbibegram #cocktails🍹 #drinks🍹 #nowdrinking #cocktailporn #mixologist #cocktailcoalition #beautifulbooze #homemixology #craftedmixology #garnishgame

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Vamos falar mais um pouco sob

OS PRINCÍPIOS DO PLACEMAKING! ---------- Vamos falar mais um pouco sobre as bases do placemaking? Mas antes diz-me, já leste os 6 primeiros princípios que partilhei por aqui? O que achaste, fez sentido? ---------- O Placemaking é um movimento que pretende trazer a cidade de volta para as pessoas que vivem nela, através da participação no planeamento da mesma, de forma simples, com pequenos atos que permitam trazer actividades que as comunidades se identifiquem e gostem para os espaços urbanos! ---------- Vamos lá a mais ubs princípios!! 7. A forma segue a função Este ponto para mim é maravilhoso, pois enquanto Arquitetos e Urbanistas podemos projetar a pensar na forma em primeiro lugar, associando depois a função ao local, mas a realidade é que a função é que nos deve guiar nesse processo! ---------- 8. Triangulação Com o objetivo de criar dinâmicas dentro dos espacos públicos, este ponto refere a importância de ter ligações entre diferentes funções, para que assim se crie vida no espaço! --------- 9. Experimenta: Leve, Rápido, Barato Sifnifica que não precisamos de projetos megalomanos para traduzir a nossa visão e ideia para a realidade, as vezes só precisamos de começar com o que já temos, e colocar uma ação, sabendo que não vamos conseguir fazer tudo de uma só vez, então apenas vai! --------- As vezes planeamos muito, pensamos que ficava interessante algo na praça perto de nossa casa, mas acreditamos que nada podemos fazer, mas não, o espaço público é para nós, então antes de pensares que não podes informa-te, junta una amigos, vizinhos, colegas, definam uma visão e comecem a criar! ---------- Falem com a Junta, a Câmara, o comércio local, e criem uma comunidade onde juntos promovem os espaços públicos para as pessoas!!! ---------- Agora diz-me, faz sentido para ti este movimento? Gostavas de fazer para te um grupo de Placemaking? ---------- Com amor, Inês #bloglogiaig #viveatualuz #cidade #placemaking #urbanismo #arquiteturacomamor #urbanismosustentavel #cidadeparapessoas #cityforpeople

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jadeemillss. 🌜🌛


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jadeemillss. Yolo ✌🏽

Yolo ✌🏽

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Now that’s what they call lunch! One of my favourite dim sum spots where you start at 1pm and leave at 8pm. Proper. #raveneau #montmains 08 #leflaive #combettes 00 #chapoutier #lesgranits 06 #rouge et #blanc #huet #vouvray #demisec 49 #roumier #chambolle 07 #drc #richebourg 80 #grandsechezeaux 05 #mouton 98 #latour 95 #rauzansegla 90 #leovillelascases 98 #arnouxlachaux #echezeaux 14 #demontille #epenots 12 #dauvissat #lesclos 08. Bloody good lineup with my highlights been the DRC’s #shockhorror, the Mouton 98 in mag a big surprise and revisiting the Huet 49 throughout the night was tip top! #instawine #latelunch #lunchwithaview

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jadeemillss. why does everyone think it’s okay to put there two bob in other people

why does everyone think it’s okay to put there two bob in other peoples business particularly my family my whole world has been turned around because people are just scum and don’t no how to keep there dirty old mouths shut my siblings have to suffer now and not see there big sissy or there family and I no they need me .the system is that corrupt i am not aloud to talk to them or see them like wtf they have never been seperated from me for more than a day they betray there trying to keep families together they are apparently trying to improve their system it’s a whole load of bullshit they take interest in the families that yes may have issues but the children are safe and happy when they should be looking at children who arnt safe or are in danger Its quiet sickening to think there are kids out there who have nothing and get treated like pure dog shit but are still aloud with there family why does this have to happen to my family ? why do people have to be so vindictive and cruel ! Why do they treat people like a prison inmate ?this world is such a evil place no one is truthful everyone is caught up in there addiction or there own battles or better still how good there life is going what the fuck is going on I don’t no if it’s cause I’m getting older or I’ve been so naive to it all but this is not what life should be every family should never be torn apart and people deserve to feel idk 🤷🏽‍♀️💕✌🏽

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vanderhume. Come and celebrate 3 years with us at @hotwallsstudios tomorrow 3.30pm

Come and celebrate 3 years with us at @hotwallsstudios tomorrow 3.30pm-8pm, live music, poetry, @dolcifizz the barrel project, @thefrontroomsouthsea @seadogprint workshops and demonstrations as well as open Studios 🌿 this is my studio back in July 2016

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jadeemillss. Could be worse 🤷🏽‍♀️✌🏽

Could be worse 🤷🏽‍♀️✌🏽

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jadeemillss. I just want you home 💞😢 ma babies

I just want you home 💞😢 ma babies

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