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When you're out of paper, so you paint on a random piece of mat board💁‍♀️ Anyone else resorted to painting on random substrates?? Lol.. #paintersgonnapaint

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A little detail from yesterday's painting where I tried out @trexinks and experienced their bright, saturated goodness!✨💙

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Finally got a chance to play around with my new @trexinks and I'm in love! They are beautifully saturated and bright, so a little goes a long way! True to their colors; I especially love the Space Black because you get a gorgeous neutral grey when diluted. Plus, they play great with @jacquardproducts Brass metallic ink! (PSA: If you haven't put in an order yet, today is the last day to get a whopping 30% off your entire purchase!! And a big thank you to everyone who has made purchase this past month, your support means the world to me!!🥰)

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〰️ tiny details 〰️ Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! Just as a reminder, tomorrow is the last day to get 30% off EVERYTHING in my shop, including this little beauty!! (Plus all orders of $35 or more qualify for free shipping😘🙌)

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So one of the giant 26x40 paintings I did a couple weeks ago didn't quite turn out how I wanted, but there were several areas of it I really loved when isolated! So, took the knife to it and did a little surgery! The end result is three 11x14 paintings I really like. Here's one of them💙

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In case you missed the announcement this morning, planters and ornaments are now available in the shop!! There are hexagon AND round mini planters available, and ornaments are available in three different shapes! Yay for options!!😁🙌 . . . And, here's a little detail of a painting I pretty much completely redid.. liking it much better now, and excited to share the whole thing soon!

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Hip hip hooray!! These three cuties, (plus many more planters) and Christmas ornaments are now in the shop!!!🎉🙌 Click the link in the bio to check 'em out and snag your favorites before they're gone!🏃‍♀️💨 Plus I'm offering FREE shipping on all orders $35 or more!! Fill the planters with a little succulent or flower, and you've got a perfect gift for friends, neighbors, moms, sisters, teachers, or yourself 😉👌

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Hi there!!👋 It's been a while since I showed my face on my feed, so here it is, courtesy of my husband! I'm Sarah! I'm a mom to four wonderful little humans (ages 7, 5, 3, and 1. Yes, "I'm busy" is an understatement🤣) and one doggo who we adopted in August named Moki! (Swipe to see the whole crew) I'm a "med school widow" meaning my husband is very much alive, I just don't see him too often because he's a 2nd year medical student very much buried in his studies most of the time! I was born on the 4th of July, grew up in a little town by the ocean with redwoods in my backyard in Northern California. I love animals, especially horses, and miss galloping my horse down the beach. I love muscle cars, and hope to own a 1968 Mustang fastback someday! My dream is to live on a big piece of land in rural Oregon, where I can garden, ride horses, spend time with my family, and paint to my heart's content. I'm a photographer by trade and got my BFA degree back in 2013! I discovered alcohol ink about a year and a half ago, and am completely addicted! Also, I can't whistle lol. Anyways, if you made through that big 'ol caption, here's a big hug!!😅 Thank you to each and every one of you here supporting my little art dreams; it means the world to me!!🥰

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These little itty bitty porcelain hexagon planters have stolen my heart!😍 I have a dozen of them that will be available tomorrow at the Holiday Bazaar happening at Wide Hollow Elementary from 9am to 4pm! Any left will be listed on my Etsy early this upcoming week. If you want to be one of the first to be notified when they drop in the shop, click on the link in my bio and sign up to recieve emails!🙌😘

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The result of some fun play time with the inks! I've been so busy preparing for the upcoming Holiday Bazaar this Saturday; finishing ornaments, painting more mini ceramic planters, etc, that it's been a while since I've had time to paint just to paint. It was so refreshing! And, by the way, if you're in Yakima, stop by Wide Hollow Elementary this Saturday between 9am and 4pm and come say hi! (And maybe snag a few Christmas gifts while you're at it!😘)

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Whipping out Christmas ornaments like nobody's business!💪 They will be available next Sunday, November 24th, so mark your calendars! 🎄🙌🎅

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A quick detail of another biggun'! The lighting is kinda crappy in this one because I keep forgetting the sun sets at like 4 now, lol, plus it was super dark and overcast all day. Even though I'm a big fan of sunshine, I actually really like how gray, cloudy days feel. It's a cozy, safe feeling and I've found it usually sparks more creativity in me as well! Who else is a fan of ☁️☁️☁️??

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Little detail of my largest painting yet! Any guesses on how big it is??😅🤪

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Haven't shared this little guy yet! This was a painting that I was not super crazy about until I cut it up into two separate pieces and mounted it onto different shapes, go figure lol. Now I love it! It's available in my Etsy store still, which by the way, now offers FREE SHIPPING on orders of just $35 or more!!🙌🎉 (link to my store in bio😘)

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I started this hexy canvas back in Spring... and it's just been sitting in my art area ever since, until last night! Adding brass for texture, depth, and shimmer, and then white line work inspired by the incredible @messyeverafter was exactly what needed to happen. Sometimes certain pieces take months to complete, but the wait is worth it!✨ Who have you been inspired by lately?? Tag one (or more!) of your favorite artists in the comments so we can all support each other and be inspired as well!❤🤗

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Tile Tuesday with a twist!!❄🎄 I can't wait to hang a few of these on my tree! Also, what colors would you love to see on Christmas ornaments?! (Planning on doing a whole bunch!)

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Most of the mini planters have been snagged, but there are still a few left including this little mint & gold cutie!😍 I'll be randomly including a little extra surprise with one of the planter orders, so go grab one by midnight tonight if you want a chance to win that little something extra!!🎁😊

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The mini ceramic planters sale will start here on IG in my stories tomorrow (Oct. 22nd) at 6pm PST!! 🎊🎉 And here's a spooky orange and black Halloween planter for another sneak peek! 🕷🎃🦇

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Mini planters!! These cute little ceramic planters were tricky, but so fun to paint! They come with a drainage hole in the bottom, and sit in a little bamboo tray. Fill it with a mini succulent for the perfect gift for family, friends, teachers, etc! . . I think I'm going to do an IG sale for these in my stories soon, (like Monday maybe?😉) Keep an eye out so you can snag your faves!☺️

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Here's a little detail of a piece I created back in the Spring. It's listed on Etsy, but I don't think I've shared it on here yet! This one does not have a layer of resin on it, but I think it will be the next one I do when I find the time😍

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If you can't tell, I've been really diggin' the textures I get from air drying my paintings! I haven't picked up the hair dryer in forever! But that's actually mainly because my "studio" is right next to my kids' room where the baby sleeps, and he's kind of a light sleeper, and the dryer is noisy sooo yeah😅

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Pretty detail of a green and blue painting that will be sent to California today! Check out my stories to get this as a free wallpaper!❤

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I'm baaaack! Well, how was everyone's Summer?! What was the most fun thing you did?? . Also, this pretty is already listed in the shop (which is finally out of vacation mode!😅🙌🎉) but I don't think I shared it on here yet!

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Happy 4th of July eve!! It's mah birfday tomorrow too so I'll be off social media enjoying time with family and pretending that the fireworks are for me lol. Hope everyone has a safe and fun day tomorrow!

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