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riosconvida. 😢 WASTE: defending life in rivers against injusticies. 
12 videos for

😢 WASTE: defending life in rivers against injusticies.  12 videos for 12 months. We´re celebrating 40 years of fighting for rivers 😥 VERTIDOS: Defendiendo la vida de los ríos ante las injusticias 12 vídeos para 12 meses celebrando 40 años luchando por los ríos #RiosConVida #PescaMosca #FlyFishing #AdoptaUnRio #AdoptARiver #OnTheFly #Rivers #GetOutSide #Fishing #Volunteers #WildLifeConservation #LivingPlanet #RainForest #Damn #BirthdayLove #Nature #5050onthewater #BarrierTracker #LetItFlow #flyfishingnation #TroutBum

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All of the lights, all of the liiiiiights 🎶 💡 🕯 🔥. Catch me at Absolute Vinyasa in CandleLIT @absoyogalutely tomorrow night - 6:45 pm! First week is FREE 🤩absoyogalutely.com #letsgetlit #babyitsflowoutside #letitflow #alloftheliiiiiights #chicago yoga #chicagoyogacommunity #namastenovember

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Free Flow writing continues to be one of my most therapeutic outlets. The goal is to keep the hand moving, not edit and let it all pour out on the page. It doesn’t have to make sense or look pretty it just has to be ME. #freeflow #writings #letitflow #writetogetright #unblock #create #therapeutic

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A night of deep reflection and gratitude...just 5 months ago... I was in the hospital, unable to move a cm without my right QL going into a deep spasm on what felt like a broken, yet misaligned spine ... excruciating! I remember the 4th day in the hospital, Christa came into my dark room, where I laid motionless, and made the observation that I needed JOY. Her solution was to open up the blinds, to let some light in and loudly play some Allen Stone music and dance her —- off for me! She was right... just listening to my favorite music and seeing her dance brought a smile to my face and a shift in my heart... from there I began to move, little by little with the help of his music! Tonight I went to see him in person... driving there, walking, standing, sitting, singing, dancing and shedding a few tears in celebration of change and healing!! I have a new normal.... and that is beautiful... life is in constant change... and I am thankful for every God given moment... because this is where freedom is found! I am so thankful for music; the breath that is often required to produce it ... and it’s ability to speak truth! ...and get a girl moving. 🙏🏼 Just a girl ... just a thankful girl... 💜 #allenstone #allenstonekaraokeextravaganza #healing #livefullyexpressed #letitflow #atasteofyou #lovewhereyou’reat

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💫 // STILL BELIEVING // 💫 I have faced this morning during my Mysore class, one of those day where it's hard to keep faith in your improvement and practice. That wasn't about my new asana challenge (kapotasana) but because about the jumps back. ✨ I literally felt like I couldn't get my ass off the mat, struggling dragging my feet behind my hand. I was thinking “It’s been 2,5 years Ashtanga yoga, 5 years yoga in total. Will you make it one day?”. ✨ I have to admit this is hard for me to figure out how I will possibly make it one day. I’m not sure my body will be able to gain enough strength to make it. ✨ Actually, sometimes I tempt to think this because I was so flexible as young girl and teenager that I didn’t teach my body to work properly. I tempt to believe that my high flexibility as teenager used to compensate my movements so I “cheated” and didn’t used my strength enough. So since I have started yoga and few injuries later as a young adult, I finally teach my body how to get strong for real. That’s why sometimes when people keep telling me how is hard to be stiff, on my side I can’t stop secretly thinking this is also hard to be flexible (I got a pubalgia because of that few years ago) ✨ Now my duty is to clean out all those fuzzy movements I used to in order to do it better and gain strength. . Any jumps back or lack of strength stories or insight to share? . . . . . #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #ashtangi #yoga #yogagirl #yogini #yogi #frenchyogi #yogaparis #yogaeverydamnday #intermediateserie #primaryserie #yogainstructor #yogateacher #yogisofinstagram #yogilife #yogaphotography #igyogis #instayoga #yogalovers #yogalover #igyogi #yogisofinstagram #yogaeverywhere #yogaoutside #natarajasana #vinyasa #vinyasayoga #vinyasaflow #letitflow #parisianyogi

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christ_in. Being created in the image of God, you are created in the image of Lov

Being created in the image of God, you are created in the image of Love. Let the real you be revealed. Be who you were created to be by demonstrating what's inside of you. Jesus, the perfect love dwells in you. Let the same love flow through your life Your love towards God is visible in your love towards Men. For he that doesn't love his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? . . . #jesus #christ #lord #love #savior #holyspirit #heavenlyfather #father #abba #agape #jesusisgod #jesuschrist #jesussaves #bible #godslove #loveothers #image #perfectlove #reveal #revelation #letitflow #dailyhope #bibleverse #christian #godcares #childofgod #saved #bhfyp #followforfollow #follow4follow

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consciousandkindbritt. I had no idea what I was creating. 
I didn't 'think' about it. 
I didn

I had no idea what I was creating. I didn't 'think' about it. I didn't question it. I just created and this was the end result. I don't know if it makes sense, if it goes together or if it 'looks good' but I don't want to question it or question ME (anymore) because it came through me and it's my creativeness which I've been inspired to discover and bring out, by @the_angela_gallo and @the_molly_mac_ 💜💜💜 I want to bring out my creative feminine energy in which ever way SHE chooses to show up, without questioning HER or what others will think and to embody WHO I REALLY AM and be unapologetically ME. As long as it flows through me, flows on purpose and I'm being true to myself, I WILL DO THAT 🙏

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New Week, Same Positive Vibrations ⚡⚡Cool Runnings Reggae Thursdays, the biggest reggae night in town 🔥🔥 We link up this & every Thursday. Brought to you by @mohspiceent @ruffestdjmoh 🔥🔥 Powered by our very good friends at @heineken_ke #LetItFlow

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On Wednesdays we sing our hearts out 🗣🗣see you again this week for Kenya’s top Karaoke show 🎤 A bottle of JD for the best singer ✔A glass of wine for the first 100 ladies & an ecstatic Karaoke experience Guaranteed by the Queen of Karaoke @mclizanyango & @dj_emprik 🥂 #LetItFlow

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simoncinotank. Abbiamo trovato un nuovo lavoro.... E facciamole girare ste pale!!

Abbiamo trovato un nuovo lavoro.... E facciamole girare ste pale!! . . . . #italianboy #boys #work #travel #netherlands #amsterdam #windmill #travel #wind #fun #letitflow #cloudy #bellapestomulino Ph:@elpidiop_

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nipperandco. Meditation 🧘‍♀️ for breastfeeding 🤱 mamas. Heard of it?
If you are a

Meditation 🧘‍♀️ for breastfeeding 🤱 mamas. Heard of it? If you are a breastfeeding mama than you probably know stress is one of the big factors that can impact your supply in a negative way, so it is only logical to look for solution in learning how to release that stress. Beauty of the herbal teas is not only in their powerful ingredients but in the relaxing ritual of brewing the tea and taking 5 minutes for yourself to enjoy a soothing warm cup of goodness. It can have a very meditative effect in itself and if you want to add some of the meditation techniques you will be amazed how powerful they can be and what difference they can make on your milk supply. A study by Douglas Keith and colleagues, 2012, including 162 moms of premature babies had most promising results. Mums that listened to guided meditation, relaxation produced significantly more milk with significantly higher fat content during the first six days of the study. How amazing is that!? Why are NICU mums not offered this cost effective option with so many benefits, it beats me, but the evidence of positive results is here and enough for me to start working on some guided meditations for you mamas. Watch this space and keep boobing 🤱🧘‍♀️❤️🌿🍵🙌 📷 from mindful.org Study data from Kim Flanagan neonatal perspectives blog, NICU nurse and specialist for Medela #meditationformamas #breastfeedingmeditation #breastfeedingmom #breastfeeding #breastfeedinginpublic #nicu #nicubaby #nicunurse #breastfeedinghelp #milksupplybooster #pumpingmom #pumpingmilk #lactation #lactating #letitflow #keepboobing #milkymama

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barbaravanstein. De Blauwdruk, kaart 27!

Een kaart die helemaal mijn schilderproces la

De Blauwdruk, kaart 27! Een kaart die helemaal mijn schilderproces laat zien en ook in de war kan gooien. Net zoals het leven, waar je helemaal jezelf kan zijn, maar waar het ook weer zo opeens anders kan gaan! Het moest de kleur ultramarijn zijn met een tikkeltje paars. Het begon met een wit vlakje en dat groeide en groeide tot een soort van bal. Daaronder moest een witte vlak komen als tissues, lagen documentatie. De bal werd gesplitst en een DNA-streng kwam eruit. In en op de bal zit inkt voor de blauwdruk van je leven. Elke keer, bij elke vorm, vroeg ik mij af “Zou ik dit wel doen?”, twijfels, oordelen en toch weer verder gaan. Zo als het leven zelf. Elke keer ontsproot er weer iets, wat ik vantevoren niet kon bedenken. In no time stond het er op! En dan de finishing touch... Vernis. Voor dat ene beschermlaagje, de coating, de finishing touch...daar ging het mis! De spuitbus haperde en spoot onregelmatig klodders!!! 😨 SNEL! ER AF!!! De mond van de spuitbus zo goed als schoongemaakt. Weer wat bijgeverfd waar verf mee werd geveegd met het vernis. Dus veel te vroeg de finishing touch toegepast! Weer gespoten en WEER ging het mis! Weer bijwerken en weer drogen, maar deze keer, beloofde ik mijzelf, geen vernis meer. De volgende dag zag ik wat dofheden waar ik met verf eea had bijgewerkt. Gedachteloos nam ik die ene spuitbus weer in handen en voordat ik door had, spoot ik! Zucht... Zo gaat dat ook in het leven! Je bouwt iets op, dan hapert er iets, werkt het niet. Je breekt dat weer af en je bouwt weer op. Dan stap je in een oud patroon, vanuit nature zeg maar, dan gaat het weer mis. Zo ontstaan er laagjes in je leven, die jouw blauwdruk een nèt iets andere aanblik geeft... 😏🙏💙✨ Elke dag, neem ik jullie mee naar het verhaal achter elke ImaginatieKaart tot aan het lanceringsevent op 24 november. Er zijn nog een paar tickets voor het lanceringsevent, deze kan je reserveren via de link in mijn bio! ✨ ✨ ✨ #imaginatiekaarten #imaginatiekaart #tarot #acrylicart #acrylicpainting #artistoninstagram #intuitiefschilderen #inzichtskaart #painting #lovepainting #verbeeldingskracht #verbeelding #intuitie #intuitivepainting #insightcards #letitflow #trustyour

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nikiescottduval. It's a multiple cups day. Coffee=happiness. 😁

#thoughtfortheday #tue

It's a multiple cups day. Coffee=happiness. 😁 #thoughtfortheday #tuesdaythought #coffeethoughts #morningcoffee #ilovecoffee #100%coffee #letitflow

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It's a HEAVY WEEKEND LOADING 🔥🔥 Come vibe to @djbrownskin & @mcteargas this Friday! Hosted by @djprince254 & @dj_emprik ⚡⚡Grab a bottle of Hennessy, JD, JW Black, Glen or Singleton at Ksh. 5,000 between 5 & 9PM #LetItFlow

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sunmothart. I’m selling these.acrylic pours off to make some space. £25 each or bo

I’m selling these.acrylic pours off to make some space. £25 each or both for £40.... one is on a 12” vinyl and the other a 20x30 cm canvas. They both have some minor imperfections but look great and would look even better in frames IMO

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