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Darling Nikki📸⚡️🔥 nikkisont nikkisont Posts

Chocked on my sandwich today Nipples got hard Worried about myself 📸by: @zhenya.photos

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Take a risk Fall in love Get cheated on Ghost their ass Drink 30 margarita’s The world is your oyster 📸by: @zhenya.photos

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Person: Your eyes are so beautiful! Me: Thnx they don’t work

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I can’t wait untill I’m financially able to affort who i really am.

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If we can’t bond over music, you ain’t the one.

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Dear friends, your Christmas gift this year is me... That’s right, another year of friendship. Your membership has been renewed ✨

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My mom and i talk shit about you.

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There are literally 3,5 billions dicks on this planet and yet you are obsessed with the one dick who wont text you back. #youdeservebettersis

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Bali eco warriors #floatingsushi

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May you soon meet the reason why god didn’t allow you to settle.

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“I miss you” season is right around the corner, stay woke ladies🙏🏻

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I’m having a bad day. Please send cute pictures of your creditcard information.

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It’s FRIDAY!!🥳🥳 Reporting from my bed, wich I haven’t been able to leave in about a week now (but it’s defenitely better then the hospital beds). Yeah.. life is great here on Bali, my heart is bigger then an elephant my soul is singing and life’s a party but i’m the Piñata.

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Imagine dating me and BOOM your life is filled with laughter, orgasms and unconditional love.

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Na 2 weken lang ziekenhuis in ziekenhuis uit ,100 keer dezelfde testen te doen en al 2 nachten in een kut ziekenhuis te liggen hebben ze nou eindelijk uitgevogeld wat er mis is met me, de diagnose is buiktyfus. Ik weet het dat klinkt heel heftig, maar is gelukkig te behandelen met antibiotica. Alleen van de artsen in Nederland hoorde ik dat ik eigenlijk de hele tijd in quarantaine had moeten zitten, maar hé het blijft Azië he? Dus binnenkort zit heel Bali aan de schijterij.💩💩 Mijn dag kan niet meer stuk. #yourwelcome

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Instagram vs reality

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What a fucking year this week has been😅

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My ex: I want you back Me: My mom said no

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Me chasing you? Nah... i’m too clumsy, i might trip over your friend or your cousin😂

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Take a deep breath and remember who the fuck you are.

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Running away from my problems like...

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I may embarrass myself on a night out but at least i’m not fucking boring.

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Horoscope girls be like: Hey I’m sorry i cheated on you with your dad, stole your money and broke your car window but i’m a libra, it’s just how i am.

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My future husband is probably fake laughing at his girlfriend’s lame ass jokes right now. Be patient king, a true clown is on the way. 🤡

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