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Good Morning my loves & Happy Weekend ❤️ I‘m already in such a Christmas mood 🎅🏻 Maybe because it‘s my first Christmas with our Baby 👶🏻 so it really special 🙏🏽🥰 On today‘s To Do List is finishing my last DIY presents 🎁 & baking lots of Christmas cookies 🍪 What are your plans for today? ❤️ Wishing you a nice & relaxed weekend 😘

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ❄️ Yesterday we had the first snow of the season meaning the first snow for @masonnaimgran 👶🏻 It‘s just so cute how exciting the littlest things can be having kids 🥰 He is currently with Iqbal so I‘m finishing my Christmas presents this year which are mainly selfmade 🎁 I wanted to gift more personal things this year ☺️ Thanks to your help I‘m also working on my Christmas Movie List 🍿 It should be up later today so check my stories 😘 Ahhh... I just love this time of the year 🎄🎅🏻How about you?

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Family is everything 💕 @masonnaimgran @iqbalgran We just uploaded our Dubai VLOG 🐪🔮🕌 Link in Bio to watch it 🎥 Danke auch für euer tolles Feedback bezüglich unserer RTL Reportage 📺 Nicht schlimm, wenn ihr sie verpasst habt! In meinen Stories findet ihr den Link, um sie euch in Ruhe anzuschauen 😘

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Traveling with a Baby - Reality vs. expectations 😂 The first pic pretty much sums up our return flight from Cancun to Germany 🇩🇪 Me trying to sleep... @masonnaimgran active as he could be 🤪 So Iqbal and I switched turns who entertains the Baby... aka running after him, making sure he doesn’t put things in his mouth he shouldn’t etc. 😂 I‘m definitely not complaining (we expected this as it was a day flight) I just wanted to show a bit more reality here on IG to make other parents traveling with a baby & not having the easiest flight not feel alone 🙏🏽❤️ Anzeige | Big thank you to @turkishairlines who made those 13h so much more enjoyable! Kid-friendliest airline we know 😍 #widenyourworld

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Find me below the palm trees 🌴 Those who follow my stories saw how much effort is behind this drone pic 🙈 So sad our Mexico & Cuba trip is over now 😩 We had such an amazing time though and will go back to Germany with lots of energy! We may need this energy for our flight home now 🤣 It‘s gonna be a 13h flight to Istanbul and then a 3 1/2h flight to Germany 🙈 The flight to Cuba went really well because it was a night flight and Mason was sleeping 💤 Now it‘s gonna be a day flight and I‘m not sure how I‘m gonna survive it entertaining him for such a long time 🤪 He is much more active than other babies so it‘s gonna be a challenge 😂 Fingers crossed it will go better than expected 🤞🏽 Thank you so much hour our perfect stay @banyantreemayakoba 🏝 Anzeige

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Where you‘ll find me today 💦 Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya is completely different than Tulum but I also love it so much 🥰 Unfortunately our time here in Mexico 🇲🇽 is coming to an end 😩 Soaking up the last rays of sunshine @banyantreemayakoba ☀️ before we‘ll spend all December with our families in Germany ❄️ Anzeige Last year we went to a tropical place 🌺 right before Christmas 🎄 This year we wanted to get into Christmas mood a bit earlier so we are looking forward to spending some quality time with our families at home 🥰 Not looking forward to the cold weather in Germany though 😂 Maybe we‘ll just need to fly somewhere warm after Christmas 😃 Any suggestions? 🌍

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Mexico 🇲🇽 is @masonnaimgran 12th country 🌎 We are currently planning our trips for 2020 ✈️ Where should we go next? 💙

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Swinging into the Weekend like 🌊 Tulum has been nothing but paradise for us 🌺 See Behind the Scenes of this pic on my stories! Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday 😘

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Seriously how stunning is our world please 😱 So happy we made it to Tulum 🇲🇽 Visiting Cenotes in Tulum has been on my bucket list for a looong time 🗺 So crazy that we had this stunning Cenote all to ourselves this morning 😱 They key is to arrive early to avoid the crowds! Even though Iqbal and I both are not morning people 🙈😂 we started to become big fans of getting to places early to enjoy them (at least a little while) all to ourselves ☺️ So glad it worked out here 🙏🏽 Honestly though we are so in love with Tulum already (people are so friendly, the food is one of the best we’ve ever had and the nature is insanely beautiful)! 😍 It’s our very first time in Mexico 🇲🇽 and definitely won’t be the last time! Super excited to show you more of this stunning place so make sure to follow my stories 😘

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One of the absolute Must Dos in Cuba is doing a Vintage Car Tour 💕 This has been definitely one of my personal highlights of our trip! Ask your driver to take you to the non touristy places though! This way we discovered this cute little beach café right by the ocean 🏝 where we got to watch the most stunning sunset 🌅 Our Cuba trip has been so amazing! I will write a detailed review with all pros and cons of Cuba as a destination and about the situation of the Cuban people as soon as we will get back ❤️ Check my stories to see the destination we just arrived at 😱 It‘s very different than Cuba but was only a 1 hour flight away. We are so excited we made it after all those struggles yesterday (more in my stories) 😩

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Pic 1 or 2... which one is your fav? ❤️ Hands down my favorite moment of Cuba so far has been seeing @masonnaimgran having the time of his life 😂 He just loves the water sooo much that it‘s the biggest joy for Iqbal and I to go swimming with him 💦 Traveling with a baby isn’t always easy though! Those who follow my stories see that I often struggle 😩 However, having a baby can also be sooo rewarding which moments like these remind me of 🙏🏽 Thank you so much to @kempinskihavana for hosting our little family 🥰 Anzeige

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I had so much fun deciding upon all of my Cuba outfits 💃 How do you like this one? 💜 You can find a little Fashion Haul in my stories with direct link to this outfit & some other really nice winter ones ❄️ Via my code ➡️ „pilot30“ ⬅️ you currently get 30% discount on my outfits valid until December 2nd (only for Black Week) 🖤 Anzeige

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Totally feeling the vibe of this stunning place 🇨🇺😍 So happy we get to stay here a whole week so we don’t need to rush from one place to the other and actually get to soak up the energy of Cuba 🙏🏽 It actually feels much more like a vacation that a job ☺️ P.s: Outfit links in my stories 💃 ➡️ Gleich um 16:45 kommt übrigens endlich unsere Reportage bei RTL Explosiv Weekend 📺 Da wir sie selbst hier wahrscheinlich gar nicht sehen können 🙈 freuen wir uns sehr über euer Feedback 💕 ⬅️ Edit: Leider wurde unser Beitrag schon wieder um eine Woche verschoben 😩

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Hello from Havana 🇨🇺 We couldn’t be more happy to be here 😍 There is such a special vibe 🎶 in this city it is hard to describe ☺️ I got so many questions from you guys that I wanna sum up our first impressions of Cuba so far: PROS: - Cuba is stunning! - Those vintage cars everywhere are the prettiest - People are very kid-friendly & super friendly in general - The music vibe is amazing CONS: - Drones are forbidden (don’t even bring one - big mistake we made which cost us 3h waiting time at the airport 😂) - The streets in Havana are not so well suited for a stroller - The wifi connection is not so good - Everything is kinda pricey (hotels, food etc.) Overall the pros definitely outweigh the cons and we are so excited to explore more of Cuba the next days 😍 I hope that was some valuable information for all those thinking about visiting Cuba 💕 Hoping to create more valuable content here for you guys 🙏🏽

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I don’t mind sharing my seat with this little traveler 👶🏻❤️ Honestly Iqbal and I were pretty scared of this 15 hours flight to Havana 😱 Especially since the two nights before were pretty tough since Mason woke up like 20 times 🙈😂 Surprisingly on this long flight @masonnaimgran did soooo well 🙏🏽 Now we are in Havana 🇨🇺 and we can hardly believe our eyes 😱 Cuba is like another world and we are so excited to explore it the next days 😍 Gonna show you everything in my stories 💕 Anzeige | Thank you so much to @turkishairlines for the incredible hospitality once again ✈️ Mason is always treated like a little prince onboard 👑 #widenyourworld

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Biggest SALE @pilotmadeleinepresets of the year 🎉 Receive 15% off everything in my shop (presets, my Master Collection, story sticker etc.) now until Cyber Monday 🙌🏽 Code ➡️ BLACKFRIDAY ⬅️ Excited to see your pics using #pilotmadeleinepresets ❤️

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Happy anniversary to my partner in crime @iqbalgran 🔥 #3years Not trying to pretend everything is perfect with us: Relationships are hard! Iqbal and I had many times the past half year where we thought it was over 😔 Being 24/7 together, working together, traveling together, sharing sleepless nights together etc. isn’t easy! We usually argue about the stupidest things and when both of us are suffering from a lack of sleep or are stressed arguments sometimes turn into hurtful fights! My goal for this year is to focus more on my relationship ❤️ I’m very honest with you guys: It‘s often difficult for me to find the right balance between being a Mom, working full time, traveling, staying fit and being a loving girlfriend. However, I know now it‘s all a matter of setting your priorities right so that‘s what I‘m working on right now 🙏🏽

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Who‘s also a bit excited for snow? 🙋🏼‍♀️❄️☃️🌨 Edited with „Mountain Preset Pack“ from my Master Collection @pilotmadeleinepresets 💕 Today in one week we‘ll fly to Cuba 🇨🇺 Those who follow my Stories know more details about this trip 💙 I‘m really looking forward to sharing this beautiful place and our experiences there with you 🤗

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Last cruise 🚢 it was just the two of us and now we have the cutest little traveler in his first tuxedo with us 😭 I was planning to post a more „staged“ photo of us but honestly I just like this snapshot in the elevator 📸 too much 🥰 Last night was pretty epic 🎇 It was already our 4th time on a MSC cruise ship 🛳 We got to witness the christening of MSC Grandiosa... the biggest cruise ship we’ve ever been on 😱 @msccruisesofficial have become like family for us so we are super grateful for another magical experience ✨🔮 Anzeige Übrigens wird nächsten Sonntag (heute in einer Woche) um 16:45 Uhr unsere RTL Reportage bei Explosiv Weekend ausgestrahlt 😱 Also unbedingt einschalten 📺💕 Wir freuen uns über euer Feedback 🤗

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My whole world right here 💙 @masonnaimgran

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I just released a new Preset Pack (Filter) in my @pilotmadeleinepresets shop 🎉 MADDIE EVERYDAY PRESETS ☺️ This preset pack is especially suited for your daily life pictures such as pictures at home 🏡, selfies 🤳, indoor shots 🏠, food pics 🍎, night shots 🌃 etc. So you don’t need to travel to use my „Everyday“ filters! I actually created them because so many of you were asking for a preset pack for your daily life pictures. So here it is 🙌🏽😍 They are the perfect combination to my Master Collection btw ☺️ My free „Everyday Instagram filter“ is also based upon this pack so you can get an idea 🤗 You can check it out via the link in my bio 😘

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Happy Sunday my loves 😘 Due to the new challenge I realized this was my first picture on Instagram 🙈 Well not really as my account got hacked once (who has been already following me back then?) and the hacker deleted all of my pics 😩 Nevertheless, I think it‘s so nice looking back and realizing how life has changed the past 3 years 🙏🏽 I‘m a Mom now, I work as a full time travel blogger, I live in Malta etc. Gonna be so cool seeing how life is gonna change the next 3 years ☺️ Maybe I will live in another country and own a house 🤔🏡 How do you see yourself in 3 years? ☺️ P.s: My FREE Instagram filter FINALLY got approved 🙌🏽 🎉 I love it soooo much 🥰 Check it out in my stories 💙

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I haven’t shared a before & after editing pic using @pilotmadeleinepresets in a while so here you go 💙 I love how you can improve the picture quality without using the stunning details 👌🏽 Do you have any questions regarding my editing or filters? ☺️Feel free to post your questions below this pic our send me a DM 💌

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We really enjoy spending some quality time at home ☀️ #ad It is still not certain yet how long we plan on living in Malta 🇲🇹 but at the moment we love the nice fall weather here, the friendly people and the closeness to our families in Germany 🇩🇪 Our dream is to build a house one day though 🏡 As prices are too expensive here in Malta 😩 we need to think about another location 🤔 Gonna be interesting to see where we end up one day ❤️ Wearing my new sunglasses @guess @marcolin_eyewear 😎 #GUESSeyewear

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