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Strolling through the last bit of fall colors on Mount Lemmon, AZ. This place is severely underrated. One of the prettiest places to escape the desert floor and feel like your in Washington 🥰 shoutout to @harrietrosecornick for complete Wanderbabing this scene for me🍁 🔥

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Finding new views out at Zion at night 🌌 15 sec exposure / iso 3200 / 2.8

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Exploring the unique geology of Utah 🔥 this hoodoo was truly unique and massive! Always fun checking off new spots Iv never been to 😁

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Catching fall vibes out here in Sedona 🍁 this place has so much magic to be discovered and one of my favorite places to hit the reset button. 🙏🏼

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It’s been a little over 2 years taking photos and being on this platform and it’s been a wild ride, it’s awesome to see the progression in your work from being around other like-minded creatives as well as meeting tons of strangers I now call friends, can’t wait to see where this next year takes me. This photo was captured the other day when a fire broke out in Mt. Lemmon which offered some crazy apocalyptic layers as the sun went down 🔥 Sony A7III | 105mm

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Never thought to come here for sunrise... but it was a treat! We were the only ones here and it felt so surreal to be there to take in the view all to yourself.

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Badlands National Park vibes in Southern Utah 🤘🔥 this place is crazy to explore and wander about! Endless compositions to go and create in the Southwest! Just think outside the box ✌️😎

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Capturing fall in one of my favorite destinations in Arizona! Swipe left to see the panorama of the golden aspens on fire 🔥

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Timing is everything, only one month out of the year this incredible arch on native land shows an explosive glow that last for an hour! Disclaimer: The awesome Navajo land owner told us we could stand on the arch and shoot photos 😍

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Let’s stay a while and watch the sun go down 🌅 Swipe left to watch 😍

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Finding new spots to photograph in the Superstition Mountains in Phoenix 🔥 this place was wild and I’m glad I could force a few of my friends down a sketchy dirt road to get these shots 🤘😁

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Exploring otherworldly landscapes in Arizona. Fun fact is that early American settlers in the 1800s attempted to mine this area. The result is a combination from man-made mining attempts mixed with the unique geological erosion overtime. Pretty mind blowing 🤯

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Nothing is quite like ending the day in paradise watching an epic sunset amongst the coconut palms 🌴 🥥 Shot on Sony a7iii / 16mm / f4

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Catching a sunset in the infamous mountain range in Arizona 🌵 🌅 1, 2, or 3?

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The Protector. ✖️✖️✖️ Shot in the badlands of New Mexico.

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Watching the light cast rays over Arizona’s most scenic views never gets old, so fortunate to live a few hours from here. What’s your favorite destination in Arizona?

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Walking through the sands of time at Arches NP... coming here felt like walking on Tatooine from Star Wars 🤪🔥

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Nothing is like waking up and having your soul feel wild like the great southwest.

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Zion canyon overlook is one of my favorite places due to the sheer scale of the cliffs while you watch the sunset over the mountains 🙌🏼 truly a stunning place in person

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Serious jungle book vibes on this hike. I felt like i was in the movie 🤪. Swipe left to see @jakecure Tarzan’n it on the tree 🦍 🎋

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Walking through the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon is nothing short of magic ✨This was shot on Queens Garden Loop trail, which is one of my favorite hikes there 😎

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