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some fresh papayas anyone?🥭 can‘t go without fresh fruits on a beach day like this🌴

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Never thought that this experience will be one of my favorite things I‘ve ever did in my life. What do you think how many animals I saw?🐘🦒🦛🦓🐆 swipe to see them✌🏼

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chilling at the beach bar and ordering some fresh drinks🍹 can there be something better?🌴

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just grabbing all my favorite fruits before leaving to the beach🥥🍍🍉 this is me every morning✌🏼

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just casually taking a walk at the beach🌴🌺 btw you can still get my borneo bags on my website🙈 go and check it out✌🏼

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thinking about getting a ranchergirl👩🏼‍🌾having my own farm and watching all the animals 🐘🦒 do you think i would fit in?🙈

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just sitting here and watching the beautiful ocean🌊 yeah that‘s all i need🌴✌🏼

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I would love to start every week with a view like this while wearing my @kaptenandson bag | Anzeige #bekapten #kaptenandson

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relaxing in my safari lodge @jabulanisafari and watching all the animals that are crossing 🐘🐆🦛🦒🦏 swipe to see what we saw in the first minutes when we arrived🙈 | Anzeige #JabulaniSafari #SoulfulSafari #SoufulJabu

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this is how i spent the whole summer🌺🌴 where was your favorite summer destination?☀️

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living on an island and cruising around with my own car is where i see myself in the future✌🏼🌴 what about you?

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chilling under the palmtrees all day long🌴 thats what i want to do the whole summer☀️

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there are moments in your life you will never forget🐘 this was one of them for sure✨ the camp @jabulanisafari is home to 15 rescued elephants and we had the pleasure to meet this pretty elephants 🐘 | Anzeige #JabulaniSafari #SoulfulSafari #SoufulJabu

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living the perfect hammock life and having a fresh coconut🌴🥥 tell me what else do i need?🙈

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those waterfalls are always a good idea🌿🐒

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Welcome to my crib🙈✌🏼 I‘m moving in for sure🌴 @margueryvillas | Anzeige

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love to be flavored with one of the best summer frangrances ever ☀️ @jilsanderparfums | Anzeige #jilsanderparfums

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beachin all day🌴💦 who comes to join me?✌🏼

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feeling like jane in the jungle🐒🌿

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this is a perfect pool life💦 isn‘t it?🙈 | Anzeige @margueryvillas

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Is this even real?💦 Can‘t believe to be here in Mauritius while enjoying a beautiful time with @beachcomber_hotels ☀️🌴| Anzeige #beachcomberexperience

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definitely the best view to Le Morne @beachcomber_hotels ⛰🌴| Anzeige #beachcomberexperience

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finally back in tropical paradise☀️🌴 here is where i belong for sure and @beachcomber_hotels makes this even better✌🏼| Anzeige #beachcomberexperience

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celebrating 30 years of sun and happiness with @jilsanderparfums and the perfect sunsets at the #jilsanderparfums | Anzeige #jilsanderparfums

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