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Eyes wide open. Also, FRIDAYYYY. 🖤🖤🖤

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sheen.ism. I love, LOVE creating magic for sustainable, natural beauty companies.

I love, LOVE creating magic for sustainable, natural beauty companies. Swipe to the end to see my favourite image from this set for @lenor.skin - she’s a beauty. Photo: @sheen.ism Styling: @foundedinbeauty

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I’ve never seen a real smile that I haven’t liked. I’ve also never seen a fake smile that I haven’t called out while shooting. 😏 I keep it real like that. This gem was so much funnn to photograph. Real smiles all over the place. 😍😊✨ Muse: @joelle_t Styling: @foundedinbeauty

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More than slightly obsessed with the tones of this photograph I took for @fieldstudyshop of beautiful wooden objects handcrafted by @elise__mclauchlan - I want every single piece. 😍♥️

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FriYAY. I’ve been burning all the midnight oil lately, but I’m making a dent in this mountain of mine, and it feels good. This good. @evelaceymusic is always a dream to work with. ♥️

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I created this arrangement for a session for @floramyecbd with the florals that @foundedinbeauty brought for us to play with, and I remembered just how much I lovvvve floral arranging. So thankful that my job holds space for so much beauty. ♥️

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Holy frig, there’s only 56 days left in this year. What. Also, hello @meicmillz - 😍😍

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I’m currently going through a season of thankfulness, because gratitude honestly makes the biggest difference in how I perceive hard situations and the grey days. The older I am, the more thankful I am. So today I am thankful to have met @eluobeauty and subsequently, @foundedinbeauty - They’re both so inspiring and I love, LOVE working with them. 🖤

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Tomorrow bright and early, I’m trying out paragliding for the first time ever. I have always had these dream where I run and jump and go like twenty feet into the air, and apppparently that’s what paragliding feels like at take off, so maybe I’ve been dreaming of doing it my whole life. Brady Larry has been nudging me to try new things, because honestly, 80% of my life is digitally based; behind the camera, editing on the computer, working from my phone. I’ve made the decision to start doing more creative things with my HANDS soon, which included going back to painting every so often, AND I’m going to try ceramics. Hand building is what interests me the most so far, and I just want to make pretty little things. I have SO MANY incredible ceramic making friends, and I’ve always been so inspired by them. I’ve also been told it can be really therapeutic and calming, which is exactly what I need right about now. This fall season is kicking my butt, both mentally and physically. THIS bombshell beauty is also a creative! She’s the best at makeup & hair styling, and she’s also pretty dang cute. ♥️ I love working with her. @hairbymichaelahowie

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sheen.ism. Dang! I forgot to post yesterday, so today I’m sharing twooo photos.

Dang! I forgot to post yesterday, so today I’m sharing twooo photos. I loved this day with the darling @kelseylauren.life - she’s super sweet, and offers so much kindness and wisdom to the world. She also had gifted me two plants in our friendship, and they’re THRIVING. If you know me you know I love me a good little plant. HAPPY FREAKING FRIDAY. ♥️

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Definitely dreaming of summery, beachy days right about now, as I lay in my bed fighting off my first cold of the season. What do YOU do to stave off this flu season?? I loved this day with @foundedinbeauty & @maggie_ferguson ♥️

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All you need is a glimmer of light. For @woodlot in collaboration w/ @foundedinbeauty

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@jazz.a.paradis for @dearjoie beautiful, minimal jewelry that complements rather than distracts. I loved shooting these pieces! 🖤

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Thankful. For family, and especially for all the mamas that keep reaching out their arms for their babes, regardless of their own emotions and feelings and stresses of life. It’s my own mama’s birthday month, and she holds my heart, and so many other hearts that need her. What are you thankful for this holiday weekend?

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Some Earth up close and personal. 🖤

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sheen.ism. .10. - 11/31

.10. - 11/31

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Today was one of those days. A crushing sense of anxiety and pressure, and I could hardly get myself out of bed this morning. I had to speak words & names out loud, reminding myself of all the people who love me, and support me, and have my back. And it helped. I got out of bed, and I told myself that everything in life just takes one step at a time. But these methods don’t always work, and sometimes the pull towards the bed is too heavy, and nothing gets done, and the grey takes over. But that’s okay too, because I’ve learned to be gentler towards myself, to give myself the same amount of grace and understanding that I give to the people I love. The knowledge that it’s okay to feel weak makes me feel stronger. Thankful. #mentalhealthdayeveryday

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I very clearly am like a moth drawn to the brightest light. I ain’t mad about it. There was this one time that I was working in an office with very few windows leading to the outside world, and I swear it was actually draining my soul, and it felt like the edges of my thoughts were all a desolate shade of grey. So basically I’m a plant. 🌿Probably a monstera. If you were a plant, which one would YOU be? Image for @eluobeauty in collaboration with @foundedinbeauty

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Heart & head of gold, this one. ♥️

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Playing with light. For @harlyjae in collaboration w/ @foundedinbeauty

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SKIN For @eluobeauty in collaboration with @foundedinbeauty .10. - 6/31

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Sometimes I stop and think about the fact that making art is my job, and it blows my mind and makes me feel so very, very grateful. This photo was created as content for @jenniferjoanskincare in collaboration with @foundedinbeauty - we honestly made so much magic that day! These beautiful hands belong to @kittykala .10. - 5/31

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Smoke show. Content created for @woodlot in collaboration with @foundedinbeauty Beautiful human: @meneka_repka .10. - 4/31

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It’s all in the details with @foundedinbeauty - we love collaborating and creating content that is thoughtful and beautiful. ♥️ .10. - 3/31

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