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When your man gets sentimental and celebrates first date anniversaries with you. 😍 Nothing speaks more to my heart than flowers, a big ol’ cupcake, and a block of halloumi cheese. 😂🧀 Here’s to hundreds of more dates, my love. #firstdate #firstdates #anniversaries #significantotter #love #boyfriend #happiness #joy #spoiled #cheese #flowers #cupcakes #masonslobsterrolls #lobsterrolls #bestfriend

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Not exactly festive but this is the last in my series about the four horsemen of the 2018 apocalypse and it’s the one that scares me the most. As well as the US, Brazil, the Philippines and India, right wing parties have recently gotten government posts in 11 European countries. It wasn’t always this way. Twenty years ago, these parties were getting 1 in 14 votes in European elections, now they’re getting 1 in 4. Source: European Parliament, 2014 Thanks to you who let me know that the labels on the previous post were wrong!

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F....g awesome and absolutely brilliant 😎

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No se explica ni se entiende, se vive y se siente.

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russellmartin55. Nice Win!

Nice Win!

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