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What is there to say about this experience? It was unlike any other snorkeling tour I’ve ever taken. First of all, wandering into the ocean at night, into complete darkness, is unsettling to say the least. But the payoff was worth it. With bright lights shining into the water, plankton arrive, attracted to the beams. And what eats plankton? Manta rays. Huge, graceful, harmless manta rays, who swoop so close you can feel the current they leave in their wake. This gal came so close that she went belly to belly with me as I floated on the surface 😭 Now I see why this activity has been declared one of the top 10 aquatic activities in the world. It was definitely worth staying out past my old lady bedtime. . . . #malihinitravel #exploreauthentically #hawaiianvacation #gohawaii #lethawaiihappen #havealohawilltravel #bigisland #islandofhawaii #mantarays #nightsnorkel #mantarayadvocates

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Planning a “Merry Christmas to Nature” day in a hammock😌 Actually, my family is always celebrating a sort of outdoor day all year round.   必要以上に豪華絢爛なクリスマスの過ごし方をする必要はない。冬休みに入った家族と自然の中でクリスマスや新しい年をお祝いすることが出来たらいいなと計画中。   アラモアナビーチはマジックアワーを愉しむのに一番な場所。陽が沈むカカアコ側も美しいし、その光を受けるダイヤモンドヘッド側もこれまた美しい。    📍Ala Moana, Oahu 📸GoPro

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First of many runs around Lana'i Ranch :) 💪 #lanai #gohawaii #fitness #cardiogood4body

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cho.kos. Yesterday at the beach #ladyslider #gohawaii #hisarahlee #threeifbysea
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Magic Hawaiian sunsets over the water. At times you get lost looking at the beauty of it, then realise there’s a 10 foot set coming in from the north you’re way inside of and you need to bail ASAP haha.

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. Forever chasing surf, sunsets and slices of pizza. . 📍: Waikiki, Oahu

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honolulubeer. FRA-GEE-LAY bottles on sale now, we triple dog dare you! 👅🍺

FRA-GEE-LAY bottles on sale now, we triple dog dare you! 👅🍺

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lindy.adventures. We had “wear your Hawaiian shirt/luau attire holiday party” but I didn

We had “wear your Hawaiian shirt/luau attire holiday party” but I didn’t have one so I decided to learn about and how to make sew🧵a Pa’u Hula skirt/top and a Haku Ti-leaf Lei. I got some discounted fabric and added in 6 channels for the waist. (3 for the elastic band and 3 empty ones in between) and hemmed it. ——— My great grandmother was born in Hawaii, she made Hawaiian quilts (ex. 3rd picture) and Muumuus and my grandmother made my mothers and aunts clothing too👗I haven’t sewed anything in years but was a fun project! I later learned that you never use a Pa’u Skirt for any activity other than dancing. 😟(but they’re so nice to wear) I guess if I want to wear it again i’ll need some rhythm and learn the hula! #sewingproject

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#lethawaiihappen might be the most apropos hashtag there is 🌊 #maui #vacationmode #gohawaii #mahalo

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Stew Beef Brisket & Tendon in Hot Pot at Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant!! The tender brisket & tendon are boiled with tasty seasoning and sauce and served nice and hot!! 😋🥢⁠ ⁠ Come by to Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant located on the 4th floor Ho'okipa Terrace and add this dish to your meal!! 😃⁠ ⁠ #beefbrisket #tendon #hotpot #chinesecuisine #chinesedish #chinesefood #chineserestaurant #hawaiirestaurant #hawaiirestaurants #hawaiieats #hawaiifood #oahueats #oahufood #honolulueats #honolulufood #chinesedinner #hawaiidinner #hawaiidining #honoluluscene #hawaiibound #travelhawaii #hawaiibound #hawaiichinesefood #onolicious #hawaiilife #onokinefood #chineseeats #gohawaii #alamoanacenter #alamoanashoppingcenter

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📍JD Camp. 4,200 ft. above Hana. This LZ is used to establish fence line to protect the rare, native, and endangered ecosystems on the north side of Haleakala. Our pilots believe it is perhaps one of the wettest places on Maui, but there’s no rain gauge to know.

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A beautiful welcoming and a beautiful goodbye.

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