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I’ve been thinking back to earlier travels to the coast to increase the collection of old photos. We locked the doors, grabbed a pack of snickers and drove towards Dorset at 12 am. Unfortunately, a 2-hour journey took almost 3:30hours because of taking wrong turns. Finally, we arrived at 3:30 am-ish, witnessed the Milkyway and immediately passed out before sunrise. I decided to somewhat focus my photography towards capturing moments that mean something rather than amazing landscapes all the time. My family has so many photos of the past printed as my dad owned an old Panasonic camera but then stopped taking pictures. Photography is a way of documenting little moments in life & that’s what I hope to capture more off.

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Spontaneous road trips to Norwegian fjords under the midnight sun.

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Iceland was truly an amazing journey! I was not sure if I wanted to go there at first...but when my friend @oli.langevin started showing me a ton of pictures and videos from there, I knew he had convinced me into a crazy and amazing adventure! This spot is famous in Iceland, but we got to see it in different lighting than most people! . . . . . . . #iceland #wowplanet #icelandadvice #guidetoiceland #icelandair #icelandtravel #icelandwonder #exploreiceland #travelphotography #campervan #goneawoliceland #theglobewanderer #passionpassport #travelawesome #travelstoke #adventureseeker #exploringtheglobe #quebec_travelers #awesome_earth #discovertheglobe #awesomeplaces #thattravelblog #travelandlife #goexplore #sonya7rii #exploringtheglobebucketlist #jordhammondsundays #sony @iceland.today @iceland.explore @icelandin8days @quebec_travelers @guidetoiceland @sony @icelandair @nomademag @gosselinphoto

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Who would you take a ride on this Ferris wheel with? These next three weeks are going to be crazy with school and balloon fiesta coming up! Can’t wait for my next trip 🙌🏻📸🔥

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That moment when the lights shapes your body ✨✨ 📸 : @louisurbanphoto . Edit by me

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🇧🇷 Fiambala foi a grande surpresa dessa viagem pelo norte argentino. É um lugar tão incrível e ainda pouco explorado. 🏜⁣ ⁣ Sabe o famoso silêncio ensurdecedor? Eu aprendi o que era aqui. Os desertos nem sempre são feitos de dunas… podem ser de rochas e também de gelo, todos ganham esse nome por terem condições de sustentar pouca vida. No entanto, quanta história de sobrevivência existem sobre eles e não nos contam? ⁣ ⁣ Nômades, guerras, comunidades que viviam nas redondezas e dominaram um pouco da sua natureza.⁣ ⁣ São lugares de admiração, lugares para aproveitar o silêncio que não escutamos de nós mesmos.⁣ ⁣ 🇦🇷 Fiambala fue la gran sorpresa de este viaje por el norte de Argentina. Es un lugar tan sorprendente y aún inexplorado. 🏜⁣ ⁣ ¿Conoces el famoso silencio ensordecedor? Aprendí lo que era aquí. Los desiertos no siempre están hechos de dunas ... pueden ser de rocas y también de hielo, todos reciben su nombre porque pueden sostener poca vida. Sin embargo, ¿cuánta historia de supervivencia hay sobre ellos y no nos cuentan?⁣ ⁣ Nómadas, guerras, comunidades que vivían cerca y dominaban parte de su naturaleza.⁣ ⁣ Son lugares de maravilla, lugares para disfrutar del silencio que no escuchamos de nosotros mismos.

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. "Reading Between the Lines" . Part 3/3 . It really was a beautiful spring sunset at this special piece of architecture! Probably my 2nd favourite season after autumn! . Use #jeroenluyckxtuesdays with your posts for a chance in next Tuesday's shoutouts! 🙌 .

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Step outside and explore your backyard

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“You gotta Live Life,”

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Starting things off right

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everyone in life wades through hate and fear • • side note: as a kid i think i only went on a merry go round like twice because i was too poor lmao

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Gurjaris coming back from a shopping spree in Aru village #roamtravels

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A panoramic from sunrise in sedona. Swipe left for the full pano. I wonder how this one would look as a metal print. . . . . #sedona #arizona #sunset #gramerslamerz #moodygrams #earthgridz #exploretocreate #jordhammondsundays #stunnersoninsta #earthfocus #earthpix #mymikescamera #photography #landscape #precisioncamera #sunrise #photopro

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