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babysquidsuk. 🎄 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway - Day 4 🎄⠀
Our friends over @konfi

🎄 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway - Day 4 🎄⠀ ⠀ Our friends over @konfidenceuk have given us 3 essential items to take your little one swimming. A neoprene changing mat, neoprene ball for lots of fun in the pool and a One Size Fits All Swim Nappy. ⠀ ⠀ For your chance to win this super bundle all you need to do is:⠀ 1. Like this post⠀ 2. Follow @babysquidsuk and @konfidenceuk on Instagram⠀ 3. Tag a friend ⠀ 4. Share in a comment below your favourite game to play in the pool with your little one⠀ ⠀ Our 12 days of Christmas daily competition will close at 9.00pm each evening and a winner will be selected by random and tagged in this post. A link to our terms and conditions can be found in our bio.⠀ ⠀ #12daysofchristmasgiveaway #countdowntochristmas #babysquidsuk #babysquids #babyswimming #toddlerswimming #lifeskill #childdevelopment #babyswimminghampshire #babyswimmingwinchester #babyswimmingsouthampton #babyswimmingdorset #babyswimmingferndown #babyswimmingbournemouth #babyswimmingsalisbury #babyswimmingwiltshire #babyswimmingwestonsuermare #babyswimmingsomerset #babyswimmingexeter #babyswimmingdevon #babyswimmingcranleigh

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millennium_education_family. Turning dreams into reality! Let your child experience the real magic

Turning dreams into reality! Let your child experience the real magic of learning. See your child transform into a leader of the new #Millennium with the #best_CBSE_school near you the #Millennium_World_School - For more detail visit our site https://www.millenniumschools.co.in/ - #schooladmission #admission2020 #school #education #schooleducation #parenting #topschools #schools_in_india #parentingtips #children #admission #cbseschool #childdevelopment #earlychildhoodeducation #kindergarten #admissionsopen #admissions #Primaryeducation #Indiaeducation #EducationIndia

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team_teolets. Children can become picky eaters for a number of reasons. ... Picky ea

Children can become picky eaters for a number of reasons. ... Picky eating habits are more likely to develop when parents punish, bribe or reward their children's eating behaviors. The goal for feeding a picky eater should be to try new foods and to stop starting a battle at home. Whether you have a toddler or a teen, here are five of the best strategies to improve nutrition and encourage smart eating habits: 1. Have regular family meals. 2. Serve a variety of healthy foods and snacks. 3. Be a role model by eating healthy yourself. 4. Avoid battles over food. 5. Involve kids in the cooking and serving process. https://youtu.be/xg-by1Keauk #healthylifestyle #healthyeatinghabits #healthykids #food #foodhabits #nurseryrhymes #family #kidz #kidzindia #kidsparty #kid #ifyourehappyandyouknowit #kidsfun #kidzstation #kidzspace #ifyouarehappy #kidzone #kidzlearningzone #kidzplay #kidsactivities #kidzlearning #kids #children #childrenillustration #childdevelopment #childledlearning #education #theteolets #parenting

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PLAY IS LEARNING. I am sure we have heard this many times and what a better delight it is to experience it! 🤩 . . This statement is questioned many times by Parents, Family members and even fellow professionals! This thought arises because we are unaware of the many benefits that play offers. Now days when the trend is to put children in structured environments, classes for anything and everything, this tremendous benefit of free play is being robbed from kids. By putting children in a structure, we some how miss giving them the opportunity of being creative, imaginative and independent. Free play is one of the bestest activity to help develop executive functioning skills (reasoning, analyzing, differentiating, problem solving etc) of children. . . I feel happy to be an observer of U boy's play. And as he plays, I learn. Because I know he finds a purpose in his play, and he learns from it. He is a child who wouldn't sit for any one to one structured activities. And different as he is, I think it's from him I have learnt how children learn. Being his Mother is such a rich and fulfilling experience of my life. This gives me amazing insights while counseling parents and stressing the importance of play. . . I was worried that when would he start writing and take interest in pre-writing activities. His independent play somehow reflects all those pre-writing things I intended to do for him. Scroll above to see the pictures and patterns😍 His alignments reflect the straight lines, diagonals and curves. I am sure, in Sha Allah, my boy will learn and help me learn too! 😘 MASHA ALLAH! . . Leave a ♥️ for us and would love to hear your views. . . #childdevelopment #childsplay #openendedplay #independentplaytime #followthechild #childsinterests #learningthroughplaying #learnwithplay #prewriting #earlylearning #mommyblogger #mumbaimoms #mumbaimomblogger #slpmom #slpblogger

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playthedayaway_. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄🎅🏻❄️

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄🎅🏻❄️

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The 4 most important skills you can teach your kids Emotional Intelligence Body Awareness Conscious Problem-solving Empathic Integrity Within these 4 skills are the keys to a life filled with purpose, pleasure, prosperity & power. 🐲A life of purpose brings service to others & one's self. 🔥A life of pleasure fulfills the senses of the physical game your Divine self came to play. 🖤A life of prosperity means an overflow of health, wealth, love & wisdom. ⚡A life of power means knowing your Sovereignty & the inalienable right to free will. Our children know the rules to the Game of Life on Gaia better than any generation to come before- they have just forgotten. It's our responsibility to remind them the Truth of their Dragon; the Knowing of their Worth. This is why I am running the Raising Dragons Masterclass this Wednesday December 18 @ 1 MST For spiritual parents who looking for language around puberty, bullying, shame, money, mindfulness, magick, sex, drugs, current affairs & political activism (ya know all he "hard/awkward" topics) so they can have meaningful & impactful conversations with their kids. The holidays are the perfect time to check in with your kids & find out WHAT THEY WANT. Take responsibility & claim your authority as your child's first & best teacher. Registration ends at 10am Wednesday. Link in Bio!

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flavi.id. Moms, punya banyak kaleng susu bekas si kecil? Jangan di buang dulu ya

Moms, punya banyak kaleng susu bekas si kecil? Jangan di buang dulu ya Moms! Yuk, kreasi kan kaleng susu bekas jadi bermanfaat buat si kecil atau bisa dipakai Moms langsung lho seperti untuk wadah ATK, wadah lampu, celengan hingga pot bunga 🌸 ____ #flavi #flaviid #flavitips #disposablebibs #bib #produkbayi #produkbayiaman #travelkit #travelproducts #babyproducts #babyfood #makananbayi #babygoods #peralatanbayi #parentingtips #childdevelopment #tipsbayisehat #tipsbayi

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shiishyaaschool. The ability to imagine things, pervades our entire existence. Imaginat

The ability to imagine things, pervades our entire existence. Imagination influences everything we do, think about and create. Encourage your children to be more imaginative. . . . . #ShiishyaaSchool #SchoolsInPune #overalldevelopment #Education

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Make 2020 the perfect start of a great education for your child with SIS Schools. Contact us to book a campus tour or to find out more about our high standards.⠀ ⠀ Here are also some great tips for selecting the right school.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ http://sis.school/ojn37qil

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Don’t miss out/ shop for the whole family at: YUMI & POPPY Holiday Market! * Check out these amazing local Austin vendors * WHEN: Thursday Dec 19th 4-7pm * WHERE: Poppy:12001 Burnet Rd Austin Tx 78758 Suite F * WHAT: SIP. SHOP. SNACK * Tickets are free and available through link in bio! Santa KLENK is making one stop- THIS Holiday Market * #earlychildhoodeducation #coworkingspaces #momssupportingmoms #atxkids #atxmom #momtruths #growatpoppy #customparty #growuptoofast #childdevelopment #coworkingatx #coworkinglife #playbasedlearning #openendedplay #imaginativeplay #playmatters #kidsactivities #educationmatters #workingmommy #daddylife #parentsnightout #creativeplay #invitationtoplay #kidparty #remotework #momtribe #celebrations #rememberingthesedays #atxfamily

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wimmelclub. วันนี้วิมเมลคลับจะขอแนะนำเรื่องที่ขายดีที่สุดของร้านเรานั้นก็คือเรื่อง

วันนี้วิมเมลคลับจะขอแนะนำเรื่องที่ขายดีที่สุดของร้านเรานั้นก็คือเรื่อง ‘ฝึกฝนค้นหา จากหนังสือสุดวุ่น’ เรื่องนี้น้องๆจะได้ค้นพบสิ่งต่างๆตามแต่สถานที่และสถานการณ์ออกไปในแต่ละหน้า จะช่วยให้น้องๆได้ฝึกการสังเกตและการค้นหา เรียนรู้คำศัพท์ใหม่ๆจากสิ่งที่พบเห็น อีกทั้งยังช่วยฝึกในเรื่องจินตนาการเล่านิทานให้แบบฉบับของน้องๆเองได้ด้วย เล่มนี้ทางวิมเมลให้ติดเป็นเล่มที่ขายอันดับหนึ่งของเราเลยนะคะ ใครยังไม่มี พลาดไม่ได้แล้วน้าา . ราคาเล่มละ 425 บาท (บวกค่าส่ง) ค่าส่ง 1 เล่ม 80 บาท - 2 เล่ม 100 บาท - 3 เล่มขึ้นไปส่งฟรี . สั่งทางไลน์ @wimmelclub (มี@นำหน้าด้วยค่ะ) #นิทาน #นิทานเด็ก #หนังสือเด็กเล็ก #หนังสือเด็ก #ของเล่นฝึกทักษะ #childrensbooks #วิมเมลบุ๊ค #วิมเมลคลับ #wimmelclub #ของเล่นเด็ก #ของเล่นเด็กเล็ก #wimmelbuch #childrenstoys #แม่และเด็ก #kids #storybooks #kidstoys #kidsbooks #picturebooks #toysforkids #booksforchildren #bookstagram #educationaltoys #childdevelopment #annesuess

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godslovelearningcenter. 😁😁 Looking for an awesome 👏🏾 #childcare provider with #Christian v

😁😁 Looking for an awesome 👏🏾 #childcare provider with #Christian values? Schedule a tour of our facility with Sondaya Weddle and experience the awesomeness for yourself. Click or copy paste the link below👇🏾 https://share.hsforms.com/.. #GodsLoveLearningCenter #Motivation #Encouragement #Children #ChildDevelopment #EarlyChildDevelopment #DayCare #ChildCare 262-373-9493

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thisonelife_livelaughlove. It’s been a big week of lasts for this little guy and more to come. My

It’s been a big week of lasts for this little guy and more to come. My big boy finished up at Gymbaroo, little kid boxing, and this week it will be kindy. I’m so grateful every day I get to choose how I spend my time and see these firsts and lasts 💜💜 #superlucky #workinghardforit #timefreedom

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For fellow SLPs, this is not NEW norm data nor different from what has been published for the last several decades. Instead, the researchers (McLeod & Crowe, 2018) reviewed 64 studies across 27 languages and combined it all so we can view an average age of speech sound acquisition across studies. . Since this study’s publication a year ago, there has been a lot of reaction! 😳🤔@theinformedslp even wrote an amazing article titled, “That one time a journal article on speech sounds broke the SLP internet!” Their article encouraged us to think what norms we SLPs are using and how we are interpreting them 🧐 . Some important takeaways about norms: ▶️Norm charts look different because they are based on different studies with different methods. Therefore you cannot read them the same way ▶️As per McLeod & Crowe’s study, most of the world’s consonants were acquired by 6 years of age! Many are mastered even by 4 years of age! ▶️Often times, SLPs look at norm charts and incorrectly interpret the ages of acquisition. Many bar graph charts show when a sound starts for 50% of children and then stops at an age level at which 90% of all children are producing that same sound. We should not interpret that it is “normal” for children to not acquire the sounds until age 8 (or whatever age is stated at the end of the bar graph) ▶️There are many factors to consider when determining if a child qualifies for therapy, but many students should receive speech therapy well before the tail-end of those norms on the bar graphs. ▶️While the “wait and see” approach has been a common way to address speech sound disorders in the younger population, research like this study suggest that early treatment may be more aligned with the evidence. 👍 . 📖 Reference: McLeod, S., & Crowe, K. (2018). Children’s Consonant Acquistion in 27 Languages: A Cross-Linguistic Review. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 27, 1546-1571

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allthecatrachitos. @gburgcommunitymuseum Thank You for a great night All Aboard with Sant

@gburgcommunitymuseum Thank You for a great night All Aboard with Santa! We had a blast!

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kidzkonnectchildcare. “The science of early brain development can inform investments in earl

“The science of early brain development can inform investments in early childhood. These basic concepts, established over decades of neuroscience and behavioral research, help illustrate why child development—particularly from birth to five years—is a foundation for a prosperous and sustainable society.” - Center of Developing Child (Harvard University) Kidz Konnect NOW ENROLLING! Opening Winter 2020 Evenings...Weekends...Childcare 7 days a week! Check us out at www.kidzkonnectchildcare.com #montcomoms #bluebellmoms #conshymoms #whitpainmoms #plymouthmeetingmall #plymouthmeetingmoms #amblermoms #lansdalepa #skippackmoms #horshammoms #hiringteachers

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otplan. 🧩 SKILLS SUNDAY🧩
Let’s Talk About Core Strength!
Core strength is f

🧩 SKILLS SUNDAY🧩 Let’s Talk About Core Strength! Core strength is fundamental and important for postural control and stability. It is the key for engaging in all motor activities. Children who have weak core muscles often have difficulties with performing controlled motor skills such as sitting in an upright position, climbing on playground equipment, standing without leaning on the wall or on furniture, and maintaining adequate balance. Developing core strength can, and should start early on in life, when the baby is placed in prone position for “tummy time” play. As the child grows and develops, it is important to continue and strengthen the core muscles through gross motor activities such as climbing, swinging, performing animal walks, and going across the monkey bars. 🧩Need ideas to support your child’s core strength development? Our core strengthening box has games and activity ideas, and all the materials needed, to engage your child and get this fundamental skill stronger!🧩 Visit us at https://skillsinabox.com/shop/ to order your box today!

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montessori_toddler. This is not the most beautiful picture...I know that! But, In a room w

This is not the most beautiful picture...I know that! But, In a room with 13 children from the age of 14 months to 35 months I can tell you...we spend a lot of time in this bathroom space, so I thought I would share it! The bathroom is a huge focus for this age and I’m so pleased with the space we have in our classroom for helping theses children develop the skill of toileting (aka: potty training) Here are some features I want to draw attention to: 🚽 it’s a large open space, easy to get in and out of! 🚽 there are plenty of appropriately sized potty chairs and a toilet! 🚽 there is a sink they can access as well as extra clothing available!! These are capable children when given an environment they can succeed in! #toddlertoilettraining #pottytraining #toddlersbathroom #functionalindependence #amimontessori #montessori #montessorimom #montessoritoddler #toddlerenvironment #montessoryathome #montessorimama #childhoodunplugged #childdevelopment

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‪City: Chennai Date: 14th December 2019 ‪Theme: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle Skill: Promoting Sustainability FHI - Adding value through activity based learning programs. To join the growing FHI family & experience #volunteering visit www.flyhigherindia.com‬. To know more about FHI, give a missed call at 8777721033, our team members will connect shortly #flyhigherindia #FHI #LifeSkills #ChildDevelopment #NGO #Volunteers #NPO #NonProfit #NotForProfit #indianngo #ForKids #Underprivileged #makeadifference #children #socialgood #chennai #chennaingo

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