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innerwellbeing. Modern psychology meets ancient eastern philosophy .
A Yantra is a s

Modern psychology meets ancient eastern philosophy . . A Yantra is a sacred geometric image and an ancient tool used in India for meditation . . The meditator gazes upon the Yantra to focus the mind and increase awareness . . Mandalas (Sanskrit word) have become more mainstream than Yantras, but they are both ancient sacred geometric symbols used in rituals . . The psychologist Carl Jung explored the psychological effects of Mandalas while studying eastern philosophy and the collective unconscious. He had his patients draw Mandalas to identify emotional disorders and work towards wholenes . . This pic represents the Kali Yantra. Kali is the Hindu Goddess of change, transformation, and the power of action. Kali's essence is Divine Love . . #yantra #yantras #kaliyantra #easternphilosophy #psychology #thecollectiveunconscious #collectiveunconscious #collectiveconsciousness #subconscious #subconsciousmind #universalconsciousness #carljung #carljungmandala

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m3lissarichardson. You are... an extension of the collective. 
For a brief moment I felt

You are... an extension of the collective. For a brief moment I felt oneness, a divine connection. In that moment I felt and understood that we all came from the same place & that we are just borrowing this embodiment and identity for a little while. How liberating to know that none of this is personal and also eery to feel that this self that I've been so attached to is not at all attached to me... There is no self, just a soul shot out from a never ending stream of collective consciousness morphed by its experiences and environment that happens to have a name and an identity. We are all different versions of the same thing. We are all one. We are connected. Everything is connected. #connected #alive #grateful #collectiveconsciousness #wellness #uplifting #consciousness #awareness #freedom #imagine #create #nature #wellnesscommunity #mentalhealth #eternalpresence #magic #instapic #pacificocean #youare #iam #allone #divine #mindfood #soulfood #remember #shapeshifter

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thejourneywithluke. Do you hate loneliness?
⬇️ We are never alone ⬇️
• I recently stumbled

Do you hate loneliness? ⬇️ We are never alone ⬇️ • I recently stumbled across an Instagram post regarding “how to overcome loneliness” and this sparked a very old trauma I once had within myself. I hated the feeling of being alone, the feeling I’ll always be alone and I remember this thought always took me to a very dark place. • Since being on this journey the one thing I truly believe is, we are never truly alone because we are all connected, not just in this human experience but in every reality, every dimension, the whole universe is connected and we are a part of that. So how could you feel alone? • External expectations mixed with internal traumas give us that feeling of loneliness, that parasite feeding on our negative thoughts, which expand to “I’m not good enough, nobody wants to be with me, I’ll forever be alone” • These thoughts have been planted into your mind and if you ever feel this way there are a few things you can do to help quieten these voices. • Meditate - Clear your mind of these thoughts and connect to your true self and feel the connection of the universe. • Have a shower - Take deep breathes and feel all the negative energy run off your body down the drain, saying affirmations that you are worthy and nothing and no one will make you believe otherwise. • Be productive - Put your mind to good use. Read, clean or even go for a walk, be with nature. Do things you love instead of worrying about the feeling of loneliness. @thejourneywithluke

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Cheers to moving through life with Grace. Cheers to choosing love over fear. Cheers to sometimes feeling small and yet knowing how powerful we are. Cheers to the ones pollinating this world with love and joy🥂💛🌈🌻🐝🌟 I love you, Nana💞 #bewhole

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thehoneyhivebuzz. Rest.
I cannot promote it enough. I find myself really blessed right n

Rest. I cannot promote it enough. I find myself really blessed right now to come back from vacation and have a few days to myself. My new mantra is “the less I work the more money I make” and what I mean by that is - the more time I give to myself, truly give to myself, the more in alignment I am with my own center. From that center I radiantly AM. From that center, I joyfully create. From that center I lovingly give. And from that center I magnetize to me the fulfillment of my needs. Because when I’m centered, I’m the best version of ME and things just flow with more ease 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s when we rest that we can i n t e g r a t e Taking the time to rest and integrate, is a blessing, one that I hope you allow yourself to dip into ✨ cuddle your puppy, take a bath, go get a massage, or be in nature (tree hugging anyone?) Pause & breathe in the expansive beauty of this existence 🦋

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esoteric_expression. Words are spells, thats why its called S p e l l i n g. Words are used

Words are spells, thats why its called S p e l l i n g. Words are used to describe already existing objects or events, even objects or events conjured up by human imagination. Or is it the other way around? The last three slides show how the simple acknowledgement of a word completely changes someone's view on the world. Not their philosophical view, their literal vision.

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unconsciousrealitydesigns. The Diamond #windowtalisman is back in stock for @artbytheriver come o

The Diamond #windowtalisman is back in stock for @artbytheriver come out to the Beautiful City of Amherstburg to see them in person! This run is in #selenite #flourite #rosequartz #calcite

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Finally finished this amazing amethyst flower! I think I will call her The Seraphim, a host of angelic beings, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor, and purity. Although I am not associated with any particular religion, I do connect highly with the angels. Can't you just feel this piece's energy through the picture? In love. 💜💜💜 . . Available at www.metalandearthdesigns.com, link in bio. . . #illuminateyoursoul #metalandearth #theseraphim #seraphim #angelic #angels #light #purity #celestial #illuminatedheart #weareone #love #amethyst #collectiveconsciousness #universe #highvibrations #goodvibes #liveyourdream #positivevibes #onelove

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The only way out is through. • I talk about finding space. I constantly encourage others to honor boundaries and yes I have created many of my own. Yet every day I try and hustle, every week I’m wanting more. I have multiple jobs and an online business, events coming up and I’m always your girl when it comes to covering classes—and yet, I want more. • Sometimes I forget to stop myself. To practice what I preach and actually feel what needs to be felt and yesterday the universe encouraged me with a pod of chestnuts to slow the fuck down. • I was out walking with my mom and a green softball sized thing fell from the sky and clocked me in the head. I was stunned. Literally at a loss for words at what had just happened. • It took me a minute to really digest it, as a car drove by and ran over what hit me on the head—and I was able to see that this green hunk of fuck you was filled with chestnuts.🤦🏻‍♀️ • I cried and we slowly made our way home. The entire time I just kept thinking, “what about the people I need to show up for, what about the workout I wanted to do when I got home, and also, how?! What are the actual odds?!” In reality, I should have been seeing what I see now. • You may be making grand leaps in progress. You may have come very far from where you started, but old patterns still arise, old thoughts, reactions and even people. • Rather then resisting, SURRENDER. Give yourself the space. Honor the feelings and see the opportunity—not the loss, what if’s and why’s. • Respect👏🏼your👏🏼damn👏🏼process and always remember your WHY. Healing happens by feeling. And the only way out is through. I am SO grateful. • Thank you universe. So very much. • • • • • • • • • Thank you for sharing this photo @thehippieinheels#mentalhealth #keepgoing #breatheinbreatheout #yogabitches #slowthefuckdown #gutfeeling #veganathlete #healingwithfood #ayurvedalifestyle #dosha #kapha #balancing #yogadiet #lifestylechanges #highfrequency #honorwhereyouare #giannaciaramello #energyiscurrency #Vegan #foodismedicine #thefeedfeed #thegoodquote #thegoodquotes #awareness #mindfulness #selfworthquotes #collectiveconsciousness #energyiseverything #theonlywayoutisthrough

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Live a BIG LIFE that is fulfilling to ALL of YOU . Consciously Create a life built around your Ultimate Wellbeing . Why is this my message? . Because not everyday is created equal & life is meant to ebb & flow . And during times of ebb, we must gently feel into our hearts to carry on instead of ignoring or hardening ourselves . Energies have been intense lately, how have you guys been? Let me know below 👇🏼 . Me?...this past week was pretty tough & the weight of what is going on in the collective consciousness became too heavy . My heart has been heavy, my mind has been foggy and my body has been tired . When you feel like things in life are falling apart . What do you do? . How do you get through? . How do you carry on? . What I have learned on my journey is: . You acknowledge it . You allow it to BE . You witness it for what it IS . You let go with love & make space for what is to come . You have a deep knowing what is to come is better & more than you could ask for . You ask what is this trying to show me? . What am I to learn from this? . Allow yourself the space to feel your way through . You collect your gold when you SURRENDER . Wisdom . Clarity . New found Strength . Inspired Action . Unconditional LOVE . A New Frequency ✨ . These are some words came to me while journaling my way through . You are MORE . Than what you have allowed to be seen in your lifetime . You are FREE . Move as Such . Move Your Body . Move Your Energy . Embrace Your Essence . Allow Yourself to BE YOU . The triggers are the gateway for you to level up . They are there as an opportunity to show you a new way . To either continue to play in the same energetic timeline . Or see your way into a new timeline . One that fuels your energy body . One that has all that you want . One that is in alignment to your highest good . You are a force of ever expanding love in this Quantum Universe . YOU are energy that is never ending . Trust the answers you find within . #OwnYourJourney #RaiseYourFrequency #MentalBody #LifeIsArt

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An impromptu dinner with my soul brother @irad_timberlake in Hackney. Sitting, sharing and learning what it means to be a #humandesignprojector in a world of energy types. Most people are designed to go out and get it full throttle. #projectors however have to await the opportunity. Projectors are here to change the world. You just have to ask us to help you do it. Here’s to a new understanding of ourselves and the world we live in and to having friends of the opposite sex where there is zero bullshit between you. #yinandyang #soulfamily #projectorfriends #humandesign #soultribe #friendsforlife #designyourlife #bethemirror #bethechange #enlightenmentistherevolution #collectiveconsciousness #awakespiritual #spiritualrevolution #soulwork #spiritualpath #healingjourney

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jelenakalamir. We always learn in discomfort and we propel in uncomfortable situation

We always learn in discomfort and we propel in uncomfortable situations to new levels Nothing happens EASILY.If you want to make real changes you have to know it’s going to be uncomfortable!!! Everything has its process You are going to feel scared yo are going to have growing pain but your ability to make mistakes and still stay true to your goals will determine whether or not you will make it Take one step at the time (break your steps towards your goal ). Surround yourself with people who share same belief system Be honest with yourself And every day take more step towards your goal and before you know it will be kilometre and you will be closer to your ultimate goal example you want to stop smoking spend time with people who don’t smoke so you don’t get triggered and you don’t see cigarettes ....you want to loose weight ....Spend time with people who are on same or similar path (second empty your pantry of the snacks and crap so you don’t have excuse to snack on unhealthy things) as a mum I am in charge of the pantry so I am responsible for healthy food in my house ! And secondly I ask myself how is this going to support me in achieving my goal ?????? ARE YOU WITH ME NOW? Comment below What is stopping you to achieve your goal Love and light Jelena K. #healinglite #lovemyself #innerwork #innerpeace #innerjourney #innerjourneycoaching #holistichealing #healer #influencer #instagram #youtube #youcandothis #youcandoitagain #sucessmindset #ego #collectiveconsciousness #awareness #business #productivitytips #godatwork #entrepreneurmind #followme #entrepreneurlife #freedom #quantumphysics

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Dearest Belove

🌹🌹 PAY ATTENTION 🌹🌹 THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD. Dearest Beloveds, what little you know about Mary Magdalene and The Christ is about to be revealed. This is part of the great awakening that you have all so longed for, but it is never going to be what you expected. Waking up in this realm, to break free from it, is the HARDEST thing you will ever do. I promise you that, because breaking free from this matrix is going to take all the mettle you have inside of you and all the wisdom, knowledge, heart force and awareness to time jump this incredible realm of density you contracted to be in for this moment. Brave souls that we wholeheartedly congratulate. Mary Magdalene is the unknown She for a reason, the Royal SHE has been gagged and bound through the greatest efforts of the dark and we are pleased to say SHE is now free. Releasing the Goddess Tanit in central Europe was a huge part, as was THE GREAT DECEIVER and friends being exposed. There is much so more to come on this and your Divine Duty is to stay neutral and aware. The dark and the light have all had a great part to play in this war on consciousness and the light is truly winning. BUT We are not done yet! Now is NOT the time to Lay down your God Given Sword of TRUTH! And do not be swayed or duped by light-workers that have your best interests at heart when they say "Lay down your sword?" for they are those who have never picked a sword up in their entire lifetimes! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Do not listen to popularity, feel this in your heart. Contd 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 Via - Stellar Fairbairn Image:unknown #CosmicConsciousness #ascension  #CollectiveConsciousness #Consciousness #Spirituality #Starseed #SpiritualAwakening #RaiseYourVibration #SpiritualRevolution #HigherFrequency #SoulFamily #LightWork #5D #LightWarriors #1111 #Meditation #soulpreneur #spiritualaf #soulgrowth #soulguidance #soulaligned #overcomingobstacles #selfworth #lifeisajourney #trusttheprocess #trustyourself #theuniversehasyourback #marymagdelene

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Get. Shit. Done. This is a long one, my friends. I’ve always been one to do what I say I will do. Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to it, but not right now. I’m loving overcoming so many challenges right now, and learning to expand my outside-the-box thinking. I’ve been giving the majority of time and attention to myself (over 50%) and it’s amazing how much I have accomplished recently. I am doing a lot of work, loving myself wherever I am, coming together with like-minded individuals and positive community, digging all the spectacular shows coming through, and taking more time to give thanks and become more aware. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is a powerful saying because it is so true! I have a lot of plans brewing that I’ll announce as I am ready. Anja renovation status: * Mentally growing * Gave myself permission to express myself fully in all relationships despite my fear of losing love for being me. * Allowing myself to be vulnerable and receive help. * Read. * Meditate. Every. Single. Day. * Give thanks to my body, mind, and spirit in my daily yoga practice and allow it to bring me closer to Source. * Appreciate the real ones. ❤️ * Full sleeve complete! For those of you that are curious about my wonderful mobile home, here you go :) Maude renovation status: * Black water tank prepped for permanent storage (with me). Selecting a new Cassette toilet after extensive research. * Picked out my chosen subflooring and narrowed down my regular flooring. Looking for a flooring laminate or shield for extra protection from dirt and drool (Akita drools so much she warped the flooring within a year.. lol) * Custom heat shield for the front windows of the rv from @high_end_motorsports fits beautifully and does wonders * All window screens replaced with either special solar screening or heavy duty pet screening depending on location, and it’s beautiful * Engine A/C fixed by MARIOSHOP (shoutout to always being honest and treating us so well!) and blowing ICE COLD AIR * @shorelineboatandrv did some spectacular work! They installed a brand new a/c unit, skylight, awning, ladder, and fixed Maude up better than she was before we found each other.

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wewilltranscend. #Mindset is everything!  We are not weak, we just need to believe in o

#Mindset is everything! We are not weak, we just need to believe in ourselves. The collective power of the people is greater than the people in power. The #deepstate wants us to believe that there’s nothing we can do to stop them. That the problems of our time are too big to solve, and that unity isn’t possible anyway so we might as well just give up and acquiesce to their tyranny. Don’t back down. #riseup #resist #standyourground ~ ~ ~ #realtalk💯 #truthseekers UNITE! #socialactivism #fearmongeringmedia #falseflags #pedogate #chemtrails #vaccines #knowyourrights #believeinyourself #questioneverything #flatearth #nasalies #doyourownresearch #conspiracytheories #wethepeople #wedonotconsent #governmentcorruption #pinealpower #thirdeyethoughts #raisethevibetribe #collectiveconsciousness #selfbelief #mentalhealthwarrior #mindsetofgreatness

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neurohacker. Have you ever wondered... ✓How many cups of vegetables to eat per day?

Have you ever wondered... ✓How many cups of vegetables to eat per day? ✓Why you should adjust your diet based on what your 💩 looks like? ✓Why your mitochondria matter? @drterrywahls recently joined the Collective Insights podcast and shared her story of healing from progressive MS by means of a therapeutic lifestyle. 🎧Tune in to find out how to optimize your health by giving attention not only to healing any specific ailments you might have, but also to your mental state, your diet, your physical activity, your life purpose and more. Head on over to the site and listen to episode entitled, How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle: From Gut Health to Life Purpose.

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TALE OF THE DRAGON Blowing the conch facing the so called Needles which represent the tail of the Isle of Wight’s dragon. 🎼🐚🐉🎼 #soundmedicine #gridactivations #conchshell #prayer #soundhealing #offering #sacredsites #dragon #pilgrimage #collectiveconsciousness #energy #sea

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