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Discover Savannah, Georgia in Edition 129 of The Discoverer! Link in bio! #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering Mantayupan Falls in Barili, Cebu, Philippines, with @mrsammydoo. "What I love about the island of Cebu is that waterfalls, beaches, beautiful sunset and sunrise, and the island life are just a few hours away from the metro. My weekend was totally well-spent at this stunning waterfall, the Mantayupan Falls, and I am totally in awe." #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering Santorini, Greece, with @pooja.pn. "Santorini, simply the name brings in mind unique architecture and unforgettable views! Endless blue skies, whitewashed houses and amazing sunsets will always be cherished in our memories. The moment we reached Oia, we were completely stunned to see the caldera views. This picture was taken right outside our hotel. The magical streets and the Greek cuisine literally took our hearts. Oia will always be the most beautiful dream!" #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering DC3 Plane Wreck in Solheimasandur, South Iceland, with @tomparkr. “We headed out in the middle of the night to shoot the aurora over the DC plane. Only a faint aurora showed that night so we waited for sunrise to see what would happen. As the sun rose the clouds came in and blocked the light, filtering it creating a monotone landscape surrounding the plane as I stood staring out at the desolate landscape.” #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering Taj Mahal in Agra, India, with @praveenrozariyo. An ivory-white marble Islamic mausoleum on the south bank of the Yamuna river in the Indian city of Agrahe, the Taj Mahal was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 for being "the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world's heritage." "Sleepy eyes from waking up at 5 am but the biggest smile for fulfilling one of my travel dreams. Taj Mahal, you are beyond breathtaking." #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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No Cappadocia, Turkey visit is complete without riding on a hot air balloon. Scared of heights? Worry no more as some hotels, including the Museum Hotel, offer a closer look of these colorful balloons while in the air. Got some interesting discoveries like this? Tag us in it for a chance to be featured. #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering Video credit: @omer.tosun

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Now Discovering Oeschinen Lake in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland, with @darshanen. "Located in Kandersteg, Bernese Oberland, the Oeschinensee Lake is one of the most famous mountain lakes in Switzerland. A dream in blue that is surrounded by mountains. First, take a hike up to the lake early in the morning to avoid the crowd. Second, take a plunge into this calm and clear, but cold water - it‘s really worth it. Then go for another hike around the lake to have imposing views and enjoy the peace of nature.“ #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering Khiva, Uzbekistan, with @wanderreds. "Uzbekistan is probably now the most touristy country along this legendary road, since it keeps a lot of its architectural wonders mostly intact. Out of the 3 main Silk Road cities in the country, I found Khiva to be the most interesting, for its Old City very well preserved inside its Walls and intricate alleys, zouks and squares. Samarkand is definitely the biggest and most monumental, but is very spread out and now overrun by the new city. In a smaller scale, in between these two models, lies Bukhara, also interesting to visit." #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Discover El Nido, Palawan, Philippines in Edition 128 of The Discoverer! Link in bio! #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering Hemnesberget in Nordland county, Norway, with @isakbrun. "The November light on Hemnesberget, a village in the municipality of Hemnes in Nordland county, Norway, is something special and it’s a fantastic experience to just be on the mountains that are covered in snow and feel so alive in the sunset moment! It’s just you and the mighty nature, it’s really calming in a stressful everyday! #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering Death Valley National Park in California, USA, with @albakerphoto. Thankful to be able to discover places like this with the people we love. "Death Valley is one of my favorite parks and the park I travel to the most since I live in Las Vegas. It may not be one of the most scenic national parks out there, but there's so much more to the desert than just scenery. The environment, the weather, the wildlife, dark skies, and more play a part but when they all work together in the most perfect of conditions, they create the moving rocks of Racetrack Playa, the windy sands of Mesquite. They create Death Valley. The most beautiful desert in the country." #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering Angel Billabong in Nusa Penida, Indonesia, with @annaofelia. "Angel’s Billabong on the Indonesian island of Nusa Penida is a spectacular and natural infinity pool. You can descend into its crystal clear water for a swim, but only during low tide. As with all tidal pools, you’ll need to arrive at the right time of the day and on the day we visited Angel’s Billabong we arrived at 8 am and it was perfect!" #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with @thenolimitstraveler. "Kuala Lumpur has been one of my favorite cities recently to have a stopover in. To appreciate the city, you need to see it from above. And what better way to see from above, than an infinity pool, 51 floors up. I woke up early to get a swim in before tackling a day of sightseeing and wandering the busy city streets that waited down below. The unobstructed views of the iconic Petronas Towers and the KL Tower were a major selling point to stay here. I would have to say definitely top pool in my opinion in Kuala Lumpur." #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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An abandoned hotel in the Furka Pass of the Swiss Alps, Hotel Belvédère used to be the perfect place for travelers and tourists alike exploring the magnificent Rhone Glacier. While it has been permanently closed, the hotel is still beautiful enough that it is worth the stop. Got some interesting discoveries like this? Tag us in it for a chance to be featured. #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering Video credit: @lucaoliveri90

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Now Discovering Golden Bridge in Đà Nẵng, Vietnam, with @flosslai. "This is the famous 'Golden Bridge' in Da Nang. There’s supposed to be a pair of giant hands but we could only get one in frame. I originally envisioned a shot from the other side but the sun was too glaring. We went early in the morning but the bridge gets filled up quite quickly. All in all, yes, it is a very popular spot. But the long cable car ride up the mountains was so amazing that just the ride itself made it worthwhile!" #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Discover Belém, Brazil in Edition 127 of The Discoverer! Link in bio! #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering Tuusula, Finland, with @mikkolagerstedt. A municipality of Finland, Tuusula is home to significant recreational areas. "A misty cold day at a nearby lake in Tuusula, Finland. Through the mist, I wanted to convey a feeling of mystery." #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering Laguna Parón in Ancash, Peru, with @ran.peru. "Impossible not to take beautiful photos in this lagoon, it is as if the whole landscape was painted by hand. It is definitely a work of art! 'Laguna Parón' is a destination that you cannot miss if you visit Ancash department in Peru, it is easily accessible, since mobility takes you to the same place. The beauty of the mountains and the color of the lagoon make this place a work of art!" #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering Amsterdam, Netherlands, with @kofferontour. "Not the picture is crooked but the houses. When they were built in the 16th century, they were placed on wooden posts. How water affects wood is logical, wood breaks down. Hence the imbalance. Meanwhile, the wood was replaced by iron. But that lopsided remains. But that also belongs somehow to Amsterdam. What do you think about the crooked houses? Find out more about this city through the link in my bio." #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Chasing waterfalls is must when visiting Iceland. Defined by its dramatic landscape, the Nordic island nation is not only known for the Northern Lights phenomena, it is also famous for its magnificent waterfalls, including the Klifbrekkufossar — a series of small waterfalls one above the other. Got some interesting discoveries like this? Tag us in it for a chance to be featured. #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering Video credit: @icelandic_explorer

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Now Discovering Coyote Buttes in Utah, USA, with @tylerfielstra. "Because of its fragile beauty, it was decided that North Coyote Buttes should be regulated as if it were a monument to preserve it. So after the fourth try, my nephew and I literally won the lottery to get into this area and experience the wonder first hand. This photo captured one of the many 'look at that!' moments we had through the day there." #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Discover Nur-Sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan in Edition 126 of The Discoverer! Link in bio! #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering Nusfjord, Norway, with @thomaseckhoff. "Loving Nusfjord for its picturesque classic fishing village qualities and its tiny town appearance. Sheltered in its own little fjord draped in a dramatic mountain landscape, Nusfjord offers a sense of remote secluded authenticity, even if it’s only a 30 mins drive from Leknes airport and pretty central in regards of reaching all other interesting sites in the Lofoten Islands. I always find myself smiling when entering here." #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

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Now Discovering Kaçkar Mountains in Turkey, with @ezgierolphoto. "I took this photo in September 2018 during a trip to the Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey. The East Black Sea region, which is home to Kaçkar mountain ranges, various glacial lakes, magnificent plateaus, cloud seas and many more, is one of the most impressive regions I have ever seen. After a very adventurous and arduous ride and a long hike, you will experience these kinds of extraordinary landscapes where you can touch the clouds. This landscape, which you will see after your journey with a heavy equipment bag on your back, is worth all the hardships and fatigue." #thediscovere #nowdiscovering

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