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nyaraiscreations. What Do You Know About Copper? 🤔
(1 minute read)
Some may know a

What Do You Know About Copper? 🤔 (1 minute read) . . Some may know a lot, Others may know little. But what I do know is that we see it everyday, and in the most random places at that! We could look down and see a gold-like round shiny (or tarnished) thing in the grocery store's parking lot. Yes, I'm speaking of a penny but that very piece of metal that we tend to ignore holds many benefits that we could use everyday. The money value of a penny may be little but allow me to let you in on some secrets! 😉 GET READY! . . . What I'm wearing in this video is a copper ring that I made for myself because I too would like to protect my physical. Copper has long been used to stimulate healing. 😕 YES! THAT'S CORRECT. This seems to be because of copper's ability to balance the body's polarity, or the flow of the projective and receptive energies. Pure copper in any form is often worn for general healing and to prevent sickness. . ➡DID YOU KNOW IN MEXICO, THEY PLACE A COPPER PENNY ON THE NAVAL BEFORE TAKING A TRIP TO PREVENT MOTION SICKNESS? (Do your research) See, I told you that it's powerful! . ➡Copper is also a lucky metal, because of its past solar attributions and so can be used in COMBINATION with any luck bringing GEMSTONES (THAT CAN BE FOUND IN MY ETSY STORE🤗) Copper can be also worn to attract love (a metal of Venus). So if I wrap Rose Quartz with copper, imagine what type of magic could happen! 😊 . ➡Here's something very important and fun: Copper is used to draw money. . . . . These are just a few of the many things COPPER can do. I will drop more soon but until then, enjoy this information, make use of it, and do your own research! Thanks for the read. ✌🏾 . . #copper #copperrings #copperjewelry #copperearrings #copperhead #memphis #nyaraiscreations #coppernecklaces #rosequartz #love #protection #metalprotection #coppermetal #magick #magic #coppermagic #magical #copperkitchen #copperwire #pennies

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The days aren’t nearly as bright now, and our shows are moving indoors, but smiles are just as big. Looking forward to this season of holiday markets, starting with the AAUW Holiday Bazaar here in Kodiak, followed by @juneaupublicmarket then @alutiiqmuseum ‘s Holiday Show. Some lovely new products, new packaging, same plant-based Alaskan love. ✨ . . 📷: the amazing @gpowersfilm at the @theframeshopak ‘s Fall market. 🍂🧡

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emeraldisleessentials. Back on the island after an amazing time in Juneau and Anchorage - and

Back on the island after an amazing time in Juneau and Anchorage - and feeling such a great sense of connection with all the talented makers and creators I have been able to cross paths with, collaborate with and dissect the joys & woes of our small business lives with. We will be at @alutiiqmuseum tomorrow for their lovely Holiday Bazaar from 11-4 and our last show of the season on December 20th from 4-7 pm for @kana_kodiak Last Chance Bazaar at the Convention Center. ❄️ Can’t make it to the shows? Don’t forget you can find our wildcrafted wares on island at: • @islanderbookshop@abalancedapproach@alutiiqmuseum • Ovations (downtown Kodiak) • Kodiak Wildlife Refuge & Visitors Center • Perry’s Salon & Nail Spa • @cobb.street.market in Palmer, AK and as of last week • Allure Concepts Salon in WI! More info on the website or DM with any questions. ☺️ Happy days all around. 📸: @gpowersfilm

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Trick or treat? Treat indeed! 😍 Thank you to @chasin_tail907 for the most epic Rose Hip delivery from his family’s remote Kodiak property. Rose Hip oil? Yes please. Rose Hip distillation? Yes please. Rose Hip everything? Yes please! . . Rose Hips are incredible for the skin. They are high in fatty acids and Vitamin A, which helps moisturize the skin, and they also promote skin regeneration and can improve skin flexibility and permeability. Wonderful for acne, wrinkles and beyond. 🌹New product addition in the works. 🌹

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Sitka Spruce distillation day! Always my favorite days. 🌲 We will have fresh Sitka Spruce hydrosol and essential oil for our upcoming shows. . ✨ AAUW Holiday Bazaar • 11.9.19 ✨ @juneaupublicmarket • 11.29.19 - 12.1.19 ✨@alutiiqmuseum Holiday Bazaar • 12.7.19 ✨ @kana_kodiak Last Chance Bazaar • 12.20.19

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Our Sitka Spruce has a new look this year, thanks to @tashpristas for her artistic magic and @printkodiak for their savvy layout skills. Gearing up to fly out tomorrow for @juneaupublicmarket ! I am so excited to Spruce it up in Alaska’s capital + bonus my lovely parents are flying in to join the party with @wildbynature907 & I. ♥️ Centennial Hall • Friday 11/29 • Saturday 11/30 • Sunday 12/1 • 📸: @gpowersfilm

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daianairazustamdp. #EsmaltadoSemi 
Combinación 💣

#EsmaltadoSemi #ChampagneRose #CopperMagic Combinación 💣

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baileybeecreations. Cleansing•Grounding•Earth Energy 🌱 Clear & Chlorite Quartz on Tigers

Cleansing•Grounding•Earth Energy 🌱 Clear & Chlorite Quartz on Tigers Eye beads {{$88}} & a Vera Cruz Amethyst Victorian hand {{$77}} ♡ Mix & match your tiny charms with larger talismans 💫 .*here I added a lil Agate*.🍉 You can see it peeking out, if interested•• {{$36}} I love wearing creations all sorts of new ways👐 I've been thinking of doing a new giveaway where you show me how you wear or would wear your #BaileybeeCreation ♡ Let me know what you all think! Also, Dm to claim any of these or all 3 for bundle deal ☺️ #coppermagic #Electroformed #EarthArt #ooak #smallbusinesssaturday #Oneoff

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A huge “thank you” to @teva for the lovely highlight & write up about @emeraldisleessentials Sitka Spruce distillations, with photos by the one & only @gpowersfilm . So very grateful! You can find it on their blog or by tapping the link in our bio. 💚 #Repost @teva with @get_rep ・・・ Inhale the scent of a wild forest, exhale worries. Meet aromatherapist @emeraldisleessentials, who sustainably distills Sitka spruce into fragrant essential oils and botanical waters. Tap the link in bio to find out how nature is crafted into medicine. 📸: @gpowersfilm

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Another Sitka Spruce distillation in the books on this rainy Friday afternoon. My favorite day, my spirit tree. So it seemed like the perfect time to share this video with you all and say another huge ‘thank you.’ @gpowersfilm introduced herself to me at a show I was selling at a little over a year ago. I was attempting to describe my Sitka Spruce distillation process while pointing to my amateur style photos (taken by muah). She listened kindly, then immediately said, “I could help you with those!” Long story short, a year later she has opened up opportunities for @emeraldisleessentials and consistently & magically captures every moment of this labor of love perfectly. I’m so, so grateful. This is her latest masterpiece and I am honored to have been able to gush about Sitka Spruce and love for this island through her talented eyes. Hope you enjoy. ✨✨✨ VC: @gpowersfilm ♥️

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✨M A G I C✨ Working on little bits of magic and magic arrives at the door! Today I got my planners and journals from @magic_of_i and I love all of them so much I just can’t choose which to keep! Usually I don’t share much of my work in progress but this little group can’t be hidden much longer, they are too cute and the finished stag went too perfectly as the king of the planners in the photos 😂 - shining stag made from recycled copper and love. DM for details 🦌 Yeah I may be bias as I watched my sister study astrology and many other things, create these beautiful planners, map everything out, hand draw every detail then put it all together so beautifully, but I also see the endless love from so many shares all over the world of all the people who receive these USE them and go nuts over them all year planning too because they really are the best in beauty and in content. There are like a billion people are sharing their love for them also here on insta, it’s nuts really. People have gone crazy over it, I knew they would! Also I love them because @magic_of_i are a 1% for the planet member, planners are wrapped in plant based shrink wrap, made with vegan leather and sustainable fsc approved paper. The creation of @magic_of_i planners was also the turning point for a major print company to change their ways with regular plastic shrink wrap and now they use plant based wrap for all orders as @magic_of_i gives a shit and said no to plastic like me and a fast growing community of mother lovers who say no to plastic together we can make change happen! Let’s bring in even more magic for 2020 and work together to clean up our beautiful, ban single use plastics, stop pollution, create better things to stop us from taking our earths non renewable resources, say no to plastic, save Mother Earth, stick together, love, grow our beautiful communities, connect, create and make this coming year the best, most memorable and special year yet. . . . #pumped #magicofi #thewovendream #magic #witchesofinstagram #saynotoplasitc #benicetoyourmother #unfuckmothernature #bandtogether #plasticfreeaustralia #bansingleuseplastics #2020bestplanner #stag #deer #coppermagic

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shelvesfromthemystic. Lady of the Forest 🍂🖤
the fifth and final shelf of The Dark Forest c

Lady of the Forest 🍂🖤 the fifth and final shelf of The Dark Forest collaboration collection with copper artist, @copper.ashes 🖤 this tarot shelf is crafted to hold little sacred items on top of the shelf and a tarot deck underneath ~ to keep watch over your sacred items and tools of divination, is the Lady of the Forest 🍂🖤🍂 a copper forest goddess with a real coppery twig crown with an inlaid wood slice and a tiny gemstone third eye ~ she’s a protector from The Dark Forest, keeping all that is considered sacred safe.. does your sacred space need an extra dose of protection magic? 🍂 Lady of the Forest and the 4 other Dark Forest shelves will be available THURSDAY at 1:11pm ADT 🖤🍂🖤 • • • • • • • • #catmom #snakemom #macramemaker #makersgonnamake #displayshelf #macramewallhanging #autumndecor #witchythings #witchery #alterspace #copper #ladyoftheforest #smallbusiness #macrameshelf #wallhanging #copperpendant #thedarkforest #hangingshelf #oddities #cozyhome #copperashes #coppermagic #functionalart #shelvesfromthemystic

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Our sweet little 5 L from @copperbros is coming along for the ride to @juneaupublicmarket . 🔮 Stop by our booth in Centennial Hall with @wildbynature907 this weekend to talk distillation, Alaskan flora and pick out some goods for you and your loves! ✨

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Distillation day. ✨✨ Who’s happy? We are! 🌲 Also - isn’t Kodiak (& my Mama Bear) beautiful? Forever gorgeous 📸 by: @gpowersfilm ♥️

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milagrosmalanis12. Nada más lindo que uñas color oro ⭐  #meliné #uñassemipermanentes #cop

Nada más lindo que uñas color oro ⭐ #meliné #uñassemipermanentes #coppermagic

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Our “getting excited for @juneaupublicmarket next weekend “ face! Courtesy of outtakes from @gpowersfilm & @teva highlights. Forever chasing the sun & spruce with geeky, cheeky smiles. ✨💚 📸: @gpowersfilm

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We are grateful (thank you @frommyhead2matoes !) to have been able to complete one final locally grown Lavender distillation. This means EIE will have a few more bottles of Limited Edition Kodiak Waters Facial Toner at our upcoming shows. ✨ Homegrown organic Lavender & Calendula with wild-harvested Yarrow & Rose Hip hydrosols. It’s beautiful energetically and it’s skin healing powers are through the roof. Available this weekend at Kodiak’s AAUW Holiday Bazaar at the high school (Sat 11/9 10-4) and at @juneaupublicmarket at the end of the month! ✨ 📷: the wonderful @gpowersfilm 💜

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Esmaltado semipermanente para la ganadora de un voucher regalo!😁😁😊 hermoso super original con deco a mano alzada 😍😍 #Meliné #SilverChrome #CopperMagic @florrlara 😊😊

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shelvesfromthemystic. The Dark Forest collaboration collection 🍂🖤
five shelves crafted wit

The Dark Forest collaboration collection 🍂🖤 five shelves crafted with the magic of two artists @copper.ashes / @shelvesfromthemystic 🖤 it’s been a lovely experience bringing these to life, each shelf has a unique story within them from The Dark Forest to share with whomever acquires them 🍂🖤 so very grateful for @copper.ashes and her breathtaking copper work, that’s what really ties the stories of each one together 🖤 NOW AVAILABLE • click the website link that can be found in my bio if you’re curious to read more about their stories or just to take a closer look at each one ~ much much love 🍂🖤 • • • • • • • • #catmom #snakemom #macramemaker #makersgonnamake #displayshelf #macramewallhanging #autumndecor #witchythings #witchery #alterspace #copper #fiberart #smallbusiness #macrameshelf #wallhanging #copperpendant #thedarkforest #hangingshelf #oddities #cozyhome #copperashes #coppermagic #functionalart #shelvesfromthemystic

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@juneaupublicmarket special! ✨ Kodiak Waters Facial Toner ✨ wild Rose Hip + wild Yarrow + organic, homegrown Calendula & Lavender hydrosols 🧜🏼‍♀️ Alaskan grown and distilled.✨ . 🎄Centennial Hall • Nov 29, 12-7 • Nov 30, 10-5 • Dec 1, 10-5 🎄

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Back in the shop this morning. My 200L Copper Alembic big Mama is already cooking over the flames. Late fall Devils Club harvest ready to be prepped, and homegrown Calendula dried and infusing. 🖤 A huge “thank you” to @loveandgiggles for her generous gift of Lavender plants! This means one more distillation of this beautiful botanical, and.. we will even have one more round of our Kodiak Waters Limited Edition Facial Toner for @juneaupublicmarket (we sold out at our last 2 shows!). This community sure is something special. Happy Friday, all. ✨ #doyousupposeshesawildflower

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lina._.nails. Esmaltado semipermanente con diseño a mano alzada 😍🍋💛

Esmaltado semipermanente con diseño a mano alzada 😍🍋💛 #MandalaySand #ViaLactea #LovelyRose #CopperMagic #Black #Matte

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the_quizzical_crow. If you're looking to reformat and code your life...a little birdie tol

If you're looking to reformat and code your life...a little birdie told me labradorite delivers....

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naty_nailsarteaga. #semipermanente 

#semipermanente #nude #babyrose #coppermagic #black #blancofrench #gliters #dorado....... 🎄🎄🎄🎆🎆🎇🎇🎉🎉🎉✨✨✨...... ............💅💅🌻🌻✨✨✨..... ....😍🤩💃💃

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•••Cactus Agate Energy🎍🌵🎍 A #solidcopper totem. Cut, shaped, formed with my hands🤲⏳ Let me know what you think! I want to explore more in this style & other plants too🌱 #EarthArt #Oneoff #coppermagic

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