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natgeo. Photo by Babak Tafreshi @babaktafreshi | At midnight in outback Austra

Photo by Babak Tafreshi @babaktafreshi | At midnight in outback Australia, under an ocean of stars, the branches of this gum tree connected me to the universe beyond our tiny planet. Less than 100 years ago, everyone could look up and see a spectacular starry night sky. Today most city skies are virtually empty of stars. There is a new generation that has never seen the Milky Way. Natural night sky has became a forgotten part of nature, an essential element of our environment, worthy of preservation. Learn more @babaktafreshi and on International Dark Sky Association www.darksky.org. #saveournightsky #twanight #lightpollution #darksky #outbackaustralia

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natgeo. Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto | Sad times for Venice: Thi

Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto | Sad times for Venice: This year has brought the worst flooding in half a century, with over six feet of water submerging the city’s most revered historical sites. A state of emergency was declared late last week, and St. Mark’s Square was also closed. Pictured here is the square in 1993, when the water was barely ankle-deep. My heart goes out to Venice. #acquaalta #Venice #piazzasanmarco #flooding #veniceitaly

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natgeo. Photos by Amber Bracken @photobracken | Jasilyn Charger was part of a

Photos by Amber Bracken @photobracken | Jasilyn Charger was part of a youth group that, while founded originally to respond to the suicide epidemic in her community, established the first tiny prayer camp in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. She, like many Native American and Indigenous youth, has overcome incredible obstacles and losses to become an activist, and continues to organize for Native American rights and for the environment. In February 2018, on the one-year anniversary of the end of the Standing Rock protests, and for the first time since then, Jasilyn picked up the staff she carried at Standing Rock. "It felt like picking up a piece of me that had been missing," she said. The staff was gifted to the Lakota woman during one of the councils at the Dakota Access Pipeline resistance, but after the camps were shut down, she put it away and hadn't touched it since. #StandingRock #youthforclimate #indigenousrights #climatecrisis

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natgeo. Photo by @beckythale | Over the course of a year, I visited the Nation

Photo by @beckythale | Over the course of a year, I visited the National Zoo several times to document the growth of giant panda Bei Bei, born to Mei Xiang in 2015. Bei Bei has been on loan from the Chinese government and is being sent back to China today. I got used to the protective clothing and face mask I was required to wear, learned about frozen panda "fruitsicles," and how much bamboo these incredible animals consume. As a Washingtonian for the last 20 years, my experience at the zoo had always been rushed and frenetic, with my children pulling me in a million directions. I haven't shot anywhere that felt more "behind the scenes" than inside this panda enclosure.

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natgeo. Photo by Simon Norfolk @simonnorfolkstudio I The U.K.'s largest rock s

Photo by Simon Norfolk @simonnorfolkstudio I The U.K.'s largest rock salt (halite) mine is in northwest England at Winsford, Cheshire. Rock salt was laid down in this region some 220 million years ago, and the caverns created by extraction have proved valuably secure. A subsidiary of Salt Union, the Deepstore-run part of the mine once held millions of private documents, such as medical records, police records, and courtroom evidence and transcripts. Follow me @simonnorfolkstudio for updates, outtakes, unpublished and archive material. #underground #uk #england #cheshire #cave

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natgeo. Photo by @mattiasklumofficial | I felt extremely lucky to be able to p

Photo by @mattiasklumofficial | I felt extremely lucky to be able to photograph this endangered African painted dog taking a nice morning bath in Selous, Tanzania. It frequently strikes me how this African top predator behaves similarly to our domesticated dogs when they're playing and enjoying water. Please go to @mattiasklumofficial to see images and films from our projects around the world! #wilddog #painteddog #doglovers #tanzania #bath @thephotosociety

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natgeo. Photo by Erika Larsen @erikalarsen888 | Christine Lagarde, photographe

Photo by Erika Larsen @erikalarsen888 | Christine Lagarde, photographed in Washington, DC, January 9, 2019. Christine Lagarde is a lawyer and politician serving as chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund and recently nominated as the president of the European Central Bank. In anticipation of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, National Geographic is highlighting what it means to be female. As part of that coverage, we photographed luminaries from around the world. Check out the link in our bio to learn about Nat Geo’s groundbreaking new book that showcases an incredible group of history-making women. #NatGeoWomenofImpact

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natgeo. Photo by Acacia Johnson @acacia.johnson | Sometimes the celestial is c

Photo by Acacia Johnson @acacia.johnson | Sometimes the celestial is closer than you think. I shot this image in a quiet, contemplative moment at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, during a hitchhiking trip in Iceland a few years ago. Although the ingredients were simple—sun and ice sparkling on water—the result makes me feel like I've glimpsed another universe. Moments like these remind me of the power of photography to bring out the magic in the everyday. Follow me at @acacia.johnson for more observations from the north and beyond. #iceland #ice #celestial

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natgeo. Photo by @jasperdoest | A whooper swan in Lake Kussharo, a caldera lak

Photo by @jasperdoest | A whooper swan in Lake Kussharo, a caldera lake in eastern Hokkaidō, Japan. Whooper swans return to Lake Kussharo every winter, as if to fulfill an age-old promise. The surface of the lake freezes in the winter, but along its sandy beach geothermal springs prevent any ice from forming. They spend winter here, and when spring arrives they fly back to their homeland, mostly in Siberia in Russia. Follow @jasperdoest for more images of the wonders of nature and the human-wildlife relationship. #onassignment @natgeoexpeditions #Japan #swan #ice #winter

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natgeo. Photos by Pete McBride @pedromcbride | Closing Time: The aging coal-fi

Photos by Pete McBride @pedromcbride | Closing Time: The aging coal-fired Navajo Power Generating Station is expected to close in days, due to its inability to compete with cheaper alternative energy sources. When these desert stacks stop billowing, it will signal an economic transition for both the Navajo and Hopi tribes, which have relied on this plant for jobs and revenue for years. The closure will also open the door for the tribes to explore other energy sources like wind and solar, cutting their decades-long tie to coal. Additional economic engine proposals—some progressive, and others like damming Grand Canyon tributaries—have already come forth. Such decisions on these expansive, native lands that border the Grand Canyon will define the future of this “painted desert” region and its resources. #energy #coal #water #navajo #hopi

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natgeo. Photo by @brianskerry | The U.S. Civil War submarine CSS Hunley rests

Photo by @brianskerry | The U.S. Civil War submarine CSS Hunley rests in an underwater restoration facility in Charleston, South Carolina, following her recovery from the sea. In 1864 the Hunley became the first submarine to sink a ship in battle (the USS Housatonic), but the blast from the explosive device fractured the submarine's hull as well—and she sunk with a crew of eight aboard. The Hunley was discovered in 1995 and raised intact in 2000. She was placed in a state-of-the-art restoration tank that was built for this purpose. The sub is now on exhibit in Charleston. Follow @BrianSkerry and explore the sea. #CSSHunley #Charleston #SouthCarolina #shipwrecks

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natgeo. Photos by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto | Grandmas are the best cooks! Boon

Photos by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto | Grandmas are the best cooks! Boonlom, a 69-year-old grandmother of young Mai (in the photo between the speakers), spent all her life in Bangkok—and she considers herself the best cook in her neighborhood. Until a few years ago, she ran a small street restaurant, the kind you find everywhere around Southeast Asia, where people eat simple dishes, standing or sitting on stalls on street corners. Her restaurant is run now by one of her daughters, who has changed it slightly: in what once functioned as their garage, her daughter has arranged four square tables and customers finally can eat properly. The average cost of a full meal at her restaurant rarely goes beyond two dollars! Here's a typical recipe: Kai Yat Sai (stuffed omelette) Ingredients for two: 100 gr minced pork; 3 eggs; seed oil; soya sauce; fish sauce; salt and pepper; sugar; two tomatoes; one white onion; 5 baby corns; and a small bowl of steamed rice. For the Filling: Mince pork, chop the onion and baby corn, dice the tomatoes. In a wok, use a spoon of seed oil and heat until the oil is hot, add pork, and cook for one minute. Add a spoon of soya sauce. Heat for one more minute, and add the onion, tomatoes, corn, a spoonful of sugar, and one of fish sauce. Saute for 3 minutes. For the omelette: Whisk eggs with a pinch of salt. Heat oil in the wok, draining it to leave just a film. Pour in the eggs, and heat for just over a minute, moving the wok in a circular motion to create a thin, large omelette. Place the filling in its center and wrap the omelette around it. Cook the omelette for one more minute, turning it a couple of times. The dish is ready to be eaten. #grandma #food #thailand

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natgeo. Photo by William Albert Allard @williamalbertallard | I made this port

Photo by William Albert Allard @williamalbertallard | I made this portrait of 17-year-old buckaroo T.J. Symonds just a few minutes after meeting him at the IL Ranch cow camp, in northeastern Nevada, in 1979. Buckaroo is what they call cowboys in Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho. It’s a bastardization of the Spanish “vaquero.” I was making pictures for a book on the American West, and I’d heard about this outfit that still ran a cook-and-bedroll wagon for a cow-branding crew that camped out for weeks at a time. I’d showed up in my van the night before, and I photographed T.J. early in the morning, just as the rest of the crew was leaving to start a roundup. I stayed in the camp and rode with this outfit for a week or so. For more images of the American West and other assignments spanning a five-decade career #followme @williamalbertallard #cowboy #chuckwagon #openrange #bread

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natgeo. Photo by David Guttenfelder @dguttenfelder | The landscape known as Ar

Photo by David Guttenfelder @dguttenfelder | The landscape known as Artist’s Palette in California’s Death Valley National Park. We started at the Pacific Ocean, drove through great wind and solar fields, crossed harsh Death Valley, and stopped at some of the country’s most unique, cherished landscapes to see what’s at stake in the U.S. We’re also driving electric cars, visiting renewable energy projects, and meeting people with innovative ideas about energy to see where we are, where we need to be, and how to get to a renewable energy future. On assignment for @natgeo on a #roadtripto2070

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natgeo. Video by Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen | I often find that the best way to

Video by Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen | I often find that the best way to have a life-changing wildlife experience is to let the animal dictate the encounter. That way, they get to work within their own comfort zone and, generally, stay relaxed. That is exactly what happened during this moment in Tonga. A humpback whale calf decided to go explore while her mother slept, its pectoral flukes nearly one third of its overall body length—a perfect measuring stick. This gorgeous little female swam over to me and then reached out with her pecs to assess distance. Just like any baby, she'll need to learn everything she can, as quickly as she can, to get ready for her long migration back to Antarctica. I was more than happy to be part of her education process. Follow me @PaulNicklen for more footage from expedition; past, present and future. #Gratitude #StayHumble #TurningTheTide

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natgeo. Photo by Nichole Sobecki @nicholesobecki | Omma rocks her young son in

Photo by Nichole Sobecki @nicholesobecki | Omma rocks her young son in a cradle made from a discarded bag of rice in Thaingkhali camp in the far southeast of Bangladesh, where nearly a million Rohingya refugees live after fleeing persecution in neighboring Myanmar (Burma). Omma’s story, shared by so many Rohingya women, was one of profound loss: loss of home, loss of security, and the loss of her two eldest children, who were killed by armed men as they fled. Yet with a soft, determined strength she was rebuilding an existence for her remaining family. #women #refugee #rohingya #bangladesh

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natgeo. Photo by @lucasfogliaphoto | Ashley Klein does energy-field massage wh

Photo by @lucasfogliaphoto | Ashley Klein does energy-field massage while Poranguí McGrew plays didgeridoo during a Music Is Medicine retreat in Sedona, Arizona. The purpose of the retreat is to use sound “to send love to that part of us that is hurt, angry, and self-destructive,” says McGrew. “Once we can start to love that place, there is an inkling of what is possible.”

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natgeo. Photo by @gerdludwig | Known for their elaborately painted houses, the

Photo by @gerdludwig | Known for their elaborately painted houses, the Gurunsi—one of Burkina Faso's 60 ethnic groups— live in the southern savanna near the Ghana border. House decoration is more than ornamental for the Gurunsi—it is a communal activity that shapes their social and spiritual life. It culminates in the annual art and culture festival in Tiébélé. The village-wide house painting takes on the form of a mural competition, with mainly female participants. Encouraged by gifts of locally brewed beer, they frequently take breaks to joyously sing, dance, and bump. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #BurkinaFaso #Gurunsi

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natgeo. Video by @bertiegregory | We were following a pack of grey wolves on t

Video by @bertiegregory | We were following a pack of grey wolves on the coast of the Hudson Bay when one of younger members of the pack split off and began digging up sticks. She found this particular branch and started charging around and playing with it. It’s moments like this that make you realize wolves and domestic dogs really aren’t that different. Considering how much we humans like domestic dogs, it’s pretty shocking how badly we treat wild wolves around the world. Fortunately, in recent years some brilliant conservation and reintroductions mean wolves are on the comeback. We can all do our bit by getting behind these projects! Content supported by Destination Canada. #wildlife #animals #wolves #wolf #snow

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natgeo. Photo by @maggiesteber | In a sea of memories Elly Chovel found purpos

Photo by @maggiesteber | In a sea of memories Elly Chovel found purpose. An exile from her homeland of Cuba, she swam daily in the waters off Miami, telling me that the waters that lapped the shores of her adopted home also lapped the shores of her homeland. At age 14 Elly was a frightened refugee whose family sent her to the U.S. to escape from Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Elly and the other young Cubans sent to the U.S. and Canada during this time were called Pedro Pan kids. At age 43 she created an organization to preserve the history of the 14,000 Cuban children who fled without parents between 1960 and 1962. “From memories of suffering comes compassion,” she said. I photographed her on one of her daily swims for a National Geographic story about memory published in November 2007. #natgeowomenofvision #memory #women

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natgeo. Photo by Katie Orlinsky @katieorlinsky | Conservation biologist Patric

Photo by Katie Orlinsky @katieorlinsky | Conservation biologist Patricia Medici stands in the Pantanal of Brazil. Patricia is one of this year’s recipients of the National Geographic/Buffett Awards for Leadership and Conservation. She has dedicated 27 years to the conservation of lowland tapirs and their remaining habitats in Brazil as part of the Brazilian nonprofit Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (Institute for Ecological Research). Tapirs are South America’s largest land mammal and have existed since the Eocene era. They are known as the gardeners of the forest, responsible for shaping and maintaining biodiversity. They are herbivores, with roughly 50 percent of their diet consisting of fruit, and are also wide-ranging animals, traveling long distances across different habitats. So after they consume and digest their fruits, they spread seeds all over the forest. Today this crucial species is under threat from poaching and industrial agriculture that destroys tapir habitat, increases roadkill accidents, and spreads pesticides. I followed Patricia in the field this past May for @insidenatgeo, documenting her important work on the fascinating, vulnerable, and elusive tapir.

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natgeo. Photo and video by Camilla Ferrari @camillaferrariphoto | Beijing, Chi

Photo and video by Camilla Ferrari @camillaferrariphoto | Beijing, China, 2018. Left: A group of people have dinner inside a restaurant in Shichahai. Right: The wind blows leaves across the surface of a pond in Ritan Park. By combining moving images and stills, I aim to create different layers of fruition in storytelling. Images mix with movements and sounds and therefore guide the observer into a deeper experience and involvement in the story. The quiet and suspended components of the images create a space where viewers can ask themselves questions about what they are seeing, without being immediately overwhelmed.

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natgeo. Photo by Michael Melford @michaelmelford | Turquoise waters surround t

Photo by Michael Melford @michaelmelford | Turquoise waters surround the remote island of Socotra, Yemen. I was on assignment to photograph the beauty and high numbers of endemic species that led to it being recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008. I was here when the Arab Spring started up, and while I was not in fear on this peaceful, remote island, I was concerned about transiting through Sana’a, which like most of the Arab world was in turmoil. I made it home, and hope to return again one day to Socotra. #yemen #socotra #endemic #nature

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natgeo. Photo by @TasneemAlsultan | A weekly salsa dancing class is held in a

Photo by @TasneemAlsultan | A weekly salsa dancing class is held in a home in Jeddah. Several classes are privately held on a weekly basis for both locals and expats. #jeddah #saudiarabia

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