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John Deere ATV designed & fabricated by XTREME to conquer any terrain Australia has to offer!

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Good morning 😘

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pca_usa. #Repost @pca_official with @get_repost an incredible shot of @brandonh

#Repost @pca_official with @get_repost an incredible shot of @brandonhardbody who took first in the classic division at the Bodypower European Championships!!! ・・・ PCA European Championships & ProAm Image featuring Classic Winner @brandonhardbody @quarter_turn_media A fantastic first ever European Championship at the Bodypower NEC 11th May Approximately 300 athletes and several thousand spectators at the worlds largest fitness expo !! The contest will be one of the highest standard shows on display this year !! A huge congratulations to all of the competitors attending from all over the world and making the show such a spectacle. The PCA hope you enjoyed the contest and we look forward to seeing all qualified athletes at the British Finals in October. PCA would also like to thank Nick Orton, Phil Mortimer, Bodypower and all of the PCA staff members involved in making this event run so efficiently and as with all our events this year, way ahead of schedule. There were lots of competitors who just missed out on securing invitation to the British Finals. So we would like to remind everyone that there are many more pca qualifiers over the next couple of weeks. Get registered at www.pcaofficial.com #pcaarmy #instafit #fit #trainhard #socialenvy #strength #focus #body #sweat #grindout #cardio #bodybuilding #pushpullgrind #grind #dedication #shredded #flex #sweat #motivation #gymlife #ifbb #ukbff #teamtnt #prep #diet #girlswholift #ripped #shredded #pcapro

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아침밥상👩‍🍳 스물세번째생일 축하해🥰 미역국.팥밥.LA갈비.다섯가지나물. 육전.새우전.민어조기구이 효도하거라 #공주생일 #애미밥상 #내가만든밥상 #homecooking #koreanfood #homesweethome🏡

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おはようございます。 . 写真は、いつかのNORIZ COFFEEのラテマキアート。わたしはドリンクの名前を覚えるのが苦手なので、「インスタに載せられていた、あのきれいな二層のドリンクください」って注文しました。笑 . コーヒー屋さんのメニュー見て、「全然わかんない…」とか思うことないですか?カタカナばっかりでしかも意味不明だと恐怖しかないですよね。笑 . でもそんな時はふつーに聞いちゃって大丈夫です。絶対説明してくれます。むしろ個人店の場合は「話したい」と思っている方も多いです。笑 . わたしもいつまでも無知では仕事がつとまりませんが笑。"聞くは一時の恥、聞かぬは一生の恥"だと思って、わからないとことはどんどん教えてもらっちゃおうと思います。 . . NORIZ COFFEE 最寄駅:武蔵境 @noriz.coffee

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... Allie, stay lit Eleanor, keep it light Zainab, no you’re the best Sofa, do you need the bike? Cole, it’s hard because it matters to you Sammy, ghosts are real Siri, you would have done it without me Holly, you don’t need hype to get it done Ethan C, get pow Connor, 19:00 is just the beginning Daniel, call me anytime at 3am Ethan, remember the rhino Ike, cool downs are a myth Mia, you’re the light Tucker, I learned just as much from you Eva, the runs with you are the best Riley, your hair is pretty awesome too Shout out Maddie D Sophie, you inspire me Levi, all time top 10 Charlie, I believe in you. Get the “L” Aiden, you’d lose the fight ... And to Eric. The one who taught us all to love our teammates and to show up the best versions of ourselves every day.

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