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💠💠💠 Never forget! . It is hard and sometimes impossible; but I try to achieve presence every day! I need to practice it and remind myself about it. . It’s extra hard when you have something to look forward to. Like this week when it’s the last week until 2 weeks holiday! 🎅🏽🎅🏽🎅🏽 . #coachlotta #kropps_vett #presence #practice #presenceprocess #holidays #holidaysarecoming #palmademallorca #hereandnow

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"Give up #defining yourself - to #yourself or to others. You won't #die. You will come to #life. Whenever you #interact with #people, don't be there #primarily as a #function or a #role, but as the #field of #conscious #Presence. You can only #lose #something that you have, but you cannot lose something that #you are." ~ Eckhart Tolle

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My most favorite thing about taking pictures, is capturing the essence of a moment - capturing a feeling or a connection between two people. I think a really great photograph should evoke some emotion. Standing in front of nature, I am almost always in awe, so I wonder why it’s so difficult to capture that same emotion in a nature photograph? I run into a common disappointment of the image never quite representing the scenery as I experienced it in person. Maybe nature is not for me to capture after all...maybe the point is for me to put the camera away and be fully present in the scenery. #nature #natureismyhomegirl #natureismychurch #loveismyreligion #naturephotography #naturephoto #naturepics #photography #photographer #photographersofinstagram #yogi #yogini #bepresent #beherenow #be #mountainview #vans #nikon #nikond500 #getoutside #sanbernadinonationalforest #scenicview #presence

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yuki.ellias.thenextstage. Leading with Presence: it was a real pleasure to partner with Manageme

Leading with Presence: it was a real pleasure to partner with Management by Arts to facilitate this 2 Day program in Bangalore for Deloitte. Presence is an art of impacting, influencing and building respect. How can we leverage the quality of our interactions with our teams and clients? At our sessions we work on your physical presence, vocal presence, idea communication, collaborative spirit and how to manage emotions to have abradiating positive confident presence while making presentations, pitches, meetings and tough negotiations. #publicspeaking #presence #leadership #executivepresence #voiceandspeech #negotiationskills #presentationskills #interactions #pitching #inspirepeople

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tashtasticnz. How are you feeling about the last full working week of 2019 being und

How are you feeling about the last full working week of 2019 being underway? 👩🏻‍💻 Feeling frazzled, frantic, overwhelmed and almost at complete burnout? I hope not! My dream for you is to feel calm, relaxed and open. But for many of you, you might be feeling the strain. Wondering if there is any way you can cram in a few more hours to get more done while still say yes to every party so you don’t look bad. 🤪 This was something one of my clients and I talked about in our session yesterday, feeling the pressure of the end of year, the workload piling up, the expectations skyrocketing and the social obligations not slowing down. She was feeling the pressure. 😖 My reminder to her was - YOU are in control of what you say yes to. YOU are in control of how many hours you work. YOU are in control of the expectations you set for yourself. YOU are in control of speaking up if the expectations set on you are unrealistic (i.e. from your manager). 🤨 Here are a couple of suggestions that may help you take back a bit of control, bring in some intention and create some space! 🙃 + Review your workload, meet with your manager and get crystal CLEAR on what you NEED to get done before end of year. What is the expectation and make sure you both agree. If it’s not achievable, be clear why and work out a plan together. 🧐 + Set THREE critical tasks for each day, that is HIGH value important work. Focus on those. Do other menial tasks afterwards. ✍🏻 + Use deep belly breathing to bring you back to centre if things start getting too much. Deep breath in, hold for 2, deep breath out. Do this at least 3 times. It is a calming practice that will bring you back to the present, create space in the mind and body, and readjust your focus. 🧘🏻‍♀️ YOU have control over YOU. No one else does. How do YOU WANT to feel? How do YOU WANT to flow into the holiday season? Get clear and then speak up. 🙋🏻‍♀️😌💃🏻

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sincererhythm. That the light is only to be found within the darkness is the greatest

That the light is only to be found within the darkness is the greatest of mysteries. Richard Rudd #moving #meditation #soulcleansing #movement #hiking #justbe #darkness #light #magic #mind #body #idealism #practice #presence #sincererhythm

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昨日はカットとカラーをしに美容室へ💇‍♀️ 仕事柄あまり遊ぶことができないけど、 それでも毎回ちょっとずつ変えてくれて、ウキウキさせてくれます😆 ずぼらな私でもちゃんとキープ出来るように、私の我がままヘアをまとめてくれて、感謝❣️ スタイリストさんとのおもしろトークと、落ち着く大好きな空間が癒しに‥🥰 学生時代によく通った街に立ち寄ったら 街並みがガラッと変わっててびっくり😵 それでも当時通ってたカフェもまだあって嬉しかったなぁ🍀 #美容室 #presence #経堂 #presence経堂 #癒しの時間 #ありがとう❤️

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catherinerieumarcot. Parfois les épreuves de la vie nous épuisent, la foi en la vie en est

Parfois les épreuves de la vie nous épuisent, la foi en la vie en est même ébranlée... Une présence, une écoute attentive, une main tendue, peuvent permettre de reprendre son souffle de vie. #catherinerieumarcot #france #bienveillance #empathie #intention #intuition #perseverance #ténacité #écoute #presence #valeurs #calme

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jacksmattress. The best of all #gifts around any #christmas #tree: the #presence of a

The best of all #gifts around any #christmas #tree: the #presence of a happy #family all wrapped up in each other.

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transition_essentials. When we are going through change there is a period of transition time

When we are going through change there is a period of transition time that required hibernation, being still, feeling through, sifting emotions, softening, self-care, healing, grieving and releasing and resetting. The more we are present to the process and move through it in integrity with our hearts (not other people’s timelines) the more we make a sustainable shift and open up to incredible experiences. For some it’s days and for the deeper, harder stuff it might be a lot longer. Patience and self care. When you are doing your own work, being proactive in your transition the only voice you should be listening to is the one inside. Finding enough stillness to listen is the key. When you’re struggling to move forward, repeating pattens and challenged to process what’s going on and evolve reaching out to those who are going to support your journey in a positive and kind way is useful. It’s not always meant to do alone. #transformation #transition #change #coachlife #selfcare #selflove #presence

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abhyasaanthony. “You see, we are constantly trying to be this or that, to achieve a pa

“You see, we are constantly trying to be this or that, to achieve a particular state, to capture one kind of experience and avoid another, so the mind is everlastingly occupied with something; it is never still to listen to the noise of its own struggles and pains. Be simple...and don’t try to become something or to capture some experience.” - Jiddu Krishnamurti

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shigeru_nishikawa_es. ヤバイ!!美味い!!
友達の九州土産でしたーー!! #PRESENCE#プレゼンス#西川茂#shigeru#茂#theriskyos#リスキ

ヤバイ!!美味い!! 友達の九州土産でしたーー!! #itazuranakiss #魔王

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Try to see other people’s behavior as fate. Yes, all beings have free will and could act differently if they chose to, but by the time their behavior reaches you, that moment of choosing has passed, so you may as well see their actions as preordained. There’s a passage in which the Buddha recommends ten thoughts you can think when you are feeling hatred toward someone. Interestingly, each of these ends with the question, “But what else do I expect?” That’s a good question. When people lash out at you — because they, of course, have also been subjected to abuse and hatred — when people are unable to rise above their conditioning, why exactly are you surprised? What god took you aside on the day of creation and promised you things would be otherwise? Sometimes we think that if we relax our expectations of others, they’ll take advantage and injustice will prevail, but the opposite is true: the emotion of shock, which we expend so much energy keeping alive, actually robs us of the strength to take other people‘s behavior as a given and decide from there what we will do about it. Ram Dass used to recommend the practice of seeing people as trees: when you look at a tree, you don’t get upset at the way it grew, for you understand that it was just responding to the presence or absence of light. And in the same way, the kindness or selfishness you think you see in others is really just the presence or absence of light in them. So when someone mistreats you, by all means set a boundary! Just don’t take what is happening personally. That person didn’t get enough light. And you, too, didn’t get enough light, which is why you are hurting. So give yourself the light you need right now. You don’t have to forgive anyone or “get over” anything. Just don’t hold yourself in the darkness of a choice that no longer exists. Paul Weinfield #compassion #understanding #forgiveness #kindnessheals #notpersonal #lovethehurts #lightndark #boundries #Breathe #presence #lovethehardparts

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mytribemeditation. As I sit in Barnes & Nobles excited about buying THE VORTEX, I’m growi

As I sit in Barnes & Nobles excited about buying THE VORTEX, I’m growing with anticipation and tell the sales lady, “I could just live in this isle...” I notice THE JOURNEY OF SOULS, and ask her if they have a copy of DESTINY OF SOULS, as I’ve already read the prior. She hands me the book and I go through the contents stopping at a chapter called PRESENCE as I have been experiencing more of it and directing my prayers at it lately. More so, I’ve been experiencing what you would call intense flashes of insight and understanding that have been mind blowing coming to me in flashes of thought, usually in the morning, crushing the very fabric of common thoughts and beliefs about myself that have been weighing heavy on me for years. The pics following show the pages I read in the book 📖. As I read the message about “flashes of thought” I stopped to process the words I’ve just read. I looked up for a second. And then my attention was drawn to a beautiful cover that read GODDESS POWER ORACLE. Surprisingly it was a box 📦. I noticed it wasn’t sealed so it must have already been opened by someone. Intending to open the box I found a loose rapper torn apart from the deck of cards and a book with card meanings inside. I picked up the deck, closed my eyes promptly and picked a card from the deck. My mind went incredibly quite as I anticipated a meaningful message to come through. The card called REVELATIONS came up. As you read the messages on the pictures ahead, it read the same thing as the sentence I had just read in the other book DESTINY OF SOULS, about “flashes of thought” coming as gifts. I was stunned. I sat there stooped and blank. I realized I needed to run to the car and get my phone to take pictures of the messages as they were delivered to me specifically in the most undeniable, and magical way. #synchronicity #thankyou #barnesandnobles #books #enlightenment #flashesofthought #divinemessages #angelmessages #guidance #revelations #destinyofsouls #journeyofsouls #insights #divinity #presence #prayers #divinemasters #flashesoflight #lawofattraction #mytribe #divinecommunication #miracles #calling #divinecalling #goddesspoweroracle #magical

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”Each of us is born into life circumstances to challenge us and allow us to evolve.” I read this today and thought it was a wonderful message to reflect on since this year is coming to an end. I wrote down my life circumstances/challenges and what I had learned from them. For me, I was faced with poverty, separation of mother and father, leaving my native land as a young child, and a lot more. For 2019 one of my biggest lessons was learning to take care and learn about myself before trying to understand others. (REMINDER: growing is a never-ending process, there is always room for more.) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I care about others a lot. Sometimes more than I care about myself. I learned that to help and understand other people you have to learn about yourself first, and that's what I’m deciding to do. Keep discovering who I am, love myself, follow my heart and instincts, grow my relationship with God every day, and take care of my being mentally and physically. I've been learning to say no without feeling bad or being hard on myself. PRESENCE has been the key to this challenge. Listening and being aware of my mind, body, and soul. 🌟 I challenge you to pause and reflect on your life circumstances. 🌟 What were your forced to adapt to? What did you learn from those challenges? Are you still living the way you did back then, or did you decide to move forward? 🦋🦋🦋 ”To really help people, you first need to understand them - but you can't understand someone else until you understand yourself. Know yourself; prepare yourself; develop the clarity, the courage, and the sensitivity to exert the right leverage, in the right place, at the right time. Then act.” -mama chia #peaceandlove #nature #one #evolve #presence #stillness #joy #grow #happiness #beauty #share #getuncomfortable #challengeyourself #followyourheart #tusabessatori

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A thousand secrets are hidden in simply sitting still... . . #art #artist #videoshoot #dance #editor #sit #restaurant #swag #dark #hiphop #presence

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9d_being. Heaven is on earth right now too. You access it by being present in ea

Heaven is on earth right now too. You access it by being present in each moment. As soon as you’re lost in thought you’re back in the matrix. . . . #heaven #twinphoton #photon #projection #life #love #live #now #presence #present #thought #focus #human #eternal #eternity #outsideinfinity #beyondinfinity

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