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Attended a @sonyalpha event for the past three days here in LA. Not only did @Sony give @allegraosati and I cards to shoot with, but they also had tons of Alpha cameras (a9, a7R III) for us to borrow so we could improve our shooting and lighting skills. Big shoutout to @mdwelch_photo for putting on a really informative workshop.

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I rather be there but this couch is super comfy.

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Can’t believe it’s already been a year! Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife @kennedy.jansens. Love ya!

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Inspiration hit me pretty hard last night with my very visit with @heidimonizmakeup to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Area in general. Simply AMAZING! . Hope you all enjoy this little time-lapse video edit highlighting some of my favorite moments from the experience. ❤️ #goldengatebridge . Captured with the @sonyalpha a7RIII / GM 24mm / @tokinausa Firin 100mm / @hoyafilterusa Hd3 polarizer, Solas 5 stop / @acratech GXP / @slikusa AL-420m tripod.

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trxshstyle. TDP10// Anika.

TDP10// Anika.

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finalcall90. #sonya7iii #tamron2875 #bealpha
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benzuckerphotos. Some random live shows from the tour.

Some random live shows from the tour.

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k4rophotography. Simple portraits of Lola&Ruby ☺️
Swipe to see second photo!
Which one

Simple portraits of Lola&Ruby ☺️ Swipe to see second photo! Which one you prefer? :)

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Bos. no 1 mixed media 36x24 ✖️: Sold

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tal_abarbanel_. #blackandwhite


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"Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village though; He will not see me stopping here To watch his woods fill up with snow." - Robert Frost #nevercompromise #captureonepro #captureone #sony #sonyalpha #bealpha #a7riii #sonyalphasclub #detroit #puremichiganders #detroitrespect #greenfieldvillage #thehenryford #dearborn #rawdetroit #seenindetroit #asdetroitsown #seenindetroit #depictthed #puredetroit #thf90

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Came across this fella today sort of trying to hide, sort of trying to be a tree, sort of trying to be some bracken! . . . #richmondpark #richmondparkdeer #stag #rut #autumn #nature #londonnature #bracken #sonyalpha #sonypro #bealpha #captureonepro

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The Tree of Liberty - made from velvet and naturally died reindeer moss. Definitely worth checking it out in person.

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A little throwback to an apex moment in my young photography career. I still get chill thinking about this moment and seeing this pod of dolphins in the wild was a find that I have yet to see again. The world is a beautiful place.

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✖️: tick tock 🕐

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