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theturinhorse. Zorki4 • Jupiter8 2/50 • Fuji C200 •

Zorki4 • Jupiter8 2/50 • Fuji C200 •

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[...] M ộ t c h ú t v ư ơ n g M ộ t c h ú t đ ọ ng

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There are two types of pains, one that hurts you and the other that changes you. . Taken by @adhi.purusa . #photooftheday #photo

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Rush of Clouds | Hobart #35mm

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_124vdd. Tớ kể cậu nghe, tớ thích nhất mùa đông. Không phải là thích nhất trong

Tớ kể cậu nghe, tớ thích nhất mùa đông. Không phải là thích nhất trong bốn mùa, mà là một trong những điều yêu thích nhất của tớ. Và mùa đông đã đến thật rồi. Mấy hôm thức khuya ôn bài tớ nghe tiếng gió rít từng cơn rất to. Thật ngạc nhiên vì mới tháng 10 mà gió đông đã về nhưng cũng rất thích thú. Sáng ra mặt trời lên cũng muộn hơn bình thường. Đúng là mùa đông đã đến mà mùa đông lại đi mất rồi. Nhưng mùa đông sẽ sớm quay lại thôi. Vì tớ nhớ mùa đông nhiều. . . CanonFt • Kodak Profoto Date 2012 . . . #fotobyconBo #film #필름 #filmphoto #filmphotography #필름사진 #filmcamera #필름카메라 #filmisnotdead #50mm #ishootfilm #believeinfilm #пленка #フィルム #buyfilmnotmegapixels #thefilmcommunity #filmfeed #フィルム写真 #staybrokeshootfilm #フィルムに恋してる #keepfilmalive #filmforever #フィルム部 #filmcommunity #kodak #shotonfilm #filmisalive #picoftheday #instadaily #like4likes

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pentaxtian. Let your hair down. 

Let your hair down. #pushed2stops

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Been making a point of going to independent book stores while I’m traveling and heading straight to the poetry section. This weekend I picked up a book of WS Merwin poems and this one in particular, called Long Afternoon Light, struck me: Small roads written in sleep in the foothills how long ago and I believed you were lost with the bronze then deepening in the light and the shy moss turning to itself holding its own brightness above the badger’s path while a single crow sailed west without a sound we trust without giving it a thought that we will always see it as we see it once and that what we know is only a moment of what is ours and will stay we believe it as the moment slips away as lengthening shadows merge in the valley and a window kindles there like a first star we see again what comes to us in secret #film #poetry

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umettt. suntouched, #120

suntouched, #120

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jonassmurstam. Texture


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Always expose your film twice . . . 📸 : Minolta HI-MATIC AF2, 35mm f2.8 🎞 : Perfecta 200 (expired 2006, shot at 50ISO)

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Seriously how is this on film ??? Just zoom in and see 👀. 📸 Nikon FE2. 🎞 Kodak Ektachrome 100. 🔬 @u___lab. #nikonfe2 #kodakektachrome100 #australia #shotoftheday

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