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Unforgettable mornings.

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LET’s TALK GETTING VISA TO GRENADA ....for those with travel limiting passports (I.e. a Nigerian passport) listen up. While I had an incredible time in #Grenada and will gladly return in future; getting the visa was stressful for me ; for context I got my visa from the London consulate; there were no hoops to jump through to be honest - filled the form ; went to the consulate ; met with a consulate officer for a straightforward interview; paid the fees and got my receipt. That is when things took a turn, I was supposed to get a call for pick up - after two weeks with no contact ; I started to panic; called numerous times with no response or call backs; after almost 20 calls I finally got someone on phone ; but not much help. The week I was traveling - I was calling multiple times a day with failed promises to get back to me; the day before I was due to fly out which was a Friday - I had to take the morning off work to go camp out at the consulate; after a few hours I met with an officer who was patient and kind to look through the passports - mine had not even been processed 🤦🏽‍♀️. he asked for my travel date and when I told him I was scheduled to fly to the states the next day and then from there to Grenada - he promised to have it ready by 3 pm (he kept his word and my visa was ready when I returned at 3 pm). Thankful he was working that day. I like to think my experience was outside the norm; but wanted to share for those of you who may need a visa to visit. #tseingrenada

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Find freedom on your next vacation in a space that feels uniquely yours. 📸: @brunakaibers

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El dia que fui a Jupiter 👽⚡️🔮

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Such! Great! Heights!

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Thanks to everyone that made my Nashville trip the absolute best. Counting down the days until I’m back! A special thanks to @abottswillis for inviting me and my little book to the market @forthouston and to @blackcoffee_ftw for being my road trip partner in crime. I’ll see ya soon and then I’ll hopefully be staying for good. 📸 @blackcoffee_ftw

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📍 North Pole

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Northern lights + award winning design hotel✔️ #iceland #northenlights #auroraborealis #ionhotel #pappatour

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Mount Kilimanjaro is known for being Africa's highest freestanding mountain, but its iconic snowcaps have melted and might be completely gone in 20 years. 📍Mount Kilimanjaro 🇹🇿 Photo by: @thinspacesproductions

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larisa.ramonaa. ♡♡♡
Sunday, 8th of December 2019

♡♡♡ Sunday, 8th of December 2019

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I learnt recently that the only innate fears we are born with are the fear of falling and loud noises. That was interesting to me because I’ve always said I don’t have a fear of heights, I’m scared of falling. If I feel secure, the height doesn’t bother me. Angel’s Landing was definitely outside my comfort zone and I’m so glad we hiked it. This has to be one of the most exhilarating trails we’ve ever done and felt so rewarding when it was done. Have you pushed past any fears lately? 🏞 #VisitUtah #wowutah #utahunique #beautahful #mighty5 #mighty5utah #ZionNationalPark #traveladdicted #travelinspiration #traveljunkies #hiker #travelingtheworld #travelstroke #travellercollective #travelogue #takemethere #athomeintheworld #keepuptheadventure #hiking #globewanderer #naturetravel #angelslanding #zionnationalpark

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Le guance paffute saranno sempre stritolate 🥴

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Call it magic. ✨ Sunday 🎄💫

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Time to bust out the cozy cardigans for travel chats with @reesarei 💕 — discovering cute murals and cafes (my favorite hobby) in the South Bay. #nomoontravelteam

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@petitjardinenville never disappoints 🎄😍

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eugeniatoyou. and that's okay 💆🏻‍♀️

and that's okay 💆🏻‍♀️

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lol no worries at least this planet has namjoon #12daysofjoon #elenaxbts

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Christmas but make it TIKI 🎄✨ . Have you checked out our Christmas Tiki Pop Up @SippinSanta yet?? We are open nightly until 11pm! Tag your friends and join us for cocktails 🍹 #SavannahSippinSanta . Regram @SusieDrinks

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budapest street photo |

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Seeing the sea in winter time. One of my dreams came true last year, in Belgium, at the North Sea. And it was spectacular. 💙

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instaxsandy. Cheers to straight-to-door hand picked curated wine delivery during th

Cheers to straight-to-door hand picked curated wine delivery during the busy festive season 🎄🍷 so glad I found @nakedwinesdotcom ✨ making my life much easier! ⁣ ⁣ #sponsored #nakedholidaycheers

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