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Dressed up to get down 🕺

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I have a long list of reasons as to why I seek to become the strongest, most fearless version of myself and you are first on that list. #auntieaboveall

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Really grateful for this human being. #wcw

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Keep taking time for yourself until you're you again.

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I first started adopting plants when I wanted to add a little color to my bare apartment. Then I got another and another and then a few more. I don't really know the technical names of any of the plants but I still care a lot for them. I water them. I touch them gently. I even read to them. I genuinely encourage them to grow taller and stronger. When they start leaning towards the sunlight I give them a little spin so that there backside can get a little sun too, helping them adjust and stand straight and tall again. If one of them is struggling or even starting to die, I adjust it's surroundings and sometimes repot them altogether - removing the plant from the enviroment that wasn't conducive to it's growth and wellbeing. Honestly, caring for my plants has taught me a lot about caring for myself.

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Summer nights with the people I love most. #auntieaboveall 📸: @570drone

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"This is way more fun than I thought it would be." - Liam, first time strawberry pickin' #auntieaboveall

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"One step at a time." -@strugglestream

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Welp, I cried more than any parent in the room. I guess I'm officially "that auntie." 🤷‍♀️ Happy Graduation from Pre-K, Little L 💕

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simplyhkp. Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Topic: Lessons In Longing.

10 years ago there w

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 Topic: Lessons In Longing. 10 years ago there was a thunderstorm and I wrote about how it might feel to miss someone I once loved. I was obsessed with John Green and developed a sense of longing in my writing as I read book after book. Longing for a deep, immeasurable, earth shattering kind of love. A love that embedded itself in every color, every breath, every rain drop. 3 nights ago a storm washed over me as I laid in a field surrounded by people I cherish. In those minutes, I wasn't longing for anything. I was living and feeling my own story. I was exactly where I wanted to be. I had everything I needed, including my own love.

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Wandering, not lost. 🍃

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I am so glad I found you. - Note to self

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Ready for take off ✈ #auntieaboveall

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Livin' that Kentucky Derby life, mint julep and all. Thanks for having a super cool job and getting the people pumped about horse racin' 🏇

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29 in 29. 🌼 #birthdaymonth #simplyhkp

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Fell in love with the vintage feel of downtown Eau Claire and had one of the best coffees this entire trip. The streets had jazz music playing throughout them. 🎷 Before heading back to Minneapolis, I took a tiny detour and found heaven on earth at a local candy shop in Chippewa this morning too! 🍫🍬🍭 #state45 #all50byage30

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It's Earth Day so I ditched the car for a few hours this morning and traveled by bike (helmet not pictured) around the cutest downtown in Fargo! #state44 #all50byage30 #loveyourearth #happyearthday

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Hope ya'll are enjoying ur Easter hams (or yams for all my plant-based pals) while I pet the World's Largest Buffalo, Dakato Thunder. 🙏 #state44 #all50byage30

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I lost my glasses entering Montana but I found a hundred precious moments visiting the Historic Districts along 1-94. #state43 #all50byage30

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Snuck back through Wyoming last night to see Old Faithful do her thang and met some fluffy friends along the way. #state40 (round 2) #all50byage30

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Just ate a baked potato, ice cream made with real potato flakes, and an Idaho Spud candy bar to counter that morning Utah workout. Life's a balance, right? #state42 #all50byage30

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Woke up in Salt Lake City, Utah and made the decision to take a little detour. Started my day with a 4.5 mile hike at Fifth Water Hot Springs Trail Head. Rejuvenating in the hot springs at the halfway point was e v e r y t h i n g my body needed amid all the driving. #state41 #all50byage30

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Wyoming is super sunny and has really pretty snowy mountains. It's 72 degrees and I snuck in a mini hike-based workout at Garden Creek Waterfall Loop so honestly today has been really, really lovely. #state40 #all50byage30

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Rounding the corner and seeing this took me back to being a little girl (teenager) daydreaming about all the places I'd be sure to see one day. Here I am, doing all the things I promised myself I would. #state39 #all50byage30

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