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Taken from when we were in Japan a month ago! 🇯🇵 It was a short 10 days, but I'd go back again, and again, and again.... And again. @jugemushimbashi hit the spot when I came back to Sydney craving Japanese food.

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Stockholm concert hall in christmas clothing🌃🖤 this blue building represent a complex knot of emotions for me, ranging from childhood-nostalgia/magic to performance anxiety and trauma😅 anyway, the christmas lights are pretty🙌🏻 #visualscollective #justgoshoot #ourplanetdaily #moodygrams #citylife #artofvisuals #gramslayers #main_vision #livefolk #earthpix #cityscape #cityphotography #streetphotography #iphonephotography #sweden #visitsweden #stockholm #visitstockholm #streetlife #wanderlust #heatercentral #exploretocreate #travelgram #travelblog #travellingthroughtheworld #discoverearth #beautifuldestinations #ig_color #nightphotography #agameoftones

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I told you a month ago that I would show you a bit more of the photos I made for my project #BeautifulScars", so here is one. This is the story of a child who cut herself badly on a broken window on a Christmas night; a child who grew up with a scar and made it a part of herself. I'll soon report on this story and many more on my website. "Beautiful Scars" is about taking the pain that you felt at some point and saying that it existed or that it still does. It's about not being alone because sometimes, some of us do feel alone with the pain. Well, we're not, you're not. If you want to participate to the project I am based in Montréal (Canada) now and I'm continuiing it. Contact me if you want. -- Je vous ai dit il y a un mois que je vous montrerais un peu plus de photos que j'ai faites pour mon projet #BeautifulScars", alors en voici une. C'est l'histoire d'une enfant qui s'est gravement coupée sur une fenêtre brisée un soir de Noël ; une enfant qui a grandi avec une cicatrice et qui en a fait une partie intégrante d'elle-même. Je vous raconterai bientôt cette histoire et bien d'autres sur mon site web. "Beautiful Scars", est un projet qui a pour but de prendre la douleur que vous avez ressentie à un moment donné et dire qu'elle a existé ou qu'elle existe encore. Il s'agit de ne pas être seul.e parce que parfois, certain.e.s d'entre nous se sentent seul.e.s avec la douleur. Eh bien, nous ne le sommes pas, vous ne l'êtes pas. Si vous voulez participer au projet, je suis basé à Montréal (Canada) maintenant et je le poursuis. Contactez-moi si vous voulez. • • #LeicaM240 #LeicaCameraFrance #LeicaStoreParis #portraits #beautiful #makeportraits #humaneffect #portraiture #lifeportraits #nextvisualportraits #portraitphotography #portrait_shots #portraitcentral #portraitpage #earth_portraits #instagram #moodyports #portraits_mf #globe_people #gramslayers #Parisjetaime #human #scars #injury #lifeasitis

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Who else is feeling a little burnt out? I work all week to have the weekends off. It can be really hard but it allows me to have time on the weekends to unwind. But, I have to remind myself during the week to slow down. Prioritize yourself. Take a nap. Watch some Netflix. Do something you enjoy. Don’t forget to take care of yourself friends💕 📸 by the amazing @dezzilafleur . . . . . #Portraitpage #Sonyimages #Portraitcentral #Featuremeofh #Gramslayers #Agameoftones #Sonyalpha #Portraitstream #Expofilm #Earth_portraits #Portraitmood #Moodyports #Discoverportrait #Portraitsfromtheworld #Shotzdelight #Portraitfolk #Depthobsessed #moodyfilm #pursuitofportraits #globe_people #theportraitpr0ject #photopeoplegallery #portraitgames #ftmedd #hinfluencercollective #ourmoodydays #moodygrams #bravosouls

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Yesterday’s sunset was unreal! . . . Shot on iPhone X // Edited in Lightroom for iPhone

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Παρασκευούλα λέμε

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s.e.y.y.a.h.e. Edep, aklın tercümanıdır
İnsan edebi kadar akıllı
Aklı kadar şerefli

Edep, aklın tercümanıdır İnsan edebi kadar akıllı Aklı kadar şerefli Şerefi kadar kıymetlidir Şems-i Tebrizi

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Neurons that undergo photosynthesis. Amazed by nature architecture that designed structure from neuron to veins of leave to even structure of universe. . . . . . . Hints: Using telephoto in Note 10 and you will be amazed with macro world. #mysamsungcreation #GalaxyNote10 #withGalaxy #teamGalaxy #thecreatorclass

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alan_manfy. Already excited for my next trip

Already excited for my next trip

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. 10 / 10 “I began to walk down the streets which quickly felt like I was walking into a film set . You know on a film set where all the key actors are set up with the extras in their places ready to roll out a scene? It feels like someone here just said “action” . These streets are from another time. There’s so much to see and take in around me that I don’t know where to focus. Motorbikes briefly startle me as they fly past until something else captures my attention mere seconds later . Goats and rams mingle with street dogs as I watch rupees changing hands from one guy to another over and over. It feels more like the wild west in the 1800’s around here but I remind myself this is the inner-city streets of a ‘megacity’ and the year is 2018.” – Four Sides of a Coin 🇮🇳🏙️✨ . . Bombay (and India) was a spiritual place in my journey. I learned so much and met so many wonderful hearts and souls in this city. It felt like with every new dawn, came a new experience and a new lesson and perspective to learn from . There were so many highlights and tough moments in that whole journey around the world that no matter where I lived, I always learned and grew from my experiences ✨ . I get asked a lot where was my favourite place or the favourite thing I saw? Truth is it was never what I saw or where I was…but who I was with. The locals of everywhere I went looked after me and offered me more heart and kindness than I ever knew was even possible ❤️ . Nowhere is perfect but everywhere has something to offer…I look forward to continuing this journey again in the near future . In 2017/2018, I travelled the world for a year on a budget of just $25 a day for food, accommodation, travel and coffee. I wanted to feel moments and not only see them . I recorded these feelings into words and after two years of working on it...those words became a 500 page book . Its called "Four Sides of a Coin" and it'll be available to buy and read from me...NEXT WEEK! 📖 . . . . . . #travelblogger #roamtheplanet #theworldshotz

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