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That's 2 170ah Relion batteries and a Solaria PowerXT-360 in the back of a Honda! He's in the early stages of outfitting his Ford E-350 with triple-redundant power, what you can't see is the 2000 watt inverter charger and 60 amp Sterling DC-DC converter that will be giving him plug-in and alternator charging on top of the 360 watts of solar. We put together a powerful kit with plenty of bells and whistles, and had him out the door in no time feeling confidant and excited to get started!

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Getting started on a killer system! This customer just bought a 36' box truck he wants to set up as a mobile home-away-from-home for job sites and let me tell you, I can't wait to get started! ----- The roof has space for 8 of our 315 watt Canadian Solar panels, so it gets 8! To supplement that power on heavy-use-with-low-light days we're installing a Sterling converter for 60 amps of alternator charging, and a 3000 watt Cotek inverter/charger for using external AC as well. ----- The interior is factory-fresh, but attaching the panels to the roof is going to be a bit of an engineering challenge. Stay tuned to see how we do it!

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We're going to keep on saying it: big panels mean big power! If you want more than lights and some small-device charging, they're the only way to go. Our 315 watt panels are the first step up from our budget 290s, but with their half-cell design it's a big step in terms of partial shade performance and the actual power you'll see. --- One kit and the right batteries would get you pretty close to conservative off-grid living. A two-panel kit ($1000) with the right batteries would have you cooking daily and obsolete a generator for most applications.

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lightharvestsolar. The best solar panels available are the big commercial panels that go

The best solar panels available are the big commercial panels that go on houses and solar farms. That's all we sell. They're generally hard to get in small quantity and expensive to ship. We sell them retail in any quantity. We stock solar panels up to 360 Watts and can design any off grid electrical electrical system you want. We stock everything needed. The last thing you want to do is install 7 100 watt panels instead of 2 360 watt panels. It would be hard, expensive, low performing and definately lower quality. Commercial panels are UL rated, this is a big deal, typically panels less than 230 watts are not. Standardized at around 65"x45" Kits start at $475 for 290 Watts! There are many reasons to go with the big panels but what it boils down to is they're higher performing, lower cost, higher quality, and easier to install. We can help get the best solar gear in your hands.

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lightharvestsolar. Check out this install we did on a box van. Full time living on this o

Check out this install we did on a box van. Full time living on this one. This is our most popular system with 2 lithium batteries and a 2000 watt inverter. Expect a super capable system capable of cooking, boiling water and much more. This is perfect for a cabin, RV, van, tiny home, emergency backup, etc. Lighthatvest Solar can make your off grid solar kit happen.

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lightharvestsolar. When installing any electrical components remember how important it is

When installing any electrical components remember how important it is to route wires properly and secure them well. Unsecured wires are unsafe wires. This system was built in just a few hours as a demonstration and provided solar breakfast for the crew. Hot coffee, bacon, potatoes and eggs, fajitas for lunch. We design next level, super reliable, super high performing solar electrical systems. You gotta have one. LightHarvest Solar.

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What's in the box? Can you guess? You're right, a Victron MPPT Charge Controller! These super-sweet 30 amp Controllers are among the top on the market in terms of quality, and I'd say one of the best-looking models out there. Their cheerful bright blue look and compact design makes for a solar system you can't help but show off. They also come with 8 pre-programmed charge algorithms and Bluetooth integration, meaning you'll be able to view statistics and customize programs from your phone! They're a perfect match for one of our solar panels, and would help you get the most out of just about any small solar system. Get yours today!

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As much as we love solar around here, we're not blind to the downsides. Maybe you're camping in a forest with heavy tree cover, or a dark and stormy winter week on the coast, and you need more power than your panels can get. Time for a Sterling! ----- When designing van/camper systems, you usually can only use one panel. Vents, antennas, storage racks, there's almost always something in the way. What do you do? Add in redundant power sources! If you spend more time on the go or off the grid than parked near a source of AC power, the Sterling BB1230 is what you need. ----- Fully programmable and fully automatic once set, they're designed to only draw power when your alternator is running (no dead starter battery!). Feel empowered by a range of configurations for charging most deep-cycle battery chemistries and the option to create your own custom charge profiles.

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lightharvestsolar. Lightharvest Solar specializes in DIY off grid  solar kits for your va

Lightharvest Solar specializes in DIY off grid solar kits for your van, cabin, RV, whatever. Cotek is our long time go to for inverters. They just work, and that's all we really want in an inverter. Get in touch and we can help get you the right solar gear.

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These 325 watt panels are our go-to standard for all sorts of systems! Power, partial-shade performance, aesthetics, cost, all perfectly sandwiched between our budget and top-of-the-line offerings. The jump from these to our 360 watt panels is big, both in terms of performance and cost, so these panels are an excellent fit for someone who wants pretty high power at a pretty reasonable price point. $345 for the panel only, $545 for the full kit with charge controller, wire, fuses, mounting brackets, lugs.

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lightharvestsolar. At LightHarvest Solar, we do off grid solar using the biggest, most po

At LightHarvest Solar, we do off grid solar using the biggest, most powerful panels available. Our top of the line is up to a whopping 360 Watts per panel and even our budget panel right now is 290 Watts! We stock solar panels, MPPT Charge Controllers, Lithium Batteries, Pure Sine Wave Inverters, mounting racks, wire and hardware. Design is the key and we get you all the right parts to build next level off grid energy systems.

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These 360 watt panels are by far our favorite on the market, and for good reason! One glance and you can tell they aren't like the others, from their matte-black finish to the architecture of the cells themselves. Built with many strings of partial cells in parallel, gone are the days of a stray tree branch cutting off your power! Expect a solid 30 amps in good conditions, and way more partial-shade performance than most other panels (especially those mail-order kits!). Our kits come with everything needed to get power to your batteries, including a super-efficient MPPT controller and quality wire/fuses to keep you safe. ----- #solaria #solar #solarpanel #solarsystem #solarpower #solarpowered #mppt #offgrid #vanlife #360watt #kit

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You know solar tech is getting crazy when our "budget" panels are putting out this much power! We've seen upwards of 21 amps going into the battery in our test setups, a single panel would get you camping comfy no problem. ----- At $245 for the Silevo Triex U290 panel (bulk discounts available!) and $475 for the total kit (panel, controller, wire, fuses, mounting brackets) you can definitely put together a powerful system that eats sun, not your wallet. Pair with 100-200 amphours of Lithium and hit the road fully-charged! ----- #silevo #solar #solarpanel #offgrid #vanlife #mppt #lithium #solarpower

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Relion's powerful RB100 batteries form the "gas tank" of almost every system we build nowadays, with two of them and the right parts you can ditch the grid and stay comfy! At 12 volts they're easy to put in parallel for whatever you need to power, and 100 amphours starts to get you some serious runtime for all your electronics. ----- $950 may seem like a lot compared to a pair of Lead-acid golf cart batteries, but once you do the math Lithium batteries actually end up cheaper over their lifetime. Instead of replacing your battery bank every few years, risking damaged batteries if you leave a light on, and dealing with corrosive liquids and poisonous gasses, just go Lithium and all these problems wash away. ----- We also stock 24 and 48 volt versions, as well as higher capacities, so rest assured we've got the power storage solution for you! ----- #relionbattery #relion #lithium #LiFePO4 #battery #batteries #solar #solarsystem #offgrid #vanlife

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lightharvestsolar. Lightharvest Solar sells the best solar kits because we only sell the

Lightharvest Solar sells the best solar kits because we only sell the big powerful industrial panels that go on houses and wind farms, no 100w panels here. Up to 360 Watts from a single panel! These are better for so many reasons but they're hard to get. We make it easy. Top brand industrial panels, MPPT controllers, Lithium batteries and pure sine wave inverters. This combo is the only way to go. Adventure on!

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lightharvestsolar. The not-yet-beating heart of a crazy-powerful single-panel system! The

The not-yet-beating heart of a crazy-powerful single-panel system! These Solaria panels are incredible, the attractive matte-black design and the innovative cell archetecture means you're getting maximum power and looking slick the whole time. The total 360 watt kit, including everything you need to get 30 amps of clean solar power into your batteries, is currently on sale for $725. Get yours today and hit the road fully-charged! #solar #solarsystem #solarpanels #mppt #offgrid #vanlife #solaria

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We're now a Victron dealer! Currently stocking Pure-Sine Wave Inverters, Bluetooth-enabled MPPT Charge Controllers, and Battery Monitors with Shunts. They're new, they're blue, and they're available for you! Whether you're all about that #vanlife or just want to dip your toes in the bright future of solar power, we can help guide you on your way! Check out more great solar-related products at www.lightharvestsolar.com or come visit our showroom in St. Johns and see it all in person. #lightharvestsolar #victron #victronenergy #solar #inverter #mppt #puresinewave #stjohns #batteries #batterymonitor #offgrid

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lightharvestsolar. Just a few nice shots.

Just a few nice shots.

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lightharvestsolar. We think this Solaria Power XT is the top dog panel in the world right

We think this Solaria Power XT is the top dog panel in the world right now. We just measured over 400 Watts from a single 340 W solar panel! So impressive. We're putting tons of these on Sprinters,Promasters, RV's etc. with great results. When you mate this solar panel with an MPPT controller and Lithium batteries, you have a next level power. We stock this kit and everything else you need do dial in your lithium based off grid solar kit.

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lightharvestsolar. Going to the show.

Going to the show.

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lightharvestsolar. Had a great time at the Solar Power International show in Salt Lake Ci

Had a great time at the Solar Power International show in Salt Lake City last week. This is an exciting time for off grid solar, amazing product after amazing product. The future of solar sure looks bright. We specialize in off grid, lithium based solar systems.

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lightharvestsolar. How to build an off grid solar system, part 2.

Step 6) Cut, strip and

How to build an off grid solar system, part 2. Step 6) Cut, strip and crimp ring terminals for input fuse and output fuse, DO NOT PUT FUSES IN YET! 7) Strip the 4 wires going into and out of charge controller. Unscrew terminal clamps. Insert wires in the correct terminals (VERY IMPORTANT!). Red is positive(+) black is (-). Tighten clamps, pull the wires hard to assure they’re secured in there tight. 8). Fabricate + and - wires going to inverter with the appropriate fuse on the + wire. 9) install + and - wires to inverter. Install fuse, expect a big spark! Turn on inverter and plug something in. Expect it to work. 10) Install fuse between battery and charge controller, verify the display lights up. Verify good battery voltage, 12-14V. 11) Install fuse between Solar panel and charge controller. Verify it is working by reading amperage going into the battery. 12) Plug in your hot plate and cook up breakfast. This took me about 4 very distracted hours to build while talking to folks at TinyFest. It is a monster of a system, the most powerful we’ve ever built from one small battery. The Lion Energy Lithium Battery is really the only one that can do over 1500 Watts in it’s size class. It’s all pretty easy, + and - into the charge controller from solar panel. + and - out of the controller to the battery. + and - to inverter from battery. Fuse everything on the +. There you have it, A/C power from solar. This stuff is getting impressive! #solar #howtosolar #offgrid #offgridsolar #inverter #mppt #solarkit #vanlife #tiny #tinyhouse #van #tinyhome #promaster #transit #overland #overlander #overlanding #lithium #lightharvestsolar #Lionenergy #lithiumbattery #lithiumbattery #cotek #tinyfest #solarcooking

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lightharvestsolar. Do you want know how to build an off grid solar system?  Here’s how it

Do you want know how to build an off grid solar system? Here’s how it’s done. This setup is small and simple but super powerful, capable of running up to 1800 watts continuously. Who wants solar powered coffee? Step 1) Unbox our components (solar panel, charge controller, Lithium Battery, Inverter, wire and fuses) and lay them out on the mounting surface. 2) Measure wire lengths, BIG wire goes from inverter to Battery. 3) Cut and strip wire, crimp big ring terminals, heat shrink. 4) Mount charge controller. 5) Mount fuses from solar panel to charge controller and to charge controller to battery. We’ll show how to finish up, fire it up and cook some lunch next post.

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