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goddessbosssociety. As we near the ending of this decade and the start of the next, the bi

As we near the ending of this decade and the start of the next, the biggest question we can ask ourselves is if we are living the width of our lives.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Are we showing up, time and time again as the greatest versions of ourselves? Are we picking ourselves up with grace and compassion when we get knocked down? Are we helping our sisters to do the same?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Let's start this new decade with the Goddess Boss power that we all have.

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That day when Lucie and Dan got married, someone decided, there will be a 20 minutes of rain exactly for the ceremony ☔️...and it was good.

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Come è svegliarsi in una città che non dorme mai? Scopritelo il primo dell'anno.🎆 ✈✈ Capodanno a New York, si parte il 27 dicembre ✈✈ 😮Ultimo posto disponibile!😮 . . . 📌 Vieni in agenzia per maggiori info e seguici ogni giorno sulla nostra pagina @pavaglioneviaggi! . . . #pavaglioneviaggi #pavaglioneviaggibydaniela #pavaglionelugo #newyork #capodanno #nyc #instagood #art #photography #photooftheday #travel #beautiful #usa #style #picoftheday #newyorkcity #ny #instagram #beauty #instadaily #like4like #manhattan #visitpics #travelmore #finditliveit #liveauthentic #traveldeeper #iamatraveler

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To walk amongst frozen rivers and huge glaciers is a privilage! It is one of the most EPIC scenes you can witness!!

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Winter tale ❄️ Shirakawago, Japan. Photo by @takanii2015

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nel.so0n. Cloud of thoughs 💭
#liveauthentic #cloudofthoughts #minimalistli

Cloud of thoughs 💭 🍒🐱 #liveauthentic #cloudofthoughts #minimalistlife

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Ottenere il visto turistico per i tuoi cari è più facile con Extrafidejussione!! . Agenzia MOVING 🐞PEOPLE . Via Nazionale 18, n°94 Gioia Tauro (RC) Cell. 351/1121953

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aquataureo. An actual image of @goop all minty fresh after carrying @boka's Ela Mi

An actual image of @goop all minty fresh after carrying @boka's Ela Mint in stores and online! #loveyourboka

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// you can’t sit with us

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grout, shelves, sconces - all done ✔️ time to decorate 🌲

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Beautiful budapest 🇭🇺 in winters 📸 by @momentsofgregory

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mainlymarta. | #ad | our @kingofchristmas tree has been up since November first and

| #ad | our @kingofchristmas tree has been up since November first and y’all, I may keep it up until February first because I love it that much. ⁣ ⁣ I love that it has multi colored lights. the boys keep the colored ones on while they’re awake & I get to drink hot cocoa to white lights when they sleep — it’s the perfect tree for a family who is battling what type of lights they want on the tree each year 🤪⁣ ⁣ check out this tree & all their other options by going to https://glnk.io/ml9/mainlymarta & use code: “MAINLYMARTA10” on your purchase for a little discount.

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Et sommerminde 🌿✨

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✅ Shopping with 2 kids under 2. I stocked up on diapers because they were on MEGA sale!! I love having some wiggle room in the budget so I can buy extras when a better price comes along! I love gettting more bang for my buck! But I am also very conscious of good quality and hate to sacrifice quality for quantity. What are your current favourite diapers? We go with Seventh Generation from Superstore or Costco’s Kirkland brand, depending on the fit, price and convenience factor of the two. We also use cloth but haven’t been since I’ve been at home with both kids and recovering from my surgery. New video up on my channel! My first time grocery shopping with 2 kids!! 👆🏻Link in bio #momstuff #sometimesclothdiaperssuck #qualityvsquantity

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a little Austin (Texas State) Capital appreciation post ✨ my advice: start from the basement + work your way up! you won’t regret it.

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taylorgonz. I’ve been wanting to do a little illustration of @aspithedog for a whi

I’ve been wanting to do a little illustration of @aspithedog for a while, although this turned out a little different than my original idea. I’m having fun with the every other post as a design, it’s pushing me to make sure I stay on top of practicing new stuff and I’m making things I probably wouldn’t have made.

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Super proud about-to-be big sister alert! This little one was SO excited about her little sister growing in her Mama’s belly #sisterlove👭

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Tones and time ⌚️ || I’ve really grown to love the look of the 35mm focal length. It’s not much wider than the 50mm but it allows you to tell a little more of the story in frame. || What’s your favourite focal length right now? 📷: @mrs.d_kajumba

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maggiealdworth. I don’t claim to be sure about many things in this world, but I am sur

I don’t claim to be sure about many things in this world, but I am sure about this: A month living at an ashram changes you in more ways than you expect to be changed. I’ve been back in the real world for a bit now but I’ve been feeling strangely disconnected and unsure of how to incorporate everything I’ve learned about the world and about myself into my every day life. Transitioning from a highly regimented life to a life completely unstructured has been challenging, but I’ve found peace in continuing my meditation practice and finding ways to connect to the Self each day. I’m excited to see where this journey will take me. Something tells my that it will guide me toward a life beyond my imagination. Guess we will just have to wait and see. Thank you for this beautiful photo @keenanbrookman. It really encapsulates how I’m feeling right now - a blurry fragment of life only partially existing in this world but feeling unbelievably enriched to be at all. I am not my shape or form. Not my body or my mind. I am Atman. I am Brahman. I am Satchitananda. I am God and so is everyone and everything else.

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ดอยหลวงพะเยา, ความสูง 1,694 ม.

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Winter ❄️ 2020

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more altitude training this time 🚣🏻‍♀️excursions on #laketiticaca 🌊& some 🏝visits #peru🇵🇪 #citygirlchronicles 📷: #leicaq

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